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Silly action movie = no masterpiece
WeeClaude10 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I wanted to like Wonder Woman, but I just can't get aboard the hype train. It's really the same as every other cartoonish, overblown comic-book action movie, except with a female protagonist.

Actually, this is worse than the average comic book movie, because it preaches to the audience about pacifism but then hypocritically celebrates "heroic" violence. In other words: Wonder Woman is an alleged pacifist who kills a bunch of people. Wonder Woman is also an alleged feminist, who allows Steve Trevor to drive the entire plot and basically steal the movie from her. Really, this thing is about as progressive as Dick Cheney's great-great grandfather.

I could forgive Wonder Woman's flimsy social commentary, if it were any good in other respects. But the plot is loose and shabby, the CGI is poor, and about half the scenes were shot in front of a green screen. Sometimes, I couldn't tell if I was watching a real movie, or Patty Jenkins playing God of War on her Playstation 2. (When exactly did cinema and video games blend into this horrible hybrid art form, which has none of the beauty and charm of old-school cinema?)

And don't get me started on the villains. The World War I era Germans are depicted as cartoonishly eeeevil, while the same era's British Empire is held up as a heroic ideal. Meanwhile, the main villain is a nightmare of bad CGI, who looks like he belongs on a 1980s heavy metal album cover. Naturally, they got a wonderful actor for this stupid part and wasted him entirely.

Perhaps I'm going overboard on criticisms, but we need some balance to the rapturous praise this film has received. Movie fans often accuse professional critics of being too harsh, but lately, I think critics have actually become too lenient. Mainstream movies get dumber, louder and tackier all the time, and they are increasingly substituting mawkishness for real emotion and character development. And yet the critics have given this thing a great Rotten Tomatoes rating! I guess we've all lowered our standards to rock bottom?
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Lazy writing at its best
kamin-987-8083469 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, this movie only made money because it's a superhero movie. Everyone likes superheroes and there is no way a parent is not going to take their children to see it. Look at Transformers. Most of the movies are downright idiotic but it still makes money because it's.....Transformers. So all popular comic book hero movies will make money period.

I can't make sense of the movie and I really don't think the writers knew either. Her morales flip flop, the bad guy has no real reason to be "bad", the good guy has no real reason to "die." The side characters really didn't serve much of a purpose.

Some parts of the movie are decent and a few seconds later, the same scene turn into a total crapfest. The 3rd part is an utter mess and that act alone should be more then enough reason to keep WW off the top of the charts but somehow has a 94% rating on RT? That right there shows you that ratings are padded because you can't have at least 1/3 of a movie be total trash, 1/3 of the movie just corny dialog and somehow end up at the top of the charts.
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A laughable mess in slow motion Warning: Spoilers
I'm definitely the minority here, but I can't get over the fact that this film is rated higher than films like Enter the Void, Moonlight, The Kings Speech, Spotlight and sooo many other much better films. The critics took the money on this one and ran.

To me, this film was cheesy, campy, and completely missed the mark. The ridiculous costume that is clearly symbolic for America ( there's clearly a fuc*ing gold eagle on her chest and it's red white and blue), yet she hails from Greece and calls herself an Amazonian God - WTF?!! AMAZONIAN!?!?!? I was so confused. Then, there is an American who is a British Spy (huh?) Most of the German Nazis speak with British accents and she can deflect bullets yet she loses her hearing to explosions.... I'm sorry, but I just could not get past this to enjoy the film. As an origin story, it's completely ludicrous. Maybe it worked back when the comic was written, but today it just comes off as a desperate attempt to pry the money from people that want to be viewed as politically correct. If you study film and take movies seriously, you should avoid a visit to the theater for this one. Watch it at home for free and make your own opinion, but I can see this media-con being laughable in 20 years.
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Inspirational and heart-wrenching
justinpkelly4 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
It's no secret that the DCEU had a rough start. I personally did not like Suicide Squad or Man of Steel and, although I enjoyed Batman vs. Superman, I know that it is not a very good movie. Wonder Woman needed to be good. This universe was in dire need of a win and they absolutely got one with this movie.

First off, Wonder Woman herself was absolutely brilliant in this film. She was bright, hopeful, and innocent and was unbelievably likable. Gal Gadot played her wonderfully and I cannot wait to see more of her. I really felt that I had connected with this character on so many levels. Chris Pine's character was not particularly deep, but I still cared about him and loved his relationship with Diana Prince. They had fantastic chemistry and the way that they taught each other about each other's worlds was brilliant and made for some excellent comedy as well. I was incredibly saddened when Chris Pine's character sacrificed himself at the end of the film and Wonder Woman's tear- jerking reaction was very emotionally involving.

The action was fantastic, but that was no surprise since it looked so good in the trailers. The World War I sequence was ridiculously entertaining and I wish I could have seen more of it. The final sequence with Ares was also extremely exciting.

My favorite scene in the film was when Steve warned Diana not to cross No Man's Land and she climbs the ladder anyway. I got goosebumps all over and was on the edge of my seat. That scene was Grade-A filmmaking. Wonder Woman is extremely inspirational in this movie and that scene embodies her character. Scenes like that were the most memorable for me. As awesome as the action was, the moments that flesh out her character and her relationship with Steve were the best part of the film.

My main issues with the film mostly involve the villains. Dr. Poison seemed like she would be an intriguing character, but felt very bland and the movie never revealed what her true motivations were. General Ludendorff was an actual person in WWI, but his presence felt somewhat unnecessary and I did not feel that he was a great villain. The gas that he used to give him strength was also not needed and felt utterly pointless and out of place in the movie. I liked Ares, but the reveal of who his character actually was somewhat cheap. His motivations for showing the ugly side of humanity were very similar to Heath Ledger's Joker and I did enjoy that. My other main negative was that I also would have liked more emotional moments while Wonder Woman was on Themyscira, but I was satisfied with what we got in that particular part of the movie.

Another great element of this movie was the fact that it stands on its own. There's no forced reveal of any of the Justice League characters nor is there an unnecessary setup for that movie. You could argue that this is because of the time period that this movie takes place in, but I think that Patty Jenkins really wanted to make a film that was separated from the other DCEU movies. I absolutely loved the opening scene in which she opens up a suitcase from Bruce Wayne and views the picture of her from WWI. It was the perfect way to tie the film into DCEU without going overboard. It was also the perfect way to set the stage for Diana Prince's story. The closing scene where she thanked Wayne via Email was also cool.

The movie is also incredibly well-directed. Patty Jenkins is a true talent and I look forward to seeing what else she does in the DCEU and beyond. The movie is colorful, vibrant, and lively and looks utterly gorgeous. I loved the stark contrast between the clean, tropical Themyscira and the dirty, war-torn locations outside of it.

Overall, Wonder Woman really gave the DCEU the push it needed. Wonder Woman now has a fantastic backstory which will really add to her character going forward. I cannot wait to see this character in Justice League and I look forward to seeing the movie many more times.

8/10 Grade: A-
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toshiem3 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I was SO excited to see this movie and thirty minutes in I was......... BORED! And there was another 110 minutes left! The acting was not great and accents seemed to change every few lines for every character. It seemed like Gal Gadot was constantly posing for a photo shoot instead of acting - I think I caught "Blue Steel" face a few times. Gal is gorgeous but I did not get Amazonia princess from her - could they not have found an actress with muscle? Felicity Jones in Rogue One was more Wonder Woman! Of course the movie had to throw in the bits about being beautiful AND smart - but not too smart because a man had to explain snow and she was not so Amazonian that she didn't like looking drop dead gorgeous for the guys. Nope, no Wonder Woman here - just another Hollywood "preach it" to the public movie only this time the super hero is thin, scantily glad, super duper smartish/childish, and condescending.
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Not what I expected
jameymessina6 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
OK Wonder Woman review time ***Spoilers ahead***

The first half of the movie was sooooo slow I had to literally hold my eyes open to prevent me from falling asleep so im not gonna talk about it. Now correct me if im wrong but this was billed as a "summer action movie" correct? Well when its 2:10 mins and only about 15-20 mins is actual action I have a problem with that. Don't get me wrong when she was all kickin ass and whatnot it was awesome and I dug that part a lot, thats why its saddening to me there was so little. Also on the plus side the chemistry with her and Steve was good ... so of course he dies lol. (sidenote he would have made a good Green Lantern with the chemistry they showed) On the down side, once again a very slow movie till the bunker scene (which was bad ass) and then nothing again till the final fight which again there was no real Villain presence till the last 10 mins and even then she spent half of that time fighting mustache man Ares and not God of war Ares and as we all know for me the villain makes the movie. I give it a 3/10 its not bad like Ghost Rider/Fantastic Four bad its just not what I expected or hoped for at all.
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Awful rubbish Warning: Spoilers
Saw Wonder Woman yesterday... quite frankly it's actually really bad. Story line all over shop, character development, all over the shop, main Charakter Wonder Woman stumbles through the movie like a naive 16 year old imbecile, she's a goddess for crying out loud, the logic for not telling her who she really is, screwed up and all over the shop. The way she kills Ares in the end, could have been achieved by telling her who she really was from the get go and a full 2hrs earlier, granted, it would have been a short movie but better. I'm not even getting into the feminism part of it.

In Greek mythology Amazons were mainly concerned with war and were rather brutal. To be expected if they were the supposed children of Harmonia and Ares. Yet in the movie they are portrait as peace loving, just, fair, superior beings to all mankind. But also especially superior to men who are essential for procreation and useless otherwise, really?!

It wouldn't have hurt if "Wonder Woman" would have hit the gym before filming commenced. But I guess if your main character believes that love is the ultimate answer to all of mankind problems, there's no need for that either. The rainbows one can vomit, lightning actually in this case, with all that fuzzy love feeling are blinding your opponents into oblivion, which she kinda did... there you go... The women training her in the movie looked fitter and in better shape than Gal Gadot despite being twice her age, at least in the movie. All this seemed like a bad parody of Thor and captain America, without the humour, without a plot, and atrociously bad acting from an otherwise good cast.

So all this really is, a quick money maker with main selling point: "Female Lead"

I am all for women kicking ass, in movies as a well as real life, here however, to me, it's all to artificial and contrived.

For example, in iron man one can believe the change Stark is going through, for one, out of necessity,shrapnel in his chest, for the other he decided to use his wealth for the good because he actually sees what his weapons are causing.

Captain America, he's full of idealistic "Americaness" alright but is cool, most important the character does not come across as naive. WW did not need to be so clueless. As far as the plot goes she's naive because she was sheltered from the world, fine, but yet she had access to literature about how Humans procreate but not about how the world outside her realm operates? And the character seemed to struggle almost seems to resist to accept the reality she finds herself in. Whereas good old captain America, after 70 years of sleep, just keeps kicking ass.

Her character development seems awkwardly written. To me, the biggest disservice to the movie. Overall the movie also felt sadly discombobulated. And then there is the WWI one setting... no one is expecting historic accuracy here, however, to try to glorify or find good in something that was so absolute and inherently not good. More specific to bring in the gas, as was used in WWI on a massive scale for the first time in modern warfare on top WWI having been a downright horror show in recent human history, dunno mate, it's bound to fail in a movie like that.

Marvel also incorporated WWII in Capo America, but didn't even try to bring in the concentration camps for example, it would have opened a can of worms the audience wouldn't have bought and it's not what captain America was about. Also the narrative flow is way better with Marvel I find.
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Terrible movie to watch, just a Captain America ripoff.
kendalleberly9 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Warning! Slight spoiler alert if you are going to watch the movie. Personally, i thought this movie was ridiculous. The entire movie was only tons and tons of filler with nothing interesting except for the three fight scenes, which were all ridiculous. Wonder Woman is to me just a ripoff of Captain America. The whole world war setting, the shield which can deflect bullets and mortar rounds, and how she can just dodge and see bullets coming, was pulled straight from Captain America. As a woman, i am an active feminist and i was glad they finally made a movie where women star in acting and directing roles. However, to me this movie falls just ahead of Catwoman in ratings. Don't waste your time and money with this movie.
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A review from an older guy who is not a huge fan of superhero films.
MartinHafer4 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Whether or not you'll love "Wonder Woman" no doubt will depend on the individual. The die-hard superhero film lovers have embraced the picture and it's setting box office records...and these folks really shouldn't read or pay much attention to my review. This is because I am over 50 and got tired of the genre long, long ago. I went to quite a few of the films because my daughters love them and this time was was actually taken to the theater by my wife, as she loves the idea of a female superhero. So, if you fall into my demographics...this review is for you!

The story is pretty different from my concept for "Wonder Woman". This is NOT a complaint...I know a lot of superhero stuff changes. But instead of the WWII setting I expected, the film was set during the final days of WWI. The history teacher in me was intrigued...especially since they actually got the look of the film just right--costumes, airplanes, soldiers, etc.. They also heightened the bleakness of the era by severely restricting the color palate to shades of gray and brown--even the reds looked rather brown. I think this was a good choice...after all, war is horrible.

Overall, there really wasn't much to dislike about the film. It had TONS of CGI and action...and that is what many fans want. As for me, I would have liked a bit less and more focus on story....but that is a very typical complaint for folks like me! However, if you do get pulled into going to see it, it won't bore you and offers a few nice twists.

By the way, if you saw the film as well, were you ALSO horribly disappointed when the lady scientist's mask came off like I was?! I was expecting so much worse.
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An Unfunny Comedy of Errors
good-decision1 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
First of all, I'm a woman and I'm pro gender equality and both men's and women's rights.. and no this is not about armpit hair or female power. I don't think art owes anyone anything. Here's why this movie sucks on its own merits:

1- Out of all the Amazonians in the movie, Gal Gadot looks the weakest and least fight- ready. She could've hit the gym as in her current physique compared to women twice her age in the movie she looks like the one who had to sleep with the coach to make the team. Her having the only Hamstrings that swing like jelly amid a fight scene full of women in their fifties makes you wonder.

2- Choosing the First World War as a background was a horrible idea! I felt I was watching a war movie gone bad. Depressing, ugly, frustrating and sad to watch to the point of distraction. What happened in WWI was too tragic even for a superhero to fix. Terrible juxtaposition insulting the sensibility of any person who read anything of value about that war.

3- The introduction of how brave a child she was, was way too lengthy and culminating into some of the most stupid scenes I've ever watched. All that hogwash about not telling Wonderwoman who she "really" was ends up getting on your nerves.

4- She sees a mortal from earth for the very first time and all the movie has to allude to in their early conversations is his (according to him) "above average" penis??? Come on!

5- She was annoyingly naive! More like wonder sissy not wonder WOMAN. Hissy fits ooh take me to your leader!

6- The God of war, the super evil devil like character she has to fight is an elderly guy completely out of shape and appears to be more like the God of Arthritis. I thought Gods don't age judging by the fact that she doesn't! Only male Gods do? Now that's sexist.

7- I would like to register here my great disdain (eff you Hollywood) for making the villain in the movie someone with a scarred face. So pretty people can't be villains? In fact all the villains are either old, fat or scarred.

8- My second eff you Hollywood moment came when the spy object of wonder "woman"'s (she was a virgin in the movie so please take note) affection decides to save the world by flying away in a plane loaded with all the lethal gas grenades but lo and behold instead of a million sane solutions he decides to commit suicide for the cause making the plane explode in the air with him in it. I thought this is pretty much the same Jihadi principle of heroic suicide!! Bad, bad, bad! Not to mention that such gas would kill people anyway in that nearby village they were banging on about the entire time. I'm not even gonna go over the scientific bullshit this movie is full of and historical inaccuracies, or plain stupidity because boy oh boy that will take all night .. but just one thing because it's really REALLY getting on my nerves... how does a woman stuff a long sword down the back of revealing dress having the blade go all the way down her ass (if that's even possible at all), then a villain wraps his arm around her back to dance without feeling it? Have the idiots who wrote this scene ever held or seen a real sword? Do they know real swords aren't bendy? Wtf?

9- I'm not sure why there was a Red Indian guy in the British barracks helping an English spy. Why Red Indian? Bring in the Chinese community because the actor looks Chinese? Method in the madness or just madness?

10- The fight scenes are lame and boring. Really boring! In one instance they had to speed the frame to make Gadot look like she's doing something and they didn't even bother mask the fact the scene was sped up digitally.

11- If Wonder "woman" kills the god of war making all the German soldiers have an awakening kissing and hugging each other in great relief they just lost (criiiiinnnggggeee moment), how come WWII started only 19 years later? Did they think we will just forget about that one because it's only a movie? Why not choose the background to be WWII so it'll make more sense (if that's even possible for this movie?) ...

12- I felt I was watching an American wrestling WWF show gone really bad... at one point, the men actually give Wonder "woman" a simple leg up for her to fly high in the air to destroy a tower with her bare fist. Which reminds me, my husband needs me to help give his nuclear rocket a piggyback ride into outer space, so I'll talk to you later.
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Shocked at how this movie has received good reviews.
gsdmorehead30 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I don't get it. I must be completely out of touch with what is popular for today's movie going public, and am scratching my head how this terrible movie receives such good reviews. This was the first movie I've been to at the cinema that I wanted to leave. I wanted to leave after 20 minutes. I decided to stay to see if things would turn around. Big mistake.

I fought back the urge to get out of my seat a further two times staying till the end. One of the only things keeping me going was getting home to go online and enjoy the critics laying into this atrocious movie. Only they didn't. They loved it. Apparently this is one of the best superhero movies of the year ("slash,") ever. If so I'm glad I've avoided most of the others.

The plot and dialogue was extremely dull, and the WW11 setting didn't really take the film anywhere beyond the realms of mundane. People seem to be getting giddy about how the film represents a positive step for feminism. This again shocks me as the film seems to be quite anti-feminist in it's nature. Just because the films main character is a woman doesn't mean this film is feminist. I swear that most if not all the people who have rated this film highly have either been brainwashed, or they are idiots, I can think of no other explanation.

Back to the content, and after sitting through rather lousy dialogue, we get to the part in the film where, Diana is introduced to a trio of guys who are going to help her out in her mission. And what a trio they are, they get my vote for the worst characters in any film ever and instantly took this film from a 1 out of 10 to a -2. I'm not going to name them. They are not worth it. If they weren't bad enough the villains are also exceptionally bad, a grumpy Nazi general, and a woman with a disfigured face, covered phantom of the opera style, with the moniker Dr Poison. In another film this might be a fun nickname, unfortunately the grayness of the Nazi's and the backdrops we find them in just make Dr Poison seem dull.

There are a couple of fun moments in this film, like a trailers worth, and to be fair they are no means exceptional. Just plain standard. As such this is a film that has not pushed a single boundary.

Spoiler (this next part reveals what happens at the end of the movie.)

The worst part for me was the climatic battle at the end. It would take some extremely effective and persuasive acting for a British male mustachioed MP type to play Ares (based on the Greek God with the same name,) here we reach the films climatic failure. The fight now just seems stupid. For what, omg, that politician guy I never cared about is Ares! Facepalm. Most pointless twist ever.

Superhero films seem to be popular and make a lot of money at the Box office. Hopefully one day people will wake up and stop eating this garbage, and If you think this film represents a step in the right direction for feminism you probably need your head examined.
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Am I taking crazy pills?
ginshee-639-2700942 June 2017
This movie was average, at best. Really poor acting on Gal Gadots part. The story was very predictable, CGI was poor, and the story was phoned in. I really couldn't care less about any of the characters, and there actions were incredible illogical. I had hope with a twist at the end that it would get better, but once again, it just fell flat.
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Okayish, but moving too fast with bad CGI
namob-436736 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
So, okay, this is a better movie then Suicide Squad (duh!) and it is an enormous leap forward from the absolute horrific stupidity of BvS, but is WonderWoman really a good movie? Well, nah, not really. It is decently entertaining and it does have several redeeming traits, but sadly not a very good movie.

Let us start with the bad.

The CGI is horribly bad. It is so obvious and so badly done I keep wondering if this movie was made in the early 1990's. I saw this movie the day after seeing Agents of Shield season finale, and AoS had 10-times better CGI. Did they not get money to do a WW movie?

The story moves way, way too fast, throughout the movie. They jump from this to this and there is no time to breath, catch up with characters or develop any sense of location. It feels like this movie should have been 2 hours longer and I can only assume it was cut down to fit the American public that love fast pace action set pieces. Diana is a kid, swhoosh, Diana is training, swoosh, Germans are evil and let this Jewish woman go kill them for some reason. Then they jump on a boat and faster than The Flash they are in London, and then swoosh they are in the war, then dancing and then off fighting and whopidoda the movie is over. I got the feeling I was fast forwarding 10-15min all the time. Did they cut out 2 hours? Was the script this bad?

The villains were pretty boring and badly flushed out. People keep complaining about Marvel villains, but this was far worse and in a fast pace movie like this you really do need to feel the strength and power and immense danger of the villain(s), but in this movie you do not. Not at all.

I also need to mention that I hate that the "hero" is fighting the poor Germans in WW1, of course the central powers and Germans were the good guys in WW1 (as far as such things goes in a world war…), but the propaganda must go on…

The good? Well, Gal Gadot is good as WW, most of the supporting characters are good as well. Most of the action, if you can ignore the bad CGI, is good. The general story, if ignoring all the plot holes, is compelling and there are a lot of fun and great moments in this movie. There is a good/great movie here somewhere, but it is cut away and hidden under badness.

If you can relax and just enjoy the ride and not let the bad elements mention above take you too much out of the movie this is okayish. I give the movie a 4 out of 10. It is entertaining after all, but not as good as Man of Steel which is still (to me) the best of the DC movies and also, strangely enough, the DC movie with least Christ-imagery…

Are all DC characters supposed to be God? Or Gods? Is that the point? Boring.

Edit: Just saw the movie again last night and having time to focus on the movie and how good/bad it is, I detected a lot of other issues, inconsistencies and weirdo plot holes I missed the first time around. Consequently I will lower my score to a 3 out of 10.
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If you can think intelligently, this movie is not right for you.
cfriedel2 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I really do not understand how this movie is being hailed as the "best superhero movie of the year" or the DCEU comeback to Marvel. This movie's script is terrible, especially the ending, which makes absolutely no sense (I will explain in the spoilers portion below.) It also doesn't really do anything to develop the characters. When they do take a minute to say something about someone or add a little character into themselves, POOF! They're gone, not likely to return. I can't really blame the actors and actresses here for anything because they try to work with what they got. Unfortunately, the script does nothing to help them along. That makes the dialog bland and cliché and drags the movie down even more.

Regarding the technical effects, they were OK. The CGI in the fight scenes had some really awkward looking shots, which made them look really manufactured. This is especially true in some of the sliding attacks. I almost wish that they utilized wire-fu/Hong Kong effects a little more in these types of movies as it looks more graceful and less "weird".

Overall, I say skip this one. There are better superhero movies out there and coming soon. Spending your money on this will just make you wish you had your money back afterwards.

--Stop here if you do not want to read SPOILERS-- --Stop here if you do not want to read SPOILERS--

OK, let's get to why the ending sucks so bad. If you understand how anything works, you will instantly disbelieve the decision of Steve Trevor to blow himself up in the plane. It makes absolutely no sense other than to anger Wonder Woman, which was already done with the shell hitting Veld and the flashback Ares shows her. Also, there are many ways that Steve could have resolved the situation without killing himself. First, he is in Belgium, so when the plane takes off, he could simply fly out into the water, drop the bombs into the ocean, then land the plane, either back in Belgium or in England. Second, they could shoot out the tires or the engines on the plane, making it impossible to fly. Third, he could simply radio the Allies from the plane, or tell the other guys to call (they did this earlier) and land in France. Any of these would have worked as he had control of the plane.

The second issue I had is the gas itself. They spout on about how blowing up the plane will effectively make a 50 sq mi. gas cloud, but not a minute or two later, the factory and everything around it is being destroyed. I'm sure there were still a few bombs left in there, yet everyone seemed just fine afterwards. Also, why in the world were guards walking around with gas masks when the gas was inside the bombs already? They drilled it into our heads about how the gas masks wouldn't work against it, yet the guards still decided to put them on? It's just dumb. Add in the fact that mustard gas is a blister agent, with no one in the town showing blisters, as well as the fact that they magically produce tons of this stuff in less than 24 hours for the big bomber and it is stupidly laughable.

What gets me the most about these logic issues are that it's the non-superhero stuff that they messed up on. You had two people (gods) flying and fighting in the air during the climax of this movie and, truth be told, that was more acceptable and believable to the story than a pilot getting into a bomber and blowing himself up. Honestly, skip this one.
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Underwhelming, Not Buying into the Hype
jasonyu357 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I disagree with the hype. Spoilers WARNING...The script was pedestrian; the pace was scattered (too fast in the beginning, and too slow when putting the team together); the logic was heavily flawed (one night on a small sailboat in the middle of the ocean with no indication of where they were and you're in London the next morning? One person/Diana single- handedly suppresses a whole front line of gunfire with her shield and wrist-cuffs? A German sniper repeatedly missing multiple non-moving and completely exposed targets? Steve's team of mostly non-soldiers barging through a German camp without much resistance? A spy able to just blow up a whole camp by himself in broad daylight on the fly without being discrete?); wasted/under-explored story lines (Dr. Poison under-explored; Steve's friend, who's supposedly a deadly sniper, unable to shoot, huh?); the motivations/rationale for some of the characters' decisions were a stretch, if not unconvincing (Wonder Woman's mom initially not permitting WW to be trained in combat, especially when we found later in the movie that WW is the God Killer? Steve insisting on going after the German general while armistice was being negotiated? Team just decides to continue fighting without further pay after initially clamoring for money while nothing happens in the process that shows they're moved by something other than money?); unexplained parts that the audience is simply expected to accept (power of the wrist cuffs was never explained; Dr. Poison loses her notebook, but all of a sudden, just conveniently finds a scrap of paper that turned on the light bulb for her; Steve's conversation with Dr. Poison at the gala about seeing her experiment didn't make much sense at all). There are more other issues with this film, but there are more than enough listed above already. All in all, I saw way too many flaws in this film to agree with any of the hype.
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Am I the only one who hated this film?
pinkarray9 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
My dislike of it could be understandable since I dislike superhero movies for some reason; they just bore me. I'm not the biggest fan of action but I prefer a little action in stories.

This movie starts off with Diana reminiscing about her 5-year-old self. She wants to train in fighting and even recklessly jumped off a ledge.

Later, the movie time-skips to a pre-teen Diana in disbelief about what she's supposed to be doing.

I dislike dramas and not that big on war films so that's three things this movie has that I don't like. The action was too fast for my brain to handle (I don't know what they put in those scenes to make it hard to keep up with) This movie had too much crying and sadness from people in it for me. Even an annoying baby crying voice. The melodrama this movie had made me cringe and get nervous and this is the first film I walked out on. I don't like wasting money on movies but mommy and a therapist told me if a movie starts to make me nervous, I can leave.

This is the worst movie so far that I've seen in 2017 and that's saying a lot since Snatched could be considered the worst from the general public but I don't know Amy Schummer enough, nor do I have a disdain for her to hate it like other people do. But it was also not that good of a movie anyway so I could kind of understand why people don't like it.
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Terrible Film
bonnenfantf8 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
seriously!? this movie deserves nothing more than 5 out of 10 stars. Terrible film. Acting was horrible. Story made little to no sense at all. Action was mediocre at best.. people need to realize that being politically correct doesn't require you to give this film a good rating.

1) the amount of cuts used was unbearable. When a director uses a lot of cuts, its usually because the scenes are action packed with timeless stunts. The stunts shown should not have required so many cuts.

2) the story was extremely rushed and left with plenty of plot holes. There was no introduction to her powers. just oh Zeus made you perfect. We do not know exactly what powers you have just that you're a god killer. Wonder Woman knows nothing about the political side of the war but automatically assumes with no good reason provided to her that the Germans are the bad guys.... what!? how is it we see her growing up as a child, then all of sudden stop aging. for a 100 years.... (WW1 ended 1918... she was using a tablet. 2017 technology)

3) due to what i believe was a terrible script, the acting was horrendous.
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Highly overrated movie
arielcatedra24 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
So I decided to go and see the movie because 8.1 is such a good rate in IMDb. And seriously, what could be better than a hot girl with superpowers killing Nazis. However when I was seeing it I felt that it just was another superhero's movie with nothing to offer more than the same poor structure of the majority of bad superhero's movies: a half naive hero finding her path to kill an evil character that is the responsible of all the bad stuff happening in the world. In the mean time, the hero decides to believe in clichés like "find love" and "everything is about what you believe" and while she win the knowledge of those clichés, by very poor reasoning by the way, she increases her power to kill the evil character. So it was an extremely predictable movie that we all have seen 80 times but with a hot girl in it. Besides, the rules of the game were never clear, for example: at the end of the movie she decides to forgive the life of a German person because it was the right thing to do and she was so just and good, but during all the movie she was killing people, so one never understands where were the line between the good and the bad, the only thing that helps you to understand the line between the good and the evil was that in one side you had giggling English men and in the other side you had enraged Nazis. And on top of that, the characterization of Ares during the movie is just painful, they put it like a demon that believes that humanity is substantially bad and that they should kill each other for that, but Ares is the god of war and it also means understanding honor, courage and the beauty of the fight, which is very far from the Nazi's horrors. If Ares didn't exist, the Wonder Woman couldn't exist either because she is a character built on the vigor of war. I give it a few stars because the build up of the beginning was actually cool and kind of funny.
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Impulsive and Stupid Wonder Woman
smushsucks13 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I'm not going to get into the generalities of why this movie was terrible, I'm going to be very specific about scenes that left a bad taste.

1. Wonder Woman's aunt sacrifices her life so that WW doesn't get shot from behind early in the movie. Later in the movie the villain tells her she's a god and only a god can kill a god. This renders her aunt's sacrifice an act of suicide because the movie went out of its way to tell the audience that all the Amazon Women knew she was a god.

2. WW's mom, the queen, tells everyone not to do something only to have everyone disobey her. Not just once, but EVERY time she says don't do something, someone does exactly the opposite. I.E. Don't train my daughter to fight, don't let this guy leave the island, don't go with the guy leaving the island.

3. WW essentially causes every innocent death in the movie. She leads a battalion through 'no mans land' and liberates a town. Then everyone in the town is killed by a gas attack that only targeted the town because it was liberated.

4. WW is incredibly impulsive and stupidly clings to mythology rather than listen to many people try to reason with her. Chris Pine repeatedly tells her to wait for him and she does the opposite. Wait outside this door, she goes in. I'm going to sneak into this castle in disguise, she shows up in an evening gown and blows up his plan. He tells her killing one guy won't stop the London gas attack. She runs off and kills that guy only to freak out on Pine because she was wrong.

5. Chris Pine's character commits suicide for no reason. He steals the airplane with the poison gas (which is conveniently flammable gas) and shoots it while he's flying mid-air; sacrificing himself to dispose of the gas. If he only thought to look for a parachute he could have left a grenade in the plane and jumped out. OR he could have asked WW for one second of help; instead he tells her he loves her.

All and all the movie is a cluster F and signals the entire DC Universe is going down in flames under this leadership.
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clichéd, under-performed mess.
solodre22 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
How is it that these days a movie like this can be made? I'll tell you why. It's simply another money grab!

The main actor runs around casually lifting her arms up now and then to deflect bullets. First of all, she never even trained for that! She practiced sword-fighting and athletics, and suddenly she can follow bullets using eyesight and deflect them? She's also acting like her mind is miles away. "Do I even look good while doing this?" "What would my friends and family say when they see me in this suit?" "Omg, I'm going to be so famous!" Girl, get your head straight. You're ruining your performance by not being in it!

The fighting scenes are very poorly choreographed, it's almost as bad as Jessica Jones.

Story line is full with holes and one big cliché. Girl discovers her powers, finds a handsome guy, falls in love and follows him while pretending to go out and save the world because it fits the story. Handsome guy dies, fueling her rage so she can kill the bad guy. It's almost like this travesty of a movie rolled out of a factory. There's even a sex scene to top it of, even though Wonder Woman tells the handsome guy that they don't need men to pleasure themselves. Feminists must have loved that scene...

The handsome guy is way to under-explained, so are his buddies. I never cared for them at all. But whatever right? After all, I should be looking at WW. But the sad fact is, I don't care for her either! We see a few scenes with her as a little girl, and a few scenes with her as an adult before she goes out and steals the so called "God Killer" to run of with her new boyfriend.

Now, I don't know anything about WW, but this "God Killer" is supposedly an ancient magical sword to be used against Ares, the bad god. This actually made sense if it wasn't for the fact that it's a dud, and the true "God Killer" is WW herself. Surprise! And her mother obviously knows this, so she doesn't even care to make sure WW actually has the sword before she almost callously waves her only daughter farewell forever. In turn, WW herself doesn't care for her mother enough to reassure her she has the sword which would give her at least a fighting chance against Ares. This complete disregard of the sword, and emotionless farewell ruined the whole movie for me. Everything else simply added to my frustration.

She apparently knows all about the outside world, speaks like 2 dozen languages, knows all about sex without ever having had a real man in her life, but then acts like a little lost girl when she arrives in London. Apparently they forgot to educate her on "modern" society and how to conceal a sword and shield. And while we're at it, they also forgot to educate her about the world war that's been ravaging humankind. I mean, what the hell is that?! How do you protect humankind without knowing what's going on? Without ever having the chance to return home once you leave for battle? This is too stupid to even discuss.

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Very Little Cleavage
grayerdarsh15 June 2019
But does have the legs and long-ish hair men demand. The chick is a virgin and gives it up to the first man she meets. The frolic through Nazi themes is silly and unnecessary. The word Ares is mentioned one too many times. Nazis suck as always.
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Haters Are Sharpening Knives for a Pillow Fight
eliotrutledge-95-6335129 September 2018
Warning: Spoilers
When you consider the context of both the DCEU's struggles and women trying to get their footing as filmmakers, this three-act joyride of a spectacle moves and shakes in a way we've never seen. Gadot is as charismatic as they come, and simply thinking about her chemistry with Chris Pine makes me well with happy tears.

It's a superhero origin story, plain and simple, and may be the best one since the likes of Batman Begins and Ironman. It doesn't introduce groundbreaking methods of filmmaking and art, and it doesn't have to.

It starts with Diana receiving the famed picture Lex Luthor had stolen from her in Batman V Superman. Despite the DCEU's controversial library, I LOVE that the films are so closely connected like this. The picture includes a friendly note from Bruce Wayne as she flashes back to the tale we are told, starting with her childhood on Themiscyra and ending with her defeat of a disguised Ares to turn the tide in WWI.

The story is beautifully told and, for lack of a better word, simple. It's simply marvellous. Gadot nails the innocence of being a pure-hearted demigoddess first setting foot in a war-ravaged, early 20th century world. Chris Pine is his usual emotional, charming self who does everything he can to help her while inevitably falling in love with her. As she realizes her power (the 'No Man's Land' scene is one of the G.O.A.T. and you can't convince me otherwise), we see Diana harden into a determined, confident, and terrifying force of nature.

Ares' true identity is a huge twist. I want to say it was predictable but it caught me off-guard in the theater. Either way, it fits and it works.

The action sequences are incredible. Diana slams her bracelets together while training to show a glimpse of her true Power, which finally provokes her aunt and mother into revealing her true identity as the daughter of Zeus himself. She saves Chris Pine more than once as she blasts her way through muddy, death-drenched battlefield with nothing more than a sword and shield. Finally, in a moment of sacrifice, she has a 'Super Saiyan' moment where she is unable to hold back any longer and finally defeats Ares in imagery very similar to millennia of depictions of her father.

I simply don't know how this story could have been told any better. In a way, its structure is an homage to the ancient Greek texts its lore derives from. People who rag on this film are looking for reasons to not be entertained and have missed the point: DC finally got it right, and the world finally has a female hero in one of the best superhero flicks to date.
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Seriously DCEU?? Definitely not the best one of the year !! Whatever Marvel gets right DC gets it wrong again and again.
manoj_kumar-695316 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
I am a huge fan of Superhero movies and i had to say i was pretty excited for this one!! But just like every DCEU movie since Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy its just bad script and worse directing!!

Lets get to the movie now!! It started off really well and Themyscira was portrayed in a beautiful and untouched by modern era and they got it right.Stunning visuals and waterfalls and they showed us how Princess Diana is a "FIGHTER" by heart and always wanted to fight for what is right.Amazonian women were portrayed as strong and intelligent women which was conveyed through the initial few scenes. Just like every other stereotypical Superhero movie she will become a bad-ass within 10-15 minutes of the movie defeating everyone and uses her braces and unleashes a mega shock-wave accidentally.They don't show her using it again in the movie where she could have !!!! Here they mention something about her heritage and nobody has a clue what the hell was going on!!

Then she rescues the "Dude in distress" ....Steve Trevor and the movie just slows down to a pace just like the boat they set out to get out of Themyscira!! Few people die during the beach invasion as expected and a couple of scenes made me go Woahh but other than that quite forgettable.

Gal Gadot was really good at portraying Wonder Woman and behaves much like Thor when he enters Earth. Doesn't know the curtsies or the rules of the outside world.She was convincing as an intelligent woman who spoke more than 100 languages!! Throw in few more scenes of rescuing Steve Trevor from German spies.Here again they could have had some bad-ass action sequences but they didn't.

Finally as in every other Superhero movies the hero goes and fights the bad guys...was waiting for this for so long and this was just before the break. On the way the heroes party(Steve Trevor and WW) is joined by a couple of forgettable characters who were there clearly to add some laughs but didn't actually workout. one flaw i found here was Germans conversing with each other in English with bad accents. The casting choice for Ludendorff was really bad.Danny Huston was horrible as a German Military Officer and they keep calling their head "KAISER" which was how Germans referred to their head during World War One-according to the comics that's when actually Steve Trevor and Princess Diana meet not during World War 2.

We will skip to the Final Act because the scenes in between are really forgettable . The action sequences were so bad and the CGI was laughable at certain points.It looked like a video game at one point.

Final Act dropping the bombs in London.This is when the BS hit the ceiling!! Diana kills Ludendorff thinking he was ARES-but boy was she wrong!! Psych-It was the well mannered British Guy....ooh mind blown....NOT!!!! Another typical fight scene where everything almost seems out of hands and defeat for the hero and the entourage but through some act of human behavior the Superhero gains strength to kick the bad guy back to his place. Here again she doesn't use her powerful braces for the main villain!!!

Overall a really OVER hyped ,Cliched,Poorly directed,badly cast with a horrible story well of course Zack Snyder was involved what else did people expect the Story to be!!
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Good in action but same old, same old plot
wwwbsdjrulz5 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
Okay, Wonder Woman is now a huge success and not only that but the new front of the DCEU. The action is spectacular, the fighting is nice but what this movie fails in is the loopholes of the plot. Ares was cast down by Zeus and the Amazonians were isolated into a tropical paradise yet we are not clearly given a connection between the two incidents as to why. Then, we get a lousy plot about how Wonder Woman leaves of to London just because she thinks Ares is the reason for the war. Diana's mother confides with someone else to not tell Diana that she is a god killer, but this is said when she leaves so what's the point? Then starts a typical war story where the heroes win a battle, then again see innocents die because of a man's mistake and the man sacrificing himself so the other's can live. Okay I get that they were trying to make him a hero but come on, this is it? The plot stinks... so many typical plot points are used uselessly to bring out a stubborn biopic of a god, at least the scenes are interconnected but other than that its useless. It's not BvS bad but it's near Fantastic Four bad... Definitely another DC movie to evade, not different from Suicide Squad when it comes to clichés..
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Best DCEU movie yet--still doesn't say much Warning: Spoilers
Grade: 6.2/10, D+ 1/10

I'll just say it: Wasn't as terrible as I was expecting, but it was still pretty lame. Not good by any stretch of the imagination, but far better than anything DC has put out thus far. Patty Jenkins needs to be given a pat on the back for giving DC it's first non-vomit-inducing movie. Still, I wish WB would give us a superhero movie worthy of 2017 and not 1987.

Gal Gadot did surprise me, though. When she wasn't TRYING to act, she actually gave a good performance. The problem was, the rest of the time she was trying to act, and it showed horribly. And it did not help that EVERY, SINGLE action scene she was in that wasn't CGI'd was done in slow motion. When she moved fast, it was always from behind and you could tell that it wasn't an actual person. She still showed little emotion when she talked, reminding me of a contestant in a Miss Universe contest giving canned answers to stupid questions.

Chris Pine was Chris Pine. Nothing good or bad about that. He turned in the most solid performance of the entire cast, but even he felt to me like he couldn't believe he signed up for this movie or the DCEU in general. Probably had high hopes before the BvS reviews started piling in. He did the best he could with what he was given to work with.

Danny Huston overacted so much in this movie. There wasn't a single scene he was in that didn't make me cringe (funny, because I was expecting to cringe during all of Gal Gadot's scenes, and I only cringed through the scenes where she talked).

The secondary characters who made up Steve Rogers--er, I mean Steve Trevor's Howling Command--er, little group were nothing special. I mean, literally, they served no purpose that I could see in this movie at all.

The plot was nothing special. I've seen the three acts of the movie done in other movies and done much better than here. The first act on Themyscira was kinda terrible, with every Amazon speaking in a really thick accent to cover for Diana's. It made them sound clunky and not graceful, like you would hope Amazons would be. We got a brief history of the Amazons shown an an ancient iPad which just made made me roll my eyes. It was very reminiscent of the way Zod told Kal-El about Krypton in Man of Steel, just not as well done. And Themyscira was pretty, but Asgard in Thor was definitely more amazing. Also, they did not explain how Steve broke through the protective barrier surrounding the island. I suppose it was because Ares was back, but something somewhere might have helped.

The second act took place in London and Germany, and again, while it was done well, it was done better in Captain America: The First Avenger. But I will say the No Man's Land scene was probably my favorite part of the movie, and Gal's warehouse scene did put Batman's in BvS to shame. The third act was your basic CGI monster that you see in most superhero movies nowadays, but Ares wasn't terrible like Doomsday. But after seeing the final battle, it made me ask myself "If Wonder Woman could do this, why did Superman have to sacrifice himself in BvS when Wonder Woman could have torn Doomsday to shreds" so there is no consistency in her power.

The music was decent but kinda forgettable. They, of course, had the Wonder Woman riff play during the warehouse scene, but that was the only thing noticeable that I remember. Cinematography was decent and the CGI was good other than on Themyscira which just didn't seem to fit tonally with the rest of the movie. Pacing was decent, too. I didn't really feel like falling asleep, and while I think the movie could have dealt with a bit of editing, the only thing they could take out was much-needed character development--though they really could have done without Steve trying to explain sex and marriage to Diana.

If you liked the DCEU so far, you'll love Wonder Woman. If you hated the DCEU so far, you'll probably find it meh and not worth ever seeing again--and maybe not even the price of admission. I got to see it for free, so I'm not really complaining. I don't want my money back, but if I could go back in time, I'd tell myself not to see the movie to begin with, even for free.
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