Waitress (2007) Poster


Cheryl Hines: Becky



  • Becky : If you havent noticed, my right boob is way up here in Maine and my left boob is danglin' down here in Florida.

  • Becky : Dawn! You're beautiful! Your skin looks like a normal person's!

    Dawn : Thank You!

  • Becky : Hiya there, Earl! We all just agreed that your hair is super attractive! Hooray for you! Whoo-hoo!

    Dawn : [simultaneously with Becky]  Whoo-hoo!

  • Cal : And you, late again. You are inches away from being fired missy.

    Becky : Oh just try firing me, you old bucket of cheese.

    Cal : Who are you calling a bucket of cheese you heifer? Now get to work before I fire your ass!

    Becky : Calm down, you psychotic ape!

  • Dawn : I don't care if she is a pie genius. I wouldn't trade places with her.

    Becky : No, me neither.

  • Becky : Good, cause this is my lil' adventure.

    Jenna : Your little adventure?

    Becky : Yeah, I'm having me a lil' adventure after many years of lots of nothin'

    Jenna : You love him?

    Becky : Cal? I don't know. But I love it. I love having someone to look pretty for. I love waking up and having something to look forward to. Something fun and sneaky and sexy.

    Jenna : He love you?

    Becky : He kinda likes me, kinda hates me. It's fun.

    Jenna : Doesn't sound very fun.

    Becky : He makes me forget about my invalid husband. My loneliness. The dreadful misplacement of my bosoms.

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