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  • [first lines] 

    Patrick Kenzie : I always believed it was the things you don't choose that makes you who you are. Your city, your neighborhood, your family. People here take pride in these things, like it was something they'd accomplished. The bodies around their souls, the cities wrapped around those. I lived on this block my whole life; most of these people have. When your job is to find people who are missing, it helps to know where they started. I find the people who started in the cracks and then fell through. This city can be hard. When I was young, I asked my priest how you could get to heaven and still protect yourself from all the evil in the world. He told me what God said to His children. "You are sheep among wolves. Be wise as serpents, yet innocent as doves."

  • Patrick Kenzie : Cheese, if you ever disrespect her again like that, I'm gonna pull your fuckin' card, okay? So you're saying you didn't do it, fine. We'll take your money, and we'll be on our way. When it turns out you're lying, I'm gonna spend every nickel of that money to fuck you up. I'm gonna bribe cops to go after you, I'm gonna pay guys to go after your weak fuckin' crew, and I'm gonna tell all the guys I know that you're a C.I. and a rat, and I know a lot of people. And after that, you're gonna wish you listened to me, 'cause your shitty pool hall crime syndicate headquarters is gonna get raided, and your doped-up bitches are gonna get sent back to Laos, and this fuckin' retard right here is gonna be testifying against you for a reduced sentence, while you're gettin' cornholed in your cell by a gang of crackers. 'Cause from what I've heard, the guys that get sent up Concord for killing kids, life's a motherfucker.

    Cheese : [points gun at Kenzie]  You come 'round here again, and I'm gonna get discourteous on your ass.

  • Detective Remy Bressant : I planted evidence on a guy once, back in '95. We were paying $100 an eight-ball to snitches. We got a call from our pal, Ray Likanski. He couldn't find enough guys to rat out. Anyway, he tells us there's a guy pumping up in an apartment up in Columbia Point. We go in, me and Nicky. Fifteen years ago, when Nicky went in, it was no joke. So it's a... it's a stash house, right? The old lady's beat to shit, the husband's mean, cracked out, trying to give us trouble, Nicky lays him down. We're doing an inventory, but it looks like we messed up because there's no dope in the house, and I go in the back room. Now, this place was a shithole, mind you? Rats, roaches, all over the place. But the kid's room, in the back, was spotless. No, I mean, he swept it, mopped it; it was immaculate. The little boy's sitting on the bed, holding onto his playstation for dear life. There's no expression on his face, tears streaming down. He wants to tell me he just learned his multiplication tables.

    Patrick Kenzie : Christ.

    Detective Remy Bressant : I mean, the father's got him in this crack den, subsisting on twinkies and ass-whippings, and this little boy just wants someone to tell him that he's doing a good job. You're worried what's Catholic? I mean, kids forgive. Kids don't judge. Kids turn the other cheek. What do they get for it? So I went back out there, I put an ounce of heroin on the living room floor, and I sent the father on a ride, seven to life.

    Patrick Kenzie : That's was the right thing?

    Detective Remy Bressant : [yelling]  Fucking A! You gotta take a side. You molest a child, you beat a child, you're not on my side. If you see me coming, you better run, because I am gonna lay you the fuck down! Easy.

    Patrick Kenzie : Don't feel easy.

    Detective Remy Bressant : Is the kid better off without his father? Yeah. But okay, I mean, could be out there right now pumping with a gun in his waistband. It's a war, man. Are we winning? No.

  • Patrick Kenzie : I'm calling state police in five minutes. They'll be here in ten.

    Capt. Jack Doyle : Thought you would've done that by now. You know why you haven't? Because you think this might be an irreparable mistake. Because deep inside you, you know it doesn't matter what the rules say. When the lights go out, and you ask yourself "is she better off here or better off there", you know the answer. And you always will. You... you could do a right thing here. A good thing. Men live their whole lives without getting this chance. You walk away from it, you may not regret it when you get home. You may not regret it for a year, but when you get to where I am, I promise you, you will. I'll be dead, you'll be old. But she... she'll be dragging around a couple of tattered, damaged children of her own, and you'll be the one who has to tell them you're sorry.

    Patrick Kenzie : You know what? Maybe that'll happen. And if it does, I'll tell them I'm sorry and I'll live with it. But what's never gonna happen and what I'm not gonna do is have to apologize to a grown woman who comes to me and says: "I was kidnapped when I was a little girl, and my aunt hired you to find me. And you did, you found me with some strange family. But you broke your promise and you left me there. Why? Why didn't you bring me home? Because all the snacks and the outfits and the family trips don't matter. They stole me. It wasn't my family and you knew about it and you knew better and you did nothing". And maybe that grown woman will forgive me, but I'll never forgive myself.

    Capt. Jack Doyle : I did what I did for the sake of the child. All right. For me, too. But now, I'm asking you for the sake of the child. I'm begging you. You think about it.

  • [from trailer] 

    Patrick Kenzie : He lied to me. Now I can't think of one reason big enough for him to lie about that's small enough not to matter.

  • Patrick Kenzie : So what kind of name is Bressant?

    Detective Remy Bressant : It's the kind they give you in Lousiana.

    Patrick Kenzie : Oh yeah? Thought you were from here.

    Detective Remy Bressant : Well, it all depends on how you look at it. I mean, you might think that you're more from here than me, for example. But I've been living here longer than you been alive. So who's right?

    Patrick Kenzie : I'll mull it over.

  • Interrogating Officer : Now, you're at the quarry the other night, right? And you have no idea that this is a setup? You're baffled. Right?

    Patrick Kenzie : [smiling]  No, because, strange as it might seem, I believe the police when they tell me something!

    Interrogating Officer : You're a fresh prick, you know that?

  • Beatrice McCready : Do you know people in the neighborhood who don't talk to the police?

    Patrick Kenzie : Yeah, one or two.

    Beatrice McCready : We wanna hire you to augment the investigation of Amanda.

  • Patrick Kenzie : And like that, she was gone. We gave our statements. Nick and Remy the same. All of us spared any blame for Amanda's death. Jack Doyle resigned on the condition that he and he alone be held accountable. He was granted the dignity of early retirement, but the humiliation of half a pension. It was an ignominious end to an illustrious career.

  • Detective Remy Bressant : Would you do it again? Clip Corwin Earle?

    Patrick Kenzie : No.

    Detective Remy Bressant : Does that make you right?

    Patrick Kenzie : I don't know.

    Detective Remy Bressant : It doesn't make it wrong, though, does it?

  • Patrick Kenzie : [while watching TV]  Fucking cops. This is just unbelievable. The whole force standing outside the house, guarding the sidewalk with their arms crossed. I mean, are the kidnappers coming back?

  • Patrick Kenzie : [upon seeing crowds of people in front of Helene's house]  Look at this. Jesus. Fucking bloc party here. Four Cape Verdeans got killed here last year. No one gave a shit.

  • Lionel McCready : [about Helene]  She's at the Fillmore all the time.

    Patrick Kenzie : She's at the Fillmore lounge?

    Lionel McCready : Yeah, she drinks every day. She's got the gene, you know? The disease. Our parents had it too.

    Patrick Kenzie : She use drugs?

    Lionel McCready : I think she does a little coke.

    Patrick Kenzie : How much is a little?

    Lionel McCready : I don't know. Few times a week, maybe. I mean how much is a lot?

    Patrick Kenzie : Few times a week's a lot.

    Lionel McCready : Then she does a lot. I don't know anything about that. I put the plug in the jug myself, I got twenty-three years sobriety, so, I'm good.

  • Patrick Kenzie : [upon seeing Amanda's bare room]  Kidnapped the furniture, too?

  • Detective Remy Bressant : [about Patrick]  Half the guys he knows are degenerates.

    Patrick Kenzie : Yeah, you know what the other half are?

    Detective Remy Bressant : What?

    Patrick Kenzie : Cops. Don't hold it against me.

  • [last lines] 

    Patrick Kenzie : [referring to her doll]  Is that Mirabelle?

    Amanda McCready : Annabelle.

  • Helene McCready : [crying]  I know I fucked up. I just want my daughter back. I swear to God, I won't use no drugs no more. I won't even go out; I'll be fucking straight. Cross my heart.

    Patrick Kenzie : [comforting her]  It's all right. We're gonna find her, Helene.

    Helene McCready : You have to. You promise?

    Patrick Kenzie : Yeah. I'm gonna try. I will.

    Helene McCready : Promise. You have to promise me.

    Patrick Kenzie : I promise.

  • Patrick Kenzie : What makes you think Ray hasn't spent all the money?

    Helene McCready : Nigga please, I hid it.

  • Angie Gennaro : We have a good life, right?

    Patrick Kenzie : Is that a trick question?

    Angie Gennaro : I don't wanna find their little kid in a dumpster.

    Patrick Kenzie : Maybe she's not in a dumpster, babe.

    Angie Gennaro : I don't wanna find a little kid after they've been abused for three days.

    Patrick Kenzie : Hon, nobody does.

  • Capt. Jack Doyle : You ever investigated an abduction before?

    Patrick Kenzie : I think Mrs. McCready was hoping we could help with the neighborhood aspect of this investigation, the people, you know.

    Capt. Jack Doyle : How old are you?

    Patrick Kenzie : I'm thirty-one.

    Angie Gennaro : He just looks young.

    Capt. Jack Doyle : A four year old child is on the street. It's seventy-six hours and counting. And the prospects for where she might be are beginning to look grim, you understand? Half of all the children in these cases are killed, flat out. If we don't catch the abductor by day one, only about ten percent are ever solved. This is day three. He may look young, but if he wants to work this case, he better not act it.

    Patrick Kenzie : Well, he's been hired by a woman who's the victim of a crime, and by law he's entitled as her representative to be cooperated by the Boston Police Department. So he expects to be.

    Capt. Jack Doyle : And so he will be.

  • Big Dave : Listen, I ain't saying a fucking word. I already talked to the fucking cops.

    Patrick Kenzie : All right. Dave, right?

    Big Dave : Big Dave.

    Patrick Kenzie : Big Dave. All right. I'm Medium Patrick. Nice to meet you.

    Big Dave : You're a little fucking light in the ass to be talking shit, ain't ya?

  • Lenny : [to Angie]  You ever wanna get fucked, let me know.

    [Patrick pistol-whips Lenny in the face] 

    Patrick Kenzie : How's that, motherfucker? Now you know.

  • Patrick Kenzie : Go on. Move your bike!

    Kid on Bike : Go fuck your mother!

    Patrick Kenzie : What the...

    Kid on Bike : Beat it, sucker!

  • Patrick Kenzie : I couldn't stop running it over and over and over in my mind. The vague and distant suspicion that we never understood what happened that night; what our role was. Or maybe it was just like the hundreds of other children who disappear each year and never return. Amanda was even more haunting for never being found.

  • Patrick Kenzie : They say how old the boy was?

    Detective Remy Bressant : Seven.

    Patrick Kenzie : Second grade.

    Detective Remy Bressant : Should be proud of yourself. Most guys would've stayed outside.

    Patrick Kenzie : I don't know.

    Detective Remy Bressant : What don't you know?

    Patrick Kenzie : My priest says shame is god telling you what you did was wrong.

    Detective Remy Bressant : Fuck him.

    Patrick Kenzie : Murder's a sin.

    Detective Remy Bressant : Depends on who you do it to.

  • Angie Gennaro : This is horrible.

    Patrick Kenzie : Not for Channel 9.

  • Patrick Kenzie : Make me a fucking martini, you fat fucking retard!

  • Angie Gennaro : So you're bringing the FBI into this?

    Detective Remy Bressant : That's the worst thing we could do.

    Angie Gennaro : Why is that?

    Detective Remy Bressant : Because I don't want to see Cheese kill Amanda after he opens a bag full of newspapers.

    Angie Gennaro : It's kidnapping.

    Detective Remy Bressant : I don't see a note. Do you see a note?

    Nick Poole : Nope. No note.

    Detective Remy Bressant : We're investigating a missing children's case here. Kidnapping has nothing to do with it. The fastest way to get Amanda home is go to Cheese, swap the money for her, and walk away. Plain and simple.

    Helene McCready : [to Patrick]  Do you know Cheese?

    Patrick Kenzie : I knew his brother better - Jude. He was a sweet kid. Cheese went another way.

    Helene McCready : He wouldn't hurt her, right?

    Nick Poole : [sarcastically]  Ask Ray.

    Patrick Kenzie : All right, listen. All he cares about is his money. If he gets it back, he's not going to hurt her. Maybe.

    Detective Remy Bressant : Just keep your mouths shut, okay? We'll get her back. It'll be fine.

    Helene McCready : You're going to talk to him?

    Detective Remy Bressant : Yeah, that's the idea.

    Helene McCready : Well tell him I'm sorry, all right? I mean, he knows me. Just tell him I apologize.

    Nick Poole : [sarcastically]  Yeah, I'm sure that'll fix everything.

  • Detective Remy Bressant : Corwin Earle. Serial molester, recently work-release. Went AWOL around the time Amanda disappeared.

    Nick Poole : Known associates - Leon Trett and his handsome wife, Roberta. The Tretts were released six and eight months ago, respectively. They have drug habits. We don't know where they are, but we think Corwin's with them. Jailhouse snitch claims that Corwin confided in him and told him when he got out, he was gonna move in with his family. Apparently, the three of them have some kind of Addams Family deal going on.

    Detective Remy Bressant : Corwin's plan is to keep a kid in the house to have sex with.

    Patrick Kenzie : Well, that sounds promising.

    Detective Remy Bressant : Not for Amanda, it doesn't.

    Angie Gennaro : Do you think this is who has Amanda?

    Nick Poole : Well, there's a lot of holes in our theory. I mean, Corwin likes little boys, you know? He likes them seven or eight or nine.

  • Cheese : I grant you audience. Go.

    Patrick Kenzie : We found what you were looking for in Chelsea.

    Cheese : What I care about Chelsea?

    Patrick Kenzie : Because one of the idiots that robbed you lived there.

    Cheese : What idiot?

    Patrick Kenzie : The one that you and Chris beat with a pipe and shot in the chest.

    Cheese : I don't know nobody getting kill. But if somebody rob me and end up dead... well, you know, life is a motherfucker.

  • Nick Poole : SWAT'll be here in five minutes.

    Patrick Kenzie : You're not gonna wait for them?

    Detective Remy Bressant : Did you or did you not tell me you saw Corwin Earle with the medallion of St. Christopher around his fucking wrist?

    Patrick Kenzie : I definitely saw Corwin Earle.

    Detective Remy Bressant : [cocking his shotgun]  We're not waiting.

  • [Atop the cliff where the exchange is supposed to take place] 

    Patrick Kenzie : How's he going to get her up here?

    [gunshots erupt] 

  • Patrick Kenzie : We're just trying to help, captain.

    Capt. Jack Doyle : Look, I don't care who does it. I just want it done.

  • Angie Gennaro : They told me what happened. I'm proud of you. That man killed a child. He had no right to live.

    Patrick Kenzie : You're proud of me?

    Angie Gennaro : Of course I am. You did what you had to do.

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