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6 Feb. 2006
Get Your Hand Out of My Womb
Calvin announces that his wife's relative Romadal, an ex-con, is joining the crew; Cal and Eddie coach Yinka on the finer points of the booty call; Terri is mistakenly targeted by pro-life and pro-choice advocates when she becomes a victim of identity theft.
21 Aug. 2005
Nigger Lovers
The neighborhood is up in arms when a clothing store owned by blacks but managed by Asians sets up shop; a local entrepreneur (Page Kennedy) wants Romodal as spokesman for a hip-hop record label
28 Aug. 2005
Madonna Is a Ho
While having their own intimacy issues, Calvin and Jen have dinner with a couple who express their passion in a very odd way; Michael breaks up with Terri while Isaac hooks up with Michael's sister Michelle and a drunk, lonely Eddie goes home with a mysterious woman from a bar.
4 Sep. 2005
Whose Pussy Is That?
Jen competes with her sister Jan in finding the perfect gift for Calvin's birthday; everyone smokes the weed that Terri finds in Romadal's locker; Yinka tries new dirty talk on Jen's gynecologist; Michelle and Michael unsuccessfully try to hide their recent flings from their mother Dana; Claire reveals a stunning secret to Eddie.
11 Sep. 2005
What's Good for the Cos...
After putting up surveillance cameras in the shop, Calvin discovers his employees' drug habits; Jen feels marginalized because Calvin makes more money than she does; Isaac dates white girls to impress Terri; Eddie confronts his emotions regarding his new relationship; Calvin discovers that his father had a second family.
18 Sep. 2005
A Black Man Invented the Stop Light
Calvin forces Terri and Yinka to go to drug rehab and confronts his mother and brother about keeping his father's second family a secret; Eddie's friends question his deviant behavior; Malcolm sues Calvin for invasion of privacy over the hidden cameras; Jen and Dana plan to open up an urban bed and breakfast.
25 Sep. 2005
Family Business
Jen and Dana encounter problems developing their urban bed and breakfast; Calvin spends time with his other family while neglecting the barbershop; Malcolm drops the lawsuit when Romadal kicks his ass; Jimmy's campaign manager questions whether he can win the election for alderman.
2 Oct. 2005
Debates and Dead People
While Calvin enjoys spending time with his new family, the barbershop falls apart; tensions rise after Isaac steals a famous client from Yinka; a ventriloquist and his dummy cause trouble for Jen at her bed and breakfast; Romadal is sent to jail for assault.
9 Oct. 2005
The Politics of Money
Isaac's ego gets him fired from the barbershop; Jimmy tries to raise funds for his campaign; Calvin puts up his shop as collateral to get Romadal out of jail; Yinka finds sanctuary with Vivian at Jen's bed and breakfast.
16 Oct. 2005
Crimes of the Heart
Isaac and Terri finally consummate their relationship; Calvin is concerned he will lose the shop once Romadal jumps bail; Yinka learns that Vivian is a not-so-innocent victim; Jimmy seeks Eddie's endorsement.

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