Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead (2006) Poster

Jason Yachanin: Arbie



  • [from trailer] 

    Arbie : They are very slowly approaching the entrance!

    Micki : They'll break through faster than the five minutes it took me to turn Wendy into a full blown lesbian!

    Arbie : Damn it! Well we need action before they turn the glass into lesbians!

  • Arbie : Carl Junior, it's me, Arbie. I know somewhere deep within the bowels of this creature you've become lives the soul of the beautiful racist, animal-fucking, inbred trailer-thrash I know and love.

  • Arbie : You just won the contest.

    Chicken Denny : What contest?

    Arbie : The wet t-shirt contest, motherfucker!

    [opens fire] 

  • Arbie : Say, where did you get this gun?

    Mature Arbie : I've got a whole stash of them here. I keep them hidden here with the childrens' promotional items. I was going to be an alienated employee who kept to himself and then went on a murderous rampage this afternoon.

  • Arbie : [after seeing his exact same tattoo on Old Arbie and ominous lightning goes off]  That's strange. Nobody said anything about thunderstorms in windowless basements.

  • Arbie : No, it's not the bra, it's you ditching me for college... and the bra a little.

    Wendy : I'm not ditching you Arbie, and I think you should come with me, there's still time to apply!

    Arbie : Wendy, my mom's a retard and my dad's blind. I mean how am I supposed to take care of them if I'm off somewhere getting smart?

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