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The best of the celebrity "reality" shows!
gieneh21 July 2007
In the sea of crap that includes shows like Family Jewels, Being Bobby Brown, Hey Paula, and the Simple Life, Kathy Griffin's Life on the D List stands out as a prime example of how to do it right. She is hilarious, real and gutsy, with a human side that showcases her vulnerability, generosity, professionalism and commitment to family. Contrast that with the train wreck that is Paula Abdul, the tedious sex jokes of aging rocker Gene Simmons and the low life, classless antics of Bobby Brown. If someone like Paris Hilton is A-List and Kathy Griffin is D-List, I'd say the alphabet is turned upside down.

I think Kathy's great, her show is great, and if she's an example of the D-List, then long live the D-List and Kathy Griffin.
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Suddenly Griffin!
Sylviastel16 June 2008
It's no wonder that Kathy Griffin has become a star since her days on the show, Suddenly Susan. She was one of the best parts about that show and her relationship between Brooke Shields on screen and off-screen was of great affection. Shields was maid of honor at Griffin's wedding. Now, Kathy is the star of her own reality show on the D-List on Bravo Television. There are moments like her show going to Iraq to entertain the troops with beloved MAD-TV's Michael McDonald along and her former husband. I love watching Kathy on BRavo as herself. She is far more entertaining than most people who have reality television shows. KAthy's pilgrimage to her parents' ancestral homeland of Ireland was a treat especially to say goodbye to her father who passed away. Kathy is realistic and believable as she hurts, so do we. You can't help but like Kathy even though there are times that she can be annoying.
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Real-reality TV
dtkoziol30 June 2011
This show is amazing and is a shining example of how a reality show should be done. I have always loved Kathy's sense of humor and wit, but what I love most about the show is actually the editing. All of the person-to-camera dialog is done on the spot, and not in on some studio set months after the incident took place. What you get are the honest reactions the people on the show have at the time something happens. Also, they show Kathy without makeup! It might seem strange to point out, but to me a reality TV show needs to be... well, reality. We all know women don't wear make up and hair extensions and 5,000 dollar Gucci outfits every day (yes, I'm talking to you, Kardashians), so it is refreshing to see they show Kathy at home, in her sweats, eating deep friend food and being a human! When you watch this show, you really get a sense that the cameras are there to document, and not direct, Kathy's actions. And as far as her actions go... well, you have to just watch the show because they are hilarious.
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Griffin Makes me Roll
juliescottday7 December 2006
Kathy is hysterical, 'no holes barred', right on the money funny, attractive, and intelligent to boot. Matt you had a good thing, I'm sure you know that. Onwards...

If I had the chance, I'd love to do somersaults across the stage during one of Kathy's performances. She makes me laugh that hard. She makes me really roll. You go girl, it's your birthday, got your own show...

Thanks for the laughs, and the should we say 'contro-versy'? Thanks for making the troops laugh, and thank you for saying like you see it (or want to see it for comedic purposes). I wish I could have seen her at the Warfield recently in San Francisco. Sure, in this case the D-List becomes the A.

Julie Scott Day
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popculturethoughts2 June 2019
I'm not a fan of reality TV so I'm not 100% sure how "My Life on the D-List" stacks up against others of its ilk, but as a casual viewer it's surprisingly entertaining and often poignant. Kathy Griffin's brand of comedy is certainly not for everyone, but even non-fans can find plenty to enjoy here, as Griffin's inner circle (including, at various times, her husband, her parents, assistants and colleagues, among others) is filled with interesting, funny people, and that camaraderie makes all six seasons of this Bravo show entertaining. The first three seasons are the strongest, with Griffin's heavy workload bringing the show to various different events and cities, and while the show starts to run out of steam by the last few seasons, it's still a lot of fun to watch. Some of the show's highlights include Griffin performing for American troops in Iraq, auctioning off a weekend at her house to raise money for charity, and Griffin's various hosting duties on the Grammy and Academy Award red carpet shows.
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no way a D-List show
SnoopyStyle31 August 2013
This was a Fabulous show. Absolutely Fabulous. Kathy Griffin takes the covers off her life, and shows us the naked truth (or as much as anybody should be allowed to bare).

Two things as a result of this show is beyond disputed. It gave her notoriety and fame. Before this she was a little known actress/comedian. Second she actually put a phrase into popular lexicon. The D-list is actually something now. And the great thing is even people who don't know the origin will know what it means. It is self-evident. Is Kathy now going to be on the A-list? Not on your life, but it's fun watching her try.
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Absolutely Hilarious...
g_rudge30 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Over the past year i have fallen in love with Kathy Griffin, she is probably the funniest female comedian in the world and i love her. The show basically follows Kathy and her 'D' list life, from performing shows to going to hot 'A' list awards ceremonies. Griffin at the Grammy's really made me laugh asking people 'So, besides Beyonce who else do you think has Heppatitis!' LOL that is hilarious.

I love E! in the UK for showing this fantastic reality show - it definitely beats any other reality show out there because Griffin is so funny. Her narration is funny and i find the fact that she has an 'A' list home too.

I love this TV show...
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Gets Carried Away...
fearfulofspiders28 September 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Kathy can be funny, but she can also be downright obnoxious. Her stand-up comedy is okay, but none of it is laugh-out-loud to me. My mother and grandmother adore her (and her mother), and seeing how I am a straight-male, I guess some of her jokes may come off as passable.

Her show provides some interesting details as a celebrity living in Hollywood -- even if she is D-List. That being said, I must point out the reason I'm not the world's biggest fan and that is because Kathy and her posse are very two-faced. They talk behind everyone's backs in such a prissy school girl manner, and some of the things they say are pretty spiteful.

The organizations Kathy goes to are ridiculous -- and a waste of money, at times. Her brazen attitude can get out of hand, as running around with your pants down is only funny if it's in public.

All in all, this is a show I recommend watching only if you're homosexual (no offense), a Kathy Griffin fanatic, or are into raunchy comedy -- even if it tends to fall flat.
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