The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006) Poster

Zachery Ty Bryan: Clay



  • Cindy : [as Shawn approaches his Monte Carlo at the high school parking lot, a red Viper is parked next to him. Sitting on the Viper is Cindy, who is polishing her toenails]  Nice car.

    Shawn Boswell : It does the job.

    Cindy : Doing what? Delivering pizzas?

    Shawn Boswell : It's not the ride, it's the rider.

    Clay : [Clay sees Cindy talking to Shawn]  You talking to my girl?

    Shawn Boswell : She was just admiring my ride.

    Clay : That? My grandma's Buick can smoke that piece of shit trailer trash !

    Shawn Boswell : What about your daddy's Viper?

    Clay : [Clay pauses, then chuckles]  This beast's got 500-horsepower and a Borla exhaust system. It does 0-60 in what, 4.3 seconds?

    Shawn Boswell : Wow. You can read the brochure.

    [Shawn enters his Monte Carlo and drives off. Clay then throws a baseball at the Monte Carlo, shattering the rear window] 

  • Cindy : [after Clay shatters the rear windshield of Shawn's Monte Carlo with a baseball, Shawn steps out of his car and has a stare down with Clay and his gang. As Clay's gang approaches Shawn, Shawn brandishes a wrench in his hand, and they stop]  Why don't you nice boys let your cars do the talking?

    Shawn Boswell : I only race for pink slips.

    Clay : This car goes for 80 grand. What am I gonna do with a broken-ass piece of shit like that?

    [Crowd howls while Shawn smiles at Clay] 

    Cindy : How about me?

    [Shawn and Clay stare at Cindy] 

    Cindy : Winner gets... me.

    [Shawn smiles. Clay spits] 

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