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pretty god doc
movieman_kev17 October 2005
This documentary on the making of "The Janitor" can be found on the DVD of the fore-mentioned movie. It runs around an hour and deals with the trials and tribulations of making a low budget horror-comedy. Featuring audition footage, interviews with the cast and crew, dealing with Lloyd Kaufman, shooting the gang bang scene (no Asians, no Indians, no Persians), the special effects, post-production, and showing the completed film. I found this documentary to be at turns informative, humorous, and overall highly watchable with none of the fake BS that you find in documentaries of bigger budgeted movies and all the better for it.

My Grade: A
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An excellent and informative documentary
Woodyanders21 November 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This snappy and engrossing 58 minute doc offers a lively, thorough, and illuminating look at the making of the immensely enjoyable horror splatter comedy hoot "The Janitor." Among the subjects covered are casting and auditions, the actual shooting of the picture, the special make-up effects, the post-production work like additional dialogue recording, sound effects, and composing the score, and the theatrical premiere of the final finished film. The interviews with various cast and crew members are breezy, funny, and refreshingly bereft of any high-falutin' self-impressed ego, with special guest Lloyd Kaufman providing some of the rudest (and hence biggest) laughs. Definite highlights include the filming of a group sex scene, shooting a scene in which a dummy is set on fire in a baseball diamond without permits, lots of choice behind-the-scenes footage, a generous sprinkling of tasty female nudity, and the recording of the awesome ending credits theme song. Moreover, we also find out that about seven or eight gallons of fake blood were used in total, that the kung fu fight set piece was quite grueling to do, the movie premiered on the same day as QT's "Kill Bill," and the major college sorority massacre sequence was shot in one single hectic and stressful day. Stick around for the hilarious out takes that play during the ending credits. Essential viewing for fans of the film.
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