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  • During a babysitting gig, a high-school student is harassed by an increasingly threatening prank caller.

  • Jill Johnson is being forced to babysit at a BIG house all by herself for exceeding her telephone minutes. Then all of a sudden a stranger calls making these weird remarks. Jill decides to call the police to trace the call. Jill is freaked out when she finds out that the call is coming from inside the house! Jill runs in a hurry trying to get the children and leave. Will Jill make it out of the house in time? Will she live? Well you just have to watch the movie to find out!

  • Jill Johnson, a young teenager, is asked to baby sit for a rich family in a massive 3 story house. The kids are sleeping, giving her no company until she gets a mysterious unknown call. When she finds out the caller is in the house, she fights for freedom. Can she escape and save the kids in time?

  • A young high school student babysits for a very rich family. She begins to receive strange phone calls threatening the children. When she finally realizes that it's not a joke, she calls the police, only to find that the call is coming from inside the house.

  • Jill Johnson is a normal teenager. She has a boyfriend, she's a freshman in high school, a runner...But when she goes over her cell phone bill by 800 minutes her parents make her pay it off by baby sitting. She's driven to the Mandrakis' house, a rich family with 2 kids who are already asleep. but when the parents leave Jill starts getting weird calls. Sometimes the caller doesn't say anything, but when the ominous voice asks "have you checked the children?" Jill checks on them and returns only to have the caller phone again knowing she had gone upstairs. Jill freaks out and phones the police. They say they will trace the call if she can keep him on the line for more then a minute. But what the police tell her when she succeeds will turn a routine baby-sitting gig into a 16- year-old's worst nightmare. And now she has to fight for her-and the kids'- lives in a struggle for survival.

  • A slick remake of the 1979 original, Simon West's WHEN A STRANGER CALLS is a contemporary update of a well-known suburban legend. When 16-year-old Jill exceeds her cell phone minutes, her parents force her to spend the night babysitting instead of attending a huge bonfire bash. As Jill's father drives her to Dr. Mandrakis's house for the evening, we are given the sense from the long drive, spooky music, and winding roads, that the home seems to be at the end of the World. Perched over the edge of a steamy lake, the mansion-like structure is made entirely of dark wood and glass. With an arboretum built into its center, the palatial home feels both Zen-like and forbidding. With the children already asleep, Jill spends the first hour indulging in secret babysitter pleasures like snooping and trying on Mrs. Mandrakis's jewelry. Without a cell phone or car, and all her friends' phones out of range, Jill is particularly isolated--the perfect victim for a psychopath on the loose. As she begins to get calls from a heavy-breathing stranger, what at first seems like a prank slowly becomes a real threat, creating a panic-filled evening that's any babysitter's nightmare. Using modern-day luxuries like caller ID, security alarm systems, and motion-sensor lights to its advantage, the film plays with themes of technology and wealth, pondering how much protection they actually provide. Clearly targeted at a teenage audience, the PG-13-rated film contains relatively little violence and instead uses unfamiliar spaces and a sense of the unknown to keep audiences scared.


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  • Jill Johnson (Camilla Belle) is a high school girl who is on the track team and one of her best friend has kissed her boyfriend. So, she breaks up with him and refuses to talk to her friend. She has also talked too much on the phone, like 800 extra minutes, and her dad makes her to babysit to earn her money so she can pay off her own bills. She has to babysit Dr and Mrs. Mandrakis's (Derek de Lint and Kate Jennings Grant) kids and they live in a huge lakeside house. Things start to get a bit creepy when a stranger (Tommy Flanagan) keeps on calling Jill and seems to be spying on her. She can't find the house maid and the police don't give much thought to her predicament.

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