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Week 6

The nine remaining couples compete; the cast of "Dancing with the Stars -- Live Tour 2020" performs; one couple is eliminated.

Current Episode (aired 14 Oct. 2019)

Disney Night

The opening dance number takes place at Disneyland resort; the nine couples dance to a variety of beloved Disney songs.


17 Mar. 2014
Episode #18.1
Past competitor Erin Andrews returns as the new co-host for season 18. R2D2 makes an appearance as Billy Dee Williams dances to a Star Wars medley opposite a pair of storm troopers and Ewoks.
24 Mar. 2014
Week 2
One couple starts the show safe this week but the rest face a double elimination. Couples perform dances secretly chosen by the stars.
31 Mar. 2014
Most Memorable Year
Robin Roberts joins the judges panel for this week's competition as couples perform dances inspired by the stars most memorable years. Injuries claim their first victim as Billy Dee Williams is unable to perform and is disqualified.
7 Apr. 2014
The Switch Up Show
Julianne Hough returns to the show as a guest judge once again. In a change of pace the entire cast opens the show with a wild group dance. Then the contestants switch partners for the competition based on the home audience's Twitter votes. Scores are combined with last week's for next week's elimination. In a special surprise Derek shows off his first choreographed routine for the Macy's Stars of Dance.
14 Apr. 2014
Disney Night
The couples are back with their original partners and Donny Osmond joins the judges panel for Disney night. A few Disney characters find their way into some of the dances.
21 Apr. 2014
Week 6
Redfoo joins the judges panel this week. Macys Stars of Dance return to perform Derek's choreography.
28 Apr. 2014
Latin Night
Ricky Martin joins the show for the always popular Latin night as a guest judge and performer. Injuries begin to take their toll especially among the ladies leading up to the team dance.
5 May 2014
Celebrity Dance Duels
Mark Ballas opens the show with a vocal number. After performing their tradition dances, pairs of couples perform synchronized dances.
19 May 2014
The Finals
Couples open the show with the Judges Pick round. Then the pros have the cuffs removed as they choreograph their free style dances. Finally we say goodbye to one of the finalists.
20 May 2014
The Finals Award Show
Following a group dance by the entire cast James and Peta reprise last night's freestyle at the request of the Twitter audience. Iggy Azalea, NeNe Leakes, Code Simpson, Ariana Grande and Christina Perry perform. Each couple performs one of their memorable dances leading up to the finalists final competitive dance; the "24 Hours Fusion Challenge."
15 Sep. 2014
Week 1: Premiere
Julianne Hough returns to the show as a forth judge and four new pros join the cast. But the new quirky stars steal the show.
16 Sep. 2014
The Results (Week 1)
Alfonso and Whitney step down from the top of the leader board to reprise last night's dance at the judges request. Smokie Robinson is the night's musical guest. The new pros are introduced. One of the returning pros chosen by the audience is embarrassed by their DWTS audition video. Sadly, one couple is eliminated.
22 Sep. 2014
Week 2: My Jam Monday
Couples dance to the stars favorite songs. Oh, and Cari Ann falls off her chair.
23 Sep. 2014
The Results (Week 2)
This episode presents an A to Z of DWTS featurette and Mark Ballas's DWTS audition tape. Janel and Val per fore in the audience encore dance.
29 Sep. 2014
It's Movie Night
Couples dance to the themes and in costumes reminiscent of the stars' favorite movies. Kevin Hart fills in for Len as guest judge. One couple is eliminated.
6 Oct. 2014
Most Memorable Year
Couples dance routines reminiscent of the stars' most memorable years. The television audience serves as the fourth judge in Len's absence.
13 Oct. 2014
The stars change partners based on audience voting for "Switch-up" night. In case that isn't disorienting enough they dance to obscure dance styles. But couples are spared an elimination this week. Jessie J joins the judges and performs in the opening number.
3 Nov. 2014
Dynamic Duos Night
Couple perform dances inspired by famous couples vying for immunity from elimination and to avoid a dance off.

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