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  • Martial artist Ron Hall stars in this dark vampire thriller reminiscent of BLADE. Ambitious cop Derek (Hall) is dogged by a phobia that is unfortunate in his line of work. Having witnessed his father's murder as a young child, he is deathly afraid of blood, but when he takes the law into his own hands to catch underworld counterfeiter Gustoff Slovak, he is forced to face his fear. The operation blows up in his face, resulting in a massacre that leaves Derek the only one of his team to survive. Derek reaches the shocking conclusion that Slovak is actually a vampire, and joins forces with the last in a long line of vampire hunters, Master Kao, who agrees to train Derek in his ancient art. However, in order to combat Slovak--whose past intersects with Derek's own in disturbing ways--Derek must become that which he hates the most: a vampire.


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  • When Officer Derek Washington [Ron Hall], LAPD special division, meets up with a vampire and makes the mistake of putting that fact into his report, he is placed on administrative lead and told to take a long vacation. However, Derek was right. Gustoff Slovak [Mel Novak] is, indeed, a vampire. Once a vampire hunter, Slovak made the mistake of tasting a vampire's blood, which turned him into the very thing he hunted. Derek is on a mission to destroy Slovak.

    Fortunately, Derek has Samantha Morris [Merry Everest], editor of an Internet magazine that "explores the news most media shy away from" on his side. When Derek is about to be carved up by two of Slovak's vampires, it is Samantha who breaks in and sets him loose, and it is Samantha who introduces him to Master Kao [Gerald Okamura], vampire hunter and master of the martial arts. It is Kao who helps Derek hone his fighting skills.

    When Derek tries to confront Slovak, the police are called, and Derek ends up being taken down to headquarters. Derek tries to convince Captain Hall [Eric Von Kritlow] that Slovak is a vampire, but Hall doesn't believe him. Hall should have listened. When he orders Derek to apologize to Slovak, Derek kicks Slovak in the balls. Slovak changes into a vampire and bites everyone in the room. He then corners Derek in a dark room and bites him, too.

    Derek is turning into a vampire, but not totally...yet. He storms Slovak's house again, killing a bunch of vampires. Some other vampire hunters show up. Their vampirometer shows that Derek is at 70% vampire, so they try to destroy him, but Derek kills them first. Some big vampire wearing tattered clothes and yelling "Argh!" attacks Derek, but Derek bests him, too.

    Meanwhile, Kao is fighting vampires that have invaded the house looking for Cassandra. Turns out that Kao was trained as a vampire hunter by Slovak himself, but Kao chose not to follow Slovak when he went vampire. Slovak bites Kao. Derek comes home to find Kao injured, and Kao begs Derek to destroy him. Derek stabs Kao then burns his body.

    The last half hour of the movie has Derek fighting just about everyone else in the movie -- vampires, vampire hunters, friends, relatives, and police, until Slovak shows up with Cassandra and hitches her to some sort of machine. When there is no one left except Slovak and Derek, they have at each other. Slovak stabs Derek, which causes Derek to sprout his vampire teeth. Derek rips open the curtains, letting the sun stream in. Slovak slumps, and Derek finishes him off. Derek carries Cassandra out and tells her to let the world know that vampires are very real, then he goes off into the nowhere, calling himself the "first vampire assassin."

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