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Season 2

23 Sep. 2006
Secret of the Guardian Strike Sword
There's a runaway train from the future supposedly holding a valuable treasure, and it's up to the Loonatics to stop it. When Ophiuchus Sam shows up to rob the train, a mysterious stranger named Deuce appears.
30 Sep. 2006
A Creep in the Deep
A group of crazed, mutant dolphins led by the deranged Adolpho are using mind-control to sink all of Acmetropolis. It's up to Duck and his newfound "Aqua Dense" power to stop them.
7 Oct. 2006
I Am Slamacus
Sweet-talking Pierre Le Pew lures Slam into an illegal wrestling ring (with Duck as his manager) where he has to fight the energy-eating Gorlap from Gossamer.
4 Nov. 2006
The Heir Up There
The Loonatics are given the mission to deliver Prince Tweetums to his planet, Blanc, where he is heir to the throne. It's vital that he reaches the planet to prevent a 1500-year war.
11 Nov. 2006
The Family Business
Rev gets a visit from his family (mother, father and brother Rip), and when his latest invention impresses his father, it just enfuriates his jealous younger brother, Rip, even more.
18 Nov. 2006
Cape Duck
When Duck takes all the credit for catching the Shropshire Slasher, Tech gets annoyed. But when Duck starts to suspect that the Slasher is out for revenge, he's more than willing to let Tech take the glory.
3 Feb. 2007
The Hunter
Ace feels like he's being watched, but what he doesn't realize is that he's being hunted! ELECTRO J. FUDD is an intergalactic space hunter who has been hired by OTTO THE ODD to capture the world's greatest action hero.
10 Feb. 2007
It Came from Outer Space
When Rev hacks into Tech's computer, he and Lexi play what they believe is a simulated video war game. Instead, it turns out to be Tech's new defense system.
17 Feb. 2007
The Loonatics vacation on a tropical island, only to discover that it's been colonized by a race of beautiful women called the APOCAZONS. QUEEN ATHENA leads these women and invites Lexi to visit their "women-only" temple.
24 Feb. 2007
In the Pinkster
The Loonatics busily track down BUGSY and STONEY, whom they believe have come to Acmetropolis to steal a piece of a meteorite that contains the isotope Curium 247, the only substance that can take away all of their powers.
3 Mar. 2007
The Music Villain
The soft-spoken, somewhat nerdy KEYBOARD MAN has used his genius to find a way to control inanimate objects with his music.
28 Apr. 2007
The Fall of Blanc (1)
Duck receives a distress call from TWEETUMS that Planet Blanc is under attack. By the time the Loonatics arrive, Tweetums' Court has been destroyed, and Tweetums is missing.
5 May 2007
In Search of Tweetums (2)
The Loonatics find themselves overwhelmed when Deuce shows up with the greatest ROBOT ARMY of all time and beats them to the Royal Scepter. It looks like Optimatus has won.

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