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17 Sep. 2005
Loonatics on Ice
When a giant glacier appears out of nowhere and plunges Acmetropolis into a new ice age, the Loonatics must find a way to stop it before the whole city freezes over. After numerous attempts to melt it, Ace realizes Slam's magma tornado will do the trick.
24 Sep. 2005
Attack of the Fuzz Balls
Acmetropolis is under the spell of the Fuz-Z, adorable and pliable living bio-pets. Everybody, including Duck and Lexi, wants one.
1 Oct. 2005
The Cloak of Black Velvet
Just when Duck swears off all technology, Acmetropolis comes under attack from a villainess named Black Velvet. Determined to bring darkness to the entire planet, Black Velvet has stolen some high-tech inventions to fulfill her plan.
8 Oct. 2005
Weathering Heights
An ambitious TV news assistant is struck by lightning and transforms into the delicious and evil Weather Vane. Her first order of business is to blow her boss and arch nemesis, the bitchy weather reporter Amber Waves, sky high.
29 Oct. 2005
Going Underground
Sections of Acmetropolis are literally being turned upside down when a crazed geologist who lives beneath the planet's crust is determined to turn the world "inside out" to create a new home for himself and his boulder beasts.
5 Nov. 2005
The Comet Cometh
After a freak meteor shower interrupts an award ceremony on the anniversary of the first meteor hit in Acmetropolis, our heroes discover that another meteor, five hundred times the size of the first one, is heading straight for them.
12 Nov. 2005
The World Is My Circus
An evil ringmaster develops a technology to transform humans into a wide variety of hybrid creatures for his traveling space circus. One of the animals, a monkey-lizard hybrid escapes and tries to warn the Loonatics.
19 Nov. 2005
Stop the World I Want to Get Off
The team must stop Massive, a robber who can manipulate gravity for his own purposes.
26 Nov. 2005
The supervillain, Sypher, steals the powers of the team.
11 Feb. 2006
Time After Time
Ace wakes up from a frightening dream where he's about to be crushed by a giant Troll-bot, only to have a disturbing sense of déjà vu as he starts his day.
18 Feb. 2006
The Menance of Mastermind
A mysterious MacGyver-type brainiac named Mallory Mastermind escapes from a high security underground prison with the help of a simple ballpoint pen that she turns into her own robot helper.
6 May 2006
Acmegeddon: Part 1
Four villains who have battled the Loonatics in the past miraculously escape during a prison transfer right under Duck's nose. They're transferred to a planetoid in space where they meet their liberator Optimatus.
13 May 2006
Acmegeddon: Part 2
In Part Two, Zadavia tells Ace and the team that she and her brother Optimatus are from another world and have different ideas about ruling it. She was banished by her brother and found a new home in Acmetropolis.

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