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Sweet Little Movie
claudio_carvalho26 November 2008
In Manhattan, the successful executive Jack (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is a methodical and controlled man with simple habits that works in an advertisement agency with his coworker George (Peter Stebbings). While smoking a cigarette on the roof of the building of the agency, Jack meets the aspirant actress Jill (Taryn Manning) that has just arrived in New York and is seeking a job. He sympathizes with her situation and gives her name to a Klubendorf commercial in the campaign promoted by his agency. When he takes Jill home, he finds that she lives in a very low-budget hotel and out of the blue, he invites her to stay in the guest room of his fancy apartment for a while. Jill changes the behavior of Jack that becomes happier, and proposes Jack to write together a manifesto where the first rule is "be honest". However, she omits to Jack that she is sick with cystic fibrosis and she would have only a couple of years more. When Jack discovers that Jill is ill, he feels betrayed with her violation of their first rules, and they split. But Jack is changed and sooner he decides to seek out Jill.

I was looking forward for the next work of Vanessa Parise since the lovely "Kiss the Bride", where this director and actress develops the themes family, relationship, feelings and love in a nice low-budget movie. "Jack and Jill vs. the World" is a sweet little movie about happiness, sympathy, love, illness and commitment with two lead characters that have opposite behaviors and backgrounds, but feel attracted for each other. The story has potential and seems to be slightly inspired in "Storie di Ordinaria Follia", but is predictable and entertaining. However the screenplay could be improved with a better development of Jack and Jill characters in the very beginning; the health situation of Jill could be deeper and more dramatic; the relationship of Jack and his father Norman could be also better explored since it is one of the best moments of the movie: and last but not the least, the conclusion is not well-resolved and needed some improvements. But in my opinion, there are unfair reviews in IMDb. My vote is six.

Title (Brazil): "Regras do Amor" ("Rules of the Love")
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Good reviews vs. Bad Reviews
dv-6513 August 2008
I can't recommend this film at all or disagree with the previous review more.

From it's clumsy set up when Taryn Manning , looking too old for this sort of cutesy role, wanders onto the roof of Freddie Prinzes Jr.'s office building. She's clutching a subway map and asking for directions. He seems bizarrely charmed by someone who appears, to the rest of us, to be a mental patient.

Then , in a sequence we don't see, she gives him her resume and headshots and explains she's in New York to act and model. That's right in a scene we DON'T see.

So, we cut from the roof meeting to Freddie recommending her for a topless modelling job. Hey, now and the what now ??? She accepts no questions asked. Then he supports her in a friendly ,kind way during the shoot. Even though she's just wearing bikini bottoms, she seems completely happy with it.

Isn't that what mother's warn daughters would happen if they trust strange men in the big city ? This film also has the worst first kiss moment, neither romantic or sexy , expected or wanted. Freddie and Taryn have less chemistry than an organic fruit farm. Although Mr.Prinze can be happy with his first real grown up role, he's a convincing fleshed out adult man now and this performance will see him get much better roles.

Contrary to the previous review, this film really embraces many Hollywood clichés, the terminally ill heroine , the 'set in his ways' businessman realising there's a freer way to live, the 'falling in love' montage, the colleague who keeps fixing up Freddie with unsuitable women ! The kooky girl who just wants the whole world to have fun !! On and on..

Taryn keeps saying ' I love New York' , but as this film was made in Toronto you barely see it. There's only enough cash for stock footage ?

This film takes the idea of 'Dharma and Greg' removes the jokes and stretches it to 90 minutes This film is neither 'romantic' or a 'comedy'.

And finally I checked all the people who have left comments, the negative/accurate ones come from people who've made other comments on other films both good and bad.

Whereas the positive ones are all submitted by people who have only every made one comment [ this one] and it's a RAVE ! They also go out of the way to praise the director. This isn't Kubrick or Spielberg,it's just an underpowered chick-flick. I can only presume it's family and friends.
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One Very Important Element Missing
Willie-1224 October 2008
Warning: Spoilers
My wife first heard about Jack and Jill Vs. The World through a movie trailer website, and it was one that she couldn't wait to see. However, to me, it looked like a typical, garden variety romantic comedy...the type of movie that I tolerate because my wife tolerates my kind of movies. However, then I heard about the little twist (Manning's character's cystic fibrosis) and thought that was something that could definitely add a unique element to an otherwise formulaic plot. Well, the movie never came to our city, and I had forgotten all about it. Then the other day, my wife called me from Blockbuster to tell me the "wonderful" news: it was now on DVD. So she rented it, brought it home, and we just got done watching it. First the positive. The acting was pretty decent, and the movie definitely had a few shining moments. One of those included Robert Forster's character and Prinze's character sharing a touching father/son moment. Indeed, Forster was one of the best things about this film. The only problem is that you only hear him most of the time through narration. Finally, the movie did have that one unique element that added some drama, without ever becoming over the top or manipulative. Now the negative. And it's a big one. It is what many people would consider to be the most important component to a movie: The screenplay. I mean, let's be honest, usually a movie will be whatever it's screenplay is. In other words, if a screenplay is good, the movie will probably be good, and vice versa. And the screenplay here is lacking. The dialogue is never really believable, and so the characters are never really believable, and thus there never is an emotional connection made. That's a big problem, especially in a movie where the characters need to be cared about. I never really cared, because they never seemed real. I get the feeling here that this script was a rough draft, and for some reason, no one wanted to take the time to polish it up. That's disappointing. Because this is a movie that had some promise, but because of the screenplay, never had a chance to live up to what it could have been.
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DoctorDee9 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is a film with a message. Unfortunately that message - fair-trade coffee is good, advertising is stupid, having cystic fibrosis sucks - is incredibly trite.

Beyond that, the film is desperately uneven. Taryn Manning is partly kooky and charming, partly emotionally stunted. All grown up, Freddy Prinze could pass for a Baldwin brother, and despite his obvious talents, he can only work with the lines he's given... and they aren't great.

There's not enough here to make us empathise with these characters. And the film needs you to do that. The tender moments aren't tender enough, the funny ones are barely funny at all. The film has its meagre charms, but the dialogue is stilted in places, unbelievable in others.

The end of the movie is so formulaic it would be funny. But it's just not funny. And yet it still fails to convince you that the protagonists have a plan. It's a film with a heart and I so wanted it to fly, but it doesn't have the dialogue or the story to make that heart beat strong.
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Details, people, details!
MBunge6 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I'm usually not a stickler for continuity errors or anachronisms in a film. Making a motion picture is a very complicated beast and you can't get all that upset if a few minor mistakes creep in. A line has to be drawn somewhere, however, and I have to draw it right down the middle of Jack and Jill vs. The World. The character played by Freddie Prinze Jr. has a fairly large shoulder tattoo and throughout the movie it moves from the left shoulder to his right, to his left, to his right, to his left, to his right and finally back to his left. That's pretty egregious but it's not why I'm pointing it out.

The tattoo is at least 6 to 8 inches long and 3 to 5 inches wide, not the sort of thing anyone gets as a lark. Yet there's no explanation ever given for it and it doesn't in any way fit the character Prinze Jr. is playing. If the tattoo had served some purpose in the story, somebody probably would have noticed that it kept switching from one shoulder to the other. But it was just some random detail inserted into the script for no particular reason, which is how I'd describe a lot of things in this film. Jack and Jill vs. The World is littered with random details and excess scenes that aren't even tangentially connected to the story being told.

Jack (Freddie Prinze Jr.) is a successful young ad man in New York City. He meets a bohemian aspiring actress named Jill (Taryn Manning) and instantly invites her to move in with him. You'd think it would be because he would want to bang her, but that would require the screenplay to treat Jack like a real human being. Instead, he does it out of the platonic goodness of his heart, until Jill finally throws herself at him. They then proceed to hang out more like college roommates who occasionally boink instead of boyfriend and girlfriend, only to eventually break up over a secret that Jill keeps from Jack long after any decent person would have told him. Jack responds to that like a complete dick but they get back together because…well, I think it's legally required under federal statute that every feeble attempt at romantic comedy finishes with the two stars back in each other's arms.

While Jack and Jill are doing their whole thing, Jack also spends an inordinate amount of screen time at work with his ad writing partner George (Peter Stebbings). Now, it's standard for the male lead in a rom com to have a best friend and it's not unusual for those two guys to have a lot of scenes together, but this movie takes the cake. There is so much more interaction between Jack and George than Jack and Jill that it would have made perfect sense for the story to end with the two guys admitting their gay love for each other and running away to Fire Island. And of course, Jill also has a zany best friend of her own in Lucy (Vanessa Parise). Jill and Lucy have far fewer scenes together than Jack and George, which is also weirdly standard for rom coms, but Lucy does have two scenes that are entirely about her character, something George never has.

If Peter Stebbings and Vanessa Parise hadn't written this script and Parise hadn't directed this movie, the roles of George and Lucy would have been greatly reduced or possibly eliminated. Neither of them ultimately contributes a damn thing to the story except as plot devices. Maybe the time spent on them could have been used to develop the relationship between Jack and his father (Robert Forster), rather than having it reduced to three scenes that only make sense if you realize they're trying to do the exact same father-son garbage you've seen in umpteen other films.

And I can't forget about the alarm clock. Jack lives in an apartment with otherwise modern, moderately stylish furnishings. But in his bedroom is an alarm clock straight out of the 1970s with the numbers that flip over like an old scoreboard. The clock is also patched together with a bunch of duct tape. Am I wrong, or does it sound like Jack having such an incongruous appliance should have some sort of significance? Where did it come from? Why does he still have it? That sort of thing. You won't be surprised to learn there's no explanation or reason given for the clock, even though it's prominently featured several times. I suppose the whole clock back story could have been edited out, but this film is barely 90 minutes long. Another 2 or 3 minutes couldn't have been added so that at least one frickin' detail wouldn't have been so random?

Jack and Jill vs. The World is a flabby, unfocused mess with a fundamental premise so clichéd and hoary that it can't carry the extra weight and collapses long before the movie is over. Unless you need to see a Taryn Manning nip slip, skip this thing.
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A good choice!
biancanero16 April 2008
I would recommend this movie. My only critique is that the character development in the beginning is weak, as there is considerable reliance on a narrator. Notwithstanding that, Freddie Prinze, Taryn Manning and Vanessa Parise all compliment each other and the story begins to take hold and gain momentum after the first 30 minutes. The film also brings awareness to cystic fibrosis and has more substance than a typical romantic comedy. There are definitely scenes that will make you laugh and make you cry - some of the best parts of the story line are when the writers very deliberately avoid Hollywood clichés. There is a truth to the characters mannerisms, habits and reactions which set the movie apart from other romantic comedy's. Overall, the movie is positive and hopeful, which is a welcome change of pace.
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fun indie film
philipepfeifer10 April 2008
I had the pleasure of seeing this movie recently and was thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish. I am a huge fan of Taryn Manning and she was as expected cute, delightful and slightly troubled, which is a good thing I think. The father left a bit of something to be desired in my opinion because he didn't seem to propel the story forward or add much to the dilemma or resolution of the story. However, that didn't derail my enjoyment of seeing it through to the end. Additionally, the film maker makes a few featured appearances that are hysterical. I expect to see more good things from this cast and crew. Overall this is a good, fun indie film.
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ervinavelic24 March 2019
Story is not bad at all it's just that actors have zero chemistry plus her acting is horrible, just horrific..
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good, but not great like "Bride"
someguy20132 July 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is a sweet movie, but it is not quite as good as "Kiss the Bride"- Parisse's previous venture. This movie is a more conventional romantic comedy than that. While "Bride" was like an Italian version of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"(though better), this is about a couple just getting to know each other.

Evidently, this was one of Freddie Prinze's first adult roles. Maybe he should call himself Fred if he wants to be taken seriously. He certainly had a deeper voice in this movie, but the role really wasn't much different from some of his earlier roles("Down To You", "She's All That", etc.)- a young man unsure of what he wants out of life and love.

I thought Taryn Manning gave a better performance. Her character's disease was an interesting(though probably not original) twist on the typical love story. I felt sorry for her and the sick girl.

The story is pretty clichéd. A cynical man falls for a his exact opposite-a free-spirited woman. But clichéd stories are usually so because there is a truth in them that is worth repeating. The love between a man and a woman is just such an idea(though some would decry it as being too "heteronormative").

Personally, I was disappointed that such love and the attendant sex was treated in such a morally lax way. I know it may be too "old-fashioned" for most viewers, but I value movies that emphasize the beauty and importance of marriage. Ordinarily, it would be pointless to make light of that with regard to a modern movie. However, Parisse did to a good job of presenting that view of marriage in "Bride". For that and other reasons, I would say that Parisse's earlier movie is better than this one. Of course, the two characters here probably get married at some point in the future. All we can do is infer.
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Fairly good idea, horribly put into practice
f_sinatra_200223 June 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is definitely the worst movie I have seen in the past few years. The idea wasn't bad: corporate-type guy meets cute hippie girl who, unfortunately, suffers from a fatal disease. The two fall in love, have a "disagreement", break up, but eventually end back together and live happily ever after. Sounds OK so far. And yet, the movie was a catastrophe, mainly because: a) the characters were undefined, mediocre, depicted briefly and inconsistently; b) the action seemed to drag on forever, mainly because of the flat dialogues, poor jokes, awkward characters and pointless scenes.

The script included enough clichés to make a light comedy-romance, but I guess it was all ruined during the shooting of the movie. I do feel sorry for the actors, especially for Taryn Manning, who proved in previous occasions she can build characters. Next time they'll all know better.
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Excellent Film
smotenko9 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This film was wonderfully written and directed. The story captured the emotions of love and overcoming obstacles. It was a heartfelt tale that was full of subtle humor and witty lines. The acting was also very good. This film is enjoyable for all ages and types of people. I recommend this film to everyone!

Too few people are familiar with Cystic Fibrosis and so this film is even more powerful in telling the story of an unfamiliar disease that affects people so deeply. It accurately portrays the emotions involved for a person suffering from this disease, while at the same time inspiring the audience to live life to the fullest.
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Jack and Jill tumbled down the hill
p-stepien5 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A Big Apple advertising exec Jack (Freddie Prinze Jr) sells sheisse for food and luxury, otherwise living a disgustingly organised and borderline boring life. That is until he stumbles upon Jill (Taryn Manning), an aspiring actress, chaotic and energetic, which unbeknownst to Jack is incurably sick with cystic fybrosis and assured to die young. Jack and Jill quickly become an item with her lifestyle overflowing onto his causing ruptures in the fabric of his well-set ways. The basis of this is a manifesto, which they write up and attempt to live by. The first rule is "Be Honest"...

Unfortunately the writers and director of the movie failed to abide by the above, panning out a quagmire of pretences and skin-deep analysis. Lacking the charm and dramatic pull of "My Sweet November" or the witty emotionality of "500 Days of Summer" it attempts to create a more traditional comedic romance structure, which ends with Jack and Jill breaking up because of the latter withholding the truth about her sickness. Which must be said is quite an astonishing show of immaturity on Jack's part. And one that can not be attributed to any sensible emotions and reactions, but solely to a script, which is the movies biggest liability. Not for one moment would I believe that a real Jack would have kicked a real Jill out solely due to finding out that she is fatally ill...

Freddie Prinze Jr. pulls the movie along together with his less than competent (and extremely irritating) accompanying actress, but given how falsely the notes sound the believability factor kills any good intentions. The duet lacks any proper dramatic pull and chemistry is really down to a basic level. This isn't helped by rushed storytelling, which suddenly throw us from the beginning of their relationship into a "I can't bear to live without you" type of affair. After effortlessly ignoring to create a backdrop and focus on some build-up Jack and Jill are never fleshed out sufficiently for you to real care what happens to them.

Somewhere in between all this are some chilly attempts at humour, which only drown out any initial interest you may have had in the movie.
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Don't waste your time
anne078762 August 2008
Freddy Prince Jr., was alright - nothing special, but the girl who played Jill is just terrible! I couldn't stand looking at her the whole time, and I had to switch off the film. She is a terrible actress, could barely fake a smile, let alone her face looking evil. Those eyebrows are way-arched, and her smile is like some evil grin. She belongs in a horror flick.

Apart from the awful acting from the girl, there was just zero chemistry between the two actors. Both were distant and looked bored. The editor splashed a few scenes together to make it look like some fairytale romance was taking place, but it was so clear there was a whole lot of nothing happening between the two.

This film is one massive cliché - do not waste your time.
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Go up even the steepest hill to fetch Jack and Jill, its so beautiful and touching
inkblot1123 July 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Jack (Freddie Prinze, Jr.) lives by the "C" rule. Having a terrific job as an ad-man in Manhattan, he believes the right CAREER, the right CAR, the right CLOTHES, and yes, even the right COFFEE, makes Jack a bright boy. Therefore, our Jack is in for a head-turn when he meets pretty, bohemian Jill (Taryn Manning) on a busy street. She asks him for directions, pulling out a map, but Jack points out that the guide she has is for the subway alone. Laughing together briefly, Jack seizes the moment to ask Jill to star in a minor television commercial THAT DAY and whisks her off for a shoot. Later, he gives her a ride home to a youth hostel, as she is newly arrived in town and doesn't have a permanent place. But, Jack drives a mere half block up the street before heading back. Telling Jill that he has an extra bedroom in his plush apartment, he asks if she would like to stay with him until she finds the right digs for her. Well, of course she would! It isn't long before Jill is crowding his refrigerator with healthy vegetable dishes and telling him she will only drink "fair world" coffee. Not only that, the relationship soon turns intimate, although Jack tries to establish more restrictive boundaries. Further complications arise when Jill appears to have some health secrets, for she eats constantly, despite being thin, and has a wicked cough from time to time. Even so, Jill leads Jack into some fun activities, like tree climbing, and makes him realize that the ad business, like Jack's existence, lacks depth and meaning. What does the future hold for Jack and Jill? This is one of the best romantic dramas I've seen all year. Oddly similar to Sweet November, it nevertheless can stand well on its own merits. Prinze and Manning give lovely, touching performances that shine brightly while the other cast members do nice work, too. Costumes, settings, camera work and a deft, lively direction are also assets. Best of all, the story uses plenty of humor and drama to illuminate the aspects of a serious disease, cystic fibrosis. If you are a fan of Prinze or romantic drama, make time for this one. Go up even a steep hill, if need be, to fetch this very fine flick.
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Could have been better
jake_lawler9019 June 2008
I thought this movie had a fantastic story, but ended up being a bit bland. I think casting could have been a lot better. The girl who played Jill played a good role, but i don't think it was Jills 'character'. Also i think editing could have stopped it feeling so raw. some scenes seemed pointless. Last thing- I'm not a fan of the title. i don't know if its meant to be 'arthouse' or what, but i think here concise would have been better. maybe just manifesto or something. although i get what the director was getting at. The whole 'dont conform to the world' thing was consistent through the whole movie, with the manifesto, some of the dialogue, and the robot song scene

But overall i still found it enjoyable, and thought it was a great story.
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Why Freddie?
EXodus25X10 July 2008
This movies predictability was predictable, nothing fresh or new in anyway. I do think Freddie Prinze Jr. is actually a good actor but either his choices in movies or the movies that come his way all suck, pretty much. Taryn Manning did some good supporting work in Hustle & Flow but a full movie with her as the female lead is just to much of her and that voice for anyone to take. The movie jumps into it's story way to fast almost as fast as the two characters jump into bed. I assume the narration is suppose to do all the introductions of these characters, but at a whole three minutes worth, that's not enough to make me give a crap. The only remotely positive thing about this film was Prinze's character's job and the characters there, if only the movie would have been based around that and dropped the girl they may have had something. The typical romantic comedy best friend character on the guy side of things was in fact funny a couple times, so I guess not a complete waste. I'm sure are a few girls out there that think calling a bomb threat into their boyfriends place of business so you can reconcile things with him is romantic, I see it as illegal. Just like making a totally unoriginal movie should be.
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a different romantic comedy (in a good way)
s-skok18 April 2008
This is a sweet movie that i enjoyed watching! When the movie finished I was left smiling and said to myself that I would see it again. It was cute, sweet, smart, funny, and well-filmed. It even made me cry. It is a witty alternative romantic comedy with some added education on cystic fibrosis and helped raise my awareness of this health issue and added depth to the story line. I liked the characters and the cast of characters fit well together - the advertising agency buddies and their banter, the free spirited friend of Jill's, and the rooftop pigeon! The movie is well-acted, well-written and I enjoyed the way it was creatively filmed. The film had a great message about living life to its fullest!
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I loved this movie!
Christinascia28 April 2008
I saw this movie at a fund raising event in Providence, Rhode Island for Cystic Fibrosis. It was an amazing event and there was a huge audience response. I loved the movie - not only was it fun, but it had a wonderful message. I found myself questioning my own life according to the rules listed in Jill's manifesto. It made me wonder if I was truly making each day count. But the movie was also fun. The array of whimsicial characters compensated for the more serious underlying theme. A high point is the outrageous robot song by Lucy, played to the hilt by the director/writer. Finally a film that entertains while teaching a lesson!!
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I loved this movie.!
daniellejjansen16 April 2008
I loved this movie. It was so funny and touching. I liked the way that Jill lived her life appreciating every moment. (Her wardrobe, especially her hats, were very cool.) I liked the message of the movie and the positive feeling that I had when I left the theatre. I was also surprised that my guy friends liked the movie as well..it had just enough dry humor for them...and I think they could relate to Jack. I can not fathom that one person actually co-wrote, directed, produced and acted in this movie and did it all so well. It is extremely impressive. The directing was great and the robot song ROCKS...can't wait to see her next movie!
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Not as poor as its rating would indicate, a nice small love story.
TxMike7 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Freddie Prinze Jr. is Jack, a successful and wealthy young advertising executive. He lives in the City, drives a car, has a very nice place with his own garage on the street level. He periodically brings food and meets his working dad for lunch but Jack seems a bit preoccupied with himself.

One day Jack encounters cute and ditzy Taryn Manning as Jill, who is an actress new to the city, and with apparently no place to stay yet. So, in a seemingly uncharacteristic gesture, Jack invites Jill to stay at his place, in the guest bedroom, for a few days until she gets situated.

Predictably the arrangement eventually moves to more than a temporary stay. Jack and Jill enjoy a budding relationship and along the way establish their list of "rules." Number one is always be honest. This one causes trouble.

While this is not a ground-breaking story in any manner, it is an enjoyable movie with a sweet story. I found it better than many of the reviews might indicate.

SPOILERS: Jill is keeping a secret from Jack, she is ill with Cystic Fibrosis, something she was born with and will probably die from in her 30s or 40s. She doesn't tell Jack, and when she disappears for a day or two he wonders what is going on. When she finally tells him he is hurt for her violation of rule number one. But eventually he gets over it and learns to embrace this young woman instead of his confirmed bachelor lifestyle.
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