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A great film, impressive
PersianPlaya40826 August 2006
Hunter Richards' film about a young man(evans) who is desperate to win back his beautiful ex-girlfriend, London (Biel). The film isn't deep, but i found it extremely effective in showing a simple story. The performances were real, even Biel was good here as was Evans and Statham who truly stole the show. I liked the screenplay a lot and the direction suited the film as well. I liked the cinematography from Jo Willems and the music by The Crystal Method. The film is a great 2 million dollar film, low budget, high quality, they should make more films like this.--- very good film from hunter richardsIMDb Rating: 6.0, my rating: 9/10
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Very good film
Movienut8812 February 2006
Directed by newcomer Hunter Richards, London is a complex tale of a man scorned by a traumatic breakup. Jessica Biel plays the title character, a savvy sophisticated woman who was the love of Syd's (Chris Evans) life. Since she left him, he has become a complete wreck. He now spends his days drinking and snorting cocaine. Six months later, he finds out through a random phone call that London is moving to Los Angeles. The worst part is that her friend Becca (Isla Fisher) is throwing a going away party - one that he isn't invited to. Determined to get London back, Syd decides to crash the party along with his unsuspecting dealer Bateman (Jason Statham), a banker who sells drugs on the side. When they get there, they eventually wind up in the bathroom. They snort huge amounts of coke and talk about life and love as Syd attempts to get up his nerve and talk to London. Along the way we are introduced to a number of eccentric characters, such as feisty bartender Mallory (Joy Bryant) and high-school student Maya (Kelli Garner). Each one plays a part in Syd's tripped-out journey of self discovery.

Although it features a cast full of popular young stars, London is not an easy sell in the slightest.. Audiences aren't likely to respond due to its strange and offbeat plot. It reminds me a lot of 1999's Go in this regard, although it is considerably less mainstream. It is truly a character study of many different individuals, all of them reflecting on life as the events unfold before their eyes. It moves at a slow pace but is never boring thanks to excellent performances and stylish direction.

Chris Evans is on screen for almost every frame and delivers another excellent performance. He shows his dramatic chops here and exhibits an ability for both comedy and drama. His character is very complex and has many different layers, all of which are revealed throughout the course of the film. Jason Statham, well-known for his action roles, plays against type here as the straight laced businessman Bateman. He shows his talent in both comedy and drama, and also has great chemistry with Evans. Jessica Biel is radiant and fascinating as London, a woman longing for complete commitment in an otherwise stable relationship. She has strong chemistry with real-life boyfriend Evans and her character is believable and likable. Most of her scenes are flashback sequences, so it is interesting to watch her character progress.

The supporting cast is great for a film of this size. Joy Bryant is solid as Mallory and gets the most to do of the side characters. Kelli Garner makes an impression but isn't given a whole lot to do, maybe appearing for fifteen minutes total. Isla Fisher, who was hilarious in last year's Wedding Crashers, gives another strong comedic performance here as the naive and unsuspecting party host. The rest of the actors are fairly insignificant overall, with most being reduced to mere walk-on roles (such as comedian Dane Cook).

Richards writes and directs this project and shows great promise in his first outing. The direction is stylish and he finds many interesting takes to use - making the film easy to watch and helping it from dragging on. The screenplay is also solid. It seems like something originally written for the stage, but it works on film thanks to the way each scene is handled. While there are comedic elements, there are also several sweet and poignant scenes. The best scene in the film is the final confrontation between London and Syd in an airport. The Crystal Method provides the score for the film, a techno-fringed mixture of various beats that fits well with the tone of the film.

Overall, I can see why London isn't appreciated by critics and won't be embraced by audiences. It's a strange film that requires patience from the viewer due to its slow pace. But thanks to excellent performances and stylish direction, it turns out to be a completely fascinating and involving tale.

8/10 (B+)
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a flawed, yet accurate, portrayal of a relationship
RussianCzar19 July 2006
I've been reading a lot of very negative reviews posted here about "London" in the past couple of hours. Most of the reviewers complain about rich yuppie kids with no jobs snorting coke and bitching to their therapists. Yes, this is what goes on in the background for 2/3 of the movie.

However, even though bitchy, rich yuppies are not likable characters, the movie portrays them very accurately. Having spent some time with "these people", I felt the movie was incredibly honest and dealt with pertinent issues. Maybe not pertinent to you in particular, but pertinent to these types of people in this age group.

The acting is really superb. Chris Evans strips down his likable "flaming" side to become an annoying, ego-maniacal prick. Stratham gives a powerful performance, which for some reason screams of Bruce Willis's "finer" work. Biel is the weakest of the main actors, mostly due to the script edging her out of most of the movie. All the actors are right on the money with their characters. Within 10 minutes you start to feel like you've known them for years.

But beyond the drugs, beyond the obnoxious mannerisms, lies a story of a real relationship. By way of flashbacks, but we are given some great insights into how the relationship worked, and how it fell apart. The characters screwed it up, and its amazing watching Syd (Evans) re-live both his best and worst memories. That is the most essential and successful part of the film.
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Jason Statham
Johnny1024 May 2006
I was always a fan of Jason for his roles in Guy Ritchie's flicks and his roles in the transporter series (one not two). But when i watched this film i was in complete awe after i witnessed his performance in this film,it was so real and charismatic it was spectacular. watching the beginning of the film i found it entertaining and creative and stylish but it was a specific scene that completely sold me. It was a scene with Jason Statham and Chris Evans as the two are in a bathroom( which they are in for quite some time) and the movie is an hour and ten minutes in when Jason Staham compares his pain with Chris Evans,Statham's acting in that scene will forever change the way i see Jason Statham from now on. The film was directed with style and beauty. Many scenes in this film is the opposite of beauty but the way they are put on camera is done so beautifully. In conclusion I urge people to see this film even if the story does not sound appealing please watch it for Jason Statham's magnificent role in the film. Although Jason was not the only great actor in the film, Chris Evans also played very realistically as well the whole cast overall, Also watch for Dane Cook as George or the guy that talks to London at the party.
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A story of love and heartbreak and the little in-betweens.
skydivefh200014 June 2006
Good movie that makes you think a little bit...or reminisce, one of those. It's not too funny not too serious, not a chic flick, and not a total drug/sex movie...I liked it! It had a good balance and a meaning behind it. If someone lays out for you what the movie was it sounds kind of's basically a guy still in love with his girl and he wants her back even after they've been apart for awhile and he does coke...sounds lame, doesn't it? But seriously, the conversations in this movie are wild and definitely make you think, and there are some funny parts too, and...maybe some gross ones lol. See for yourself. A hot and talented cast with a good setting and awesome camera techniques, really loved the flow of the shots.

"You can't blame people for being the way they are, only yourself for expecting something else from can change yourself for two reasons.. either you learn enough that u want to or you've been hurt enough that you have to..either way, you make mistakes, you try to learn from them...and when you don' hurts even more."
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Accurate Portrayal of Anxiety
mjordan7620 May 2006
Surprisingly, for the type of dialog driven movie that this was it was pretty good. I think it was mainly a movie about the human psyche and how it can screw with people hardcore sometimes and screw up good things (relationships). This is also very accurate in portraying how someone with anxiety might feel and act after a very hard breakup. Not everyone will be able to relate to the guys actions here or may think it is because he's a druggie, but I think this movie is more about anxiety. When he is seemingly going nuts (around the time talking to the shrink)it was very realistic of the helpless feeling someone with panic attacks will have.

Almost every conversation, mood and situation in this movie I can relate to, and have been in before. I've had the same conversation with a few ex girlfriends when they were trying to push religion on me. So I don't think the dialog was trying to be too pretentious or philosophical at all. It was just portraying the stupid things people argue about that someone may have been very caught up in during the passion of the moment, but then thinking back to them they seem very stupid to fight about.
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Very good Movie....
hassanisali11 February 2006
As the synopsis shows London is a drug laden adventure which centres in a New York Loft where a young man is trying to win back his girlfriend. at first i thought. 'another cheesy movie'. i don't know what made me watch it but when i was finished i was absolutely GOBSMACKED!. 'London' is such an original and most importantly a very simple movie which is directed to its utmost perfection. Bateman (Jason Statham) is absolutely flawless in this movie as is Syd (Chris Evans). You begin to understand their characters straight away as both actors bring them to life wonderfully... i don't want to spoil the rest for you so ill finish on this note.. 'its a must see' ......
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Smart, compact, interesting
siderite1 April 2007
You have seen movies like this one. They are based on conversation, with a low budget and a few sets. Their strongest part is the idea and the feelings of the characters. Basically it is a filmed play.

However, unlike many of the movies in this category, this film is a great one. It's like the story of my breakup, but with a happy ending. Do they (a girl and a boy, always they are) remain together happily every after? It doesn't really matter. The ending is just as smart as the rest of the film.

All the characters play well. Chris Evans is both scary and pitiful in the role of this insanely in love guy, who can't control his jealousy, even if he is a nice non violent guy. Jessica Biel looks hot as always, but even if her character gives the name of the movie, she is not the main character and she really has a small part. Jason Statham has hair in this film! If anything else, this is something to see :) And he plays beautifully. Maybe he is tired of silly action movies. Joy Bryant plays a small part, just looking gorgeous and being a good friend.

Bottom line: a 25-35 demographic movie. I can't imagine kids of under 25 really getting it, although they most desperately should. It's a romantic film of sorts, but a male romanticism. I love these films, as they are so rare these days.
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Woody Allen-like coke movie
christianoes11 July 2006
What is wrong with me that I know people exactly like this?! This is a spot-on unflinching portrayal of the New York "downtown" people involved with cocaine, the decisions they make, the people they interact with, and the way they act and spend an average day. Honest and unapologetic, if still funny, and entertaining. It shows EXACTLY what people's lives and personalities become when on coke. Chris Evans plays Syd, the rarely likable but engrossing(so brilliantly,it scares me-pay attention to the first scene, and in particular the bathroom scene)coked out, lovelorn, post adolescent, pining away for London (an uninspiring Jessica Biel)his recent ex. Jason Statham plays Bateman (who steals every scene he's in), the hilarious "part-time dealer" who goes along for the ride, as Syd decides to crash a loft party in order to win back his ex. Antics ensue, and the journey is satisfying, if embarrassing or painful to watch at times. Great script, amazing soundtrack, and dead-on stylistically. Worth a view
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Prescriptive Analysis
imaginarytruths17 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
London Written and Directed by Hunter Richards Starring Chris Evans, Jason Statham, Jessica Biel, Joy Bryant, and Kelli Garner Rated R for strong sexual content, pervasive language and drug use, and some violence.

Rating: 2/5 Plot: Two months after getting dumped by a woman named London (Biel), drugged out Syd (Evans) is informed by a phone call that his ex is having a going away party that night and will be leaving town the next day. Enraged and agitated, Syd decides to crash the party and make one final attempt to salvage his relationship with London. Along the way, he picks up Bateman (Statham), a coke-dealing white collar professional who Syd cajoles into accompanying him to the party. Once they arrive, they shack up in an opulent bathroom where they snort massive amounts of smack, debate the existence of God with a pair of passing party-goers, and boorishly compare notes on who has endured greater pain and suffering. Will Syd snap out of his drug-induced haze long enough to speak his peace with London? Is there anything left to reconcile, or can he at least pull himself together enough to move on with his life?

Criticism: The biggest problem with this film is that it's seldom as insightful as it wants to be or thinks it is. Syd and Bateman are not particularly interesting or compelling characters, despite their emotional issues and drug abuse. Their "intellectual" discussions are shallow and trite and flat. They are both so caught up in their insecurities and belligerence that they are incapable of genuinely seeing or feeling for anyone else. The filmmaker is well aware of this, as shown by the use of tag names (acid casualty Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd infamy and Bateman the soulless corporate killer from American Psycho). But the filmmaker refuses to acknowledge that his creations are pathetic and empty. He presents their hollow observations and meaningless chatter as if it were genuine insight. This makes what happens in the last 20 minutes entirely ludicrous, as the film veers suddenly into conventional romantic drama territory that cannot be justified on the basis of what has come before.

Prescriptive Analysis: (spoilers galore) One of the few dead-on moments in the film is in a flashback where London tells Syd that his philosophical discussions are little more than bullying designed to raise himself up by tearing everything else down. The film needs to do more to play up that angle. But first, the Syd character has to be shown as having a little more potential that what is demonstrated here. His "intellectual" repartee needs serious punching up. There are plenty of clever cynics/nihilists to use as models. What he's saying needs to sound attractive and interesting on the surface, so that it can come as a revelation when it's revealed later on in the film as hollow and manipulative self-absorption. Likewise, the numerous flashbacks to his memories of the relationship need to show moments of beauty and understanding and not just the distrust and macho posturing shown here. We need to see that this relationship was something special and we need to feel a sense of tragedy at its loss. We need to see its flaws, especially his flaws which the audience should see even if he doesn't necessarily, at least at the beginning. But we also need to see the beauty when it's not totally swallowed up by the ugliness.

Then there's the issue of those last 20 minutes. Syd and Bateman go downstairs, get into a massive brawl with the party's hosts...and then not only does London leave with Syd, but, after a "deeply meaningful" conversation in which nothing actually deep or meaningful is said or shown, she actually goes to bed with him before catching her plane in the morning. And throughout all this Syd comes across as remarkably together for a man who has indulged in an epically massive cocaine binge.

OK, so how might they have done this instead? Let's keep the fight, but make it even more of a mess. Bateman breaks somebody's nose, the apartment is totally trashed, police get called. Bateman gets arrested, and London has to beg her friend not to press charges against Syd. Syd ends up back in the bathroom, where London comes in to help nurse his injuries. They talk, using some of the dialog from their "deeply meaningful conversation" in the actual film but also more raw anger and hurt from him and a lot more analysis of their relationship's shortcomings from her. Without admitting it, it is here that he has to realize that his intellectualizing is bs and that he's been a totally selfish prick. And, through her tenderness and sadness and invocation of what was beautiful about their relationship, it needs to become clear that she still deeply loves him, though she has made the choice to move on with her life. Perhaps they could fall asleep in the bathroom together, then he takes her to the airport in the morning. The tracking shot at the airport, which is a nicely shot farewell, could then be mostly left intact, only the emotions would be earned.
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Ever Wanted to watch a movie about two people doing coke in a strangers bathroom?
ExploitedMisfit29 May 2006
I must admit that I rented this movie for one reason: Jason Statham. Like many who watched (or want to watch) this movie, I have been a fan of his since I was first introduced to him by Guy Ritchie movies. So I rented this movie not really expecting anything and hoping for the best.

The plot of the movie revolves around a guy (Chris Evans) buying a bunch of cocaine and hiding in a bathroom during his ex's going away party rather than seeing his ex-girlfriend (Jessica Biel). His drug dealer, Bateman (Jason Statham) is dragged along for the voyage. The movie plays out like what it is, which is two guys getting high on coke and arguing about every little thing that pops into their heads, all the while playing it off like philosophy. If you get stressed out by movies, be aware that the arguments can get quite intense and a couple people I watched the movie with felt a bit stressed out by all the arguing.

Chris Evans plays the main character and is stuck with the decision of saying goodbye or confessing his love to his ex-girlfriend. We are supposed to sympathize and perhaps even do a bit towards the end but for the most part he comes off as an utmost misogynist a-hole jerk that makes you glad that he and his girlfriend are not together anymore.

Jason Statham however, starts out a bit weak and ill defined as a character. However as time goes on, he really blossoms out and shows some acting chops, and in more particular scene he shows an intensity that I found remarkable for someone who is just in the beginnings of his acting career.

So I give this movie a 7, as the ending is satisfying, despite the movie being quite catch as can. The rest of the actors are passable. However, I wished that there was more of the cutie Isla Fisher however. Jessica Biel which is the focus of the movie, basically serves as a periphery to Evans and Statham. As a result you end up rooting for Statham's "Bateman" and wishing him to get the girl. The movie is good, if you are a fan of the actors, then you should see it; if not there are better choices.
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This is one of the best I've seen recently
mralien14 March 2006
The plot is simple, you woluldn be surprised by something that will change your live, but there is something more about this movie. It has some very deep dialogues and Jason Statham makes another great performance in his monoloque. Joy Bryant is real pretty and the scene in the bar is real cool. The filming is good... and I perosnaly think Hunter Richards makes superb debut with this movie The soundtrack is great. It is the last thing but about the drugs, so if you are one of those people who think that "Drugs are baaaad" in general... go watch some Bambi and stuff. The others will simply enjoy and leave the cinema with a smile. :) One real entertainment and highly recommended if you like films like "Spun", "Love actually" and even "Crash".
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Predictable, Yet Surprising
littleBIGdave11 February 2006
Not a bad way to spend 89 minutes. Good Script. Good Acting.

Believable, if sometimes annoying, main characters, which i think was the point of the writing.

As a side note i always wondered how they can shoot a movie in a room full of mirrors, have the actors stand right in front of the camera & not see the camera in the mirror behind them. I just wondered.

I thought both Joy Bryant & Jessica Biel were under-utilized in this film. As a matter of fact that's all the films they've been in. But I digress.

Great music by the Crystal Method.

This film makes me interested in what Hunter Richards will do next.
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A total failure on every level
hack200013 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
London is a dialogue driven film which falls flat on its face, simply because the dialogue is horribly written and utterly pretentious. Who talks like the characters in this movie in real life? The answer : No one. The casting is also completely out of control. Jason Statham as an impotent drug addict? Unintentional laughs often occur as Statham and Chris Evans talk about some of the most ridiculous things ever committed to celluloid, while snorting unrealistically huge amounts of cocaine in a bathroom that looks like a porn movie set. Please stop now. None of the characters are sympathetic. This ruins the whole premise of the movie (Evan's character trying to win his girlfriend back) and it's impossible to connect with any of them, leaving the audience to one of the most tedious films ever.

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Smash your head against a wall instead
mkat28 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I rarely comment on movies on IMDb, but I just can't help it here. This is one of the worst movies I've ever seen. But wait, I'll admit that Statham is a decent actor. He's entertaining at least. But everything else here is terrible. Rich, beautiful, drug-addled, self-obsessed losers going on about how difficult life is - between lines of blow. Not a single one of these characters is even mildly admirable. I kept watching because I thought the movie would take an ugly but necessary turn and the main character would pull a Lynch move and smash someone's skull open - now that would have been fitting given the personalities portrayed here. We could have at least had an OD to make the movie realistic. Instead we get more superficial garbage spouted from the mouths of spoiled supermodels. Who identifies with these people? And who goes on a coke binge, drinks a bottle of tequila, and goes home and has great sex? Another thing - why would Statham's character's wife marry him in the first place if he couldn't get it up? See? And self discovery? What did the hero discover? That he was an a*#&#E to begin with and still an a#(*$(E at the finish?
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Take a look in the mirror
SepehriJ7 July 2006
Self-indulgent, self-important, annoying, silly, irritating, etc. are just some of the critical words I have seen used to describe this film. Sure, it probably is all of those things. As I watched this film, a lot of those adjectives ran through my head too. When Jessica Biehl (London) lashes out at Chris Evan's character Syd's "psuedo-intelectual bullshit," many viewers probably associated that phrase with the whole film.

But so what? One doesn't have to be a cocaine-snorting rich kid in New York to see that the existential angst the two main characters (Syd and his friend Bateman) feel is shared at one time or another by just about everyone, regardless of class or context. The old question about whether life imitates art or the other way around applies. The fact that the characters may be self-absorbed or narcissistic or silly doesn't take away the fact that the questions asked in the course of their exchanges do take place between all kinds of people. Don't we all ask these questions about God and existence? Don't we all wonder why He often doesn't seem to listen to prayers? Don't many of us still cling to idea of Him for fear of death and fear of deciding that all that is anywhere or anytime is what we live day to day so that we might as well just find the nearest tall bridge as soon as possible? Are only non-beautiful down-to-earth characters allowed to act out on screen the pain we all feel at least sometimes?

London expressed the failure and pain we all feel at times in a real, if not original or eloquent way. Maybe I have just had a really bad run for the last six months in my life (which I have). London felt pretty good to me, nonetheless. Frankly, as the movie went on, I was drawn in and I screamed inside right there along with Syd and Bateman. It was like the Howard Biehl character in Network screaming out the window, "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take it anymore" played out over an hour and a half with two guys doing the shouting in a bathroom in between snorting lines of cocaine. In sum, at least for me, this film worked just fine.
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sick sick sick
destroyeverything-123 February 2006
I f'n loved this movie. awesome cast, great script work and the story is original and intriguing (sp?) this movie is set in great locations which really fit the films mood. the sound is superb there's moments with no ambient noise at all just the voices of the actors and the snuffle of a line of nose candy disappearing. the some what fresh cast worked great together and proved that the film industry will survive long after the Catharine zetas and George cloonys of today. It was nice to see Jason statham in a acting role he carried multiple scenes with ease. I recommend all see this movie and commend the cast of this wonderful film for their work.

also if you liked this movie watch

the rules of attraction
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shivasankar1812 February 2006
I saw the movie trailer and decided to give it a try. Let me say this, the movie was amazing, I enjoyed each and every scene. Jason Statham (as Bateman), with a strong English accent meets Chris Evans (as Syd) randomly in a bar. Both go to a party where Chris try to win back her ex- girlfriend, Jessica Biel (as London). The nice thing about this movie is that, most of the events takes place at one night. Casual conversation. Drugs. Alcohol. Dance Cook comes plays a guest role and his part was hilarious. Jason Statham's acting was phenomenal. Hunter Richards, the Director & Writer, did an excellent job. I gave an 8, out of 10. Its a good movie, and its worth your time.
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Probably not for everyone... but worth a watch
iaretehwinnerguy24 June 2007
I've watched this movie probably 4 or 5 times. I think it's gotten better every time. I would put it up there with a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas mentality. Some people will watch it and just go "what in the hell is this???" and others will say "that was amazing.." It's full of laughs...a great story...some fighting... LOTS of cocaine...lots of drinking...and about 50% or more of the movie takes place in the same bathroom. If you are open minded to different movies, then I think you would enjoy it. If you aren't, then you'll probably hate it. My favorite scene is when Bateman (Jason Statham) is backing up Syd when he gets in an argument. Syd gets sucker punched and Bateman wrecks havoc on the guys. He throws out a slur of curse words and other various things, and kicks the crap out of 2 different people. He has to be drug out of the apartment by Syd kicking and yelling, and then goes back into the apartment for his Jacket..just because he's had it for 10 years.

Again.... worth a watch...but not for everyone.
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Uncovers and Explains Demons We All Have
Kraley51228 March 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Everyone has been in a situation where they encounter their inner demons and have no way of expressing or explaining them. This movie taps into that battle, and "projects shiz" (which was was brought up many times) so that the audience could follow along and identify with the characters.

Personally, Syd is the greatest character for any guy that has been in a relationship, along with any guy that has ever turned to drugs for tranquility. I can relate perfectly, and so far every guy i've shown this movie to has been blown away by the familiar situations with girlfriends and paranoia. Truly, Chris Evans gives a unique, perfect role -- (Jessica Biel was his girlfriend during the filming of this movie, which you can actually see how comfortable they are with yelling at each other.)

another interesting aspect is the relationship between Bateman and Syd. It is the truest dialog and reactions I have ever seen in a film. It truly made you forget you were watching a movie, and made you think you were part of the conversation.

London is the perfect opposite/significant other of Syd. Complex, cynical, and basically the typical reactions and responses of a girlfriend are on point. Everything from facial expressions to when she swings at Syd during their argument. Great role for Jessica Biel, phenomenal.

And the third component to this great flick is Bateman. He brings the edge and I was never a fan of Jason Stratham until i saw London. He's raw, sexually frustrated, sexually explosive, and demands your attention when he's talking. His explosiveness during the brawl was just the kind of "pick me up" the viewer needed, following the therapy session in the bathroom.

Joy Bryant plays Mallory - A sexy seductress. Everyone would want a friend like her. She's there with a joint to hear about her friends problems. Perfect compliment to Bateman, whereas she's reserved and laid back. In essence this movie defines drugs; Mallory displays is the calm effect of Weed, Bateman is a coked out nut, who is looking for something more in life. Syd is your typical effects of everything thrown in one, if anyone has ever done several drugs all at once, Syd is what you'll look and feel like.

One of the greatest movies I have ever seen, definitely recommend this movie.

On a side note: I haven't heard of a guy yet that couldn't identify with Syd and Mr. 10.5 inches
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Noisy and disappointing
poetbob21 May 2006
The story's summary on the back of the DVD sounded interesting enough, however, the only reason I didn't turn it off a third of the way through was because I was just barely intrigued enough to want to see how it ended. While there were a few interesting moments of dialogue, I felt no empathy with the film's protagonist, rather, he was an angry, self-involved a**hole who did nothing but whine and yell the whole time. It was utterly impossible to think that the character London would find anything attractive in him, let alone would have ever been in love with him. This movie tries very hard to be trendy, smart, and artsy, yet it failed in each respect. While the ending was nice to see in a movie, and the soundtrack was enjoyable and appropriate, it still did not make this film worth watching, and I wish I hadn't bothered.
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holy pseudo intellectualism
jsooper25 May 2006
Pretty good movie...great performances with a really pretentious script. Some of the discussions/ conversations are a bit trite. Lots of cliché drug banter, which tend to hide the real meaning of the movie. The deeper content of the film is hearty and full of quality but isn't evident enough. I'm personally kind of sick of of being a voyeurs to the trials and tribulations of rich Manhattan 20 somethings, but again good performances. I do wish Jessie Biel had more scenes but that has to do with my personal obsession/Love for her. WARNING not a drug movie, even though it does contain lots of gratuitous drug use, which is depicted fairley accurately...or at least that what people who do those drugs have told me.
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Richard Roeper was right, this stinks
vincentvega9420 May 2007
I went into "London" thinking it would be about the great city of London. I was wrong. The movie has nothing to do with London, England. This poorly-titled trainwreck is about a woman named London, played by Jessica Biel. A coked-up drunk dude finds out that his ex-girlfriend is moving cross-country the following morning and that a "farewell party" is set for her that evening. He crashes the party with another coked-up drunk friend, and proceeds to the upstairs bathroom in which they booze a lot and do a lot of blow. This got me wondering, how can Syd, played by Chris Evans, use that much cocaine and drink that much booze and remain standing and talking. Actually, who really cares, since none of this movie makes sense (The rice,OK). The movie is terribly miscast, save for Jason Stahtham, who is the sole reason for the movie not getting a 1.
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kingninja378 September 2006
This is a film for bored insomniacs who think putting cocaine and poorly-written philosophical discussions in a script results in a piece of art and not trash I had to spend $3.99 on ondemand to see. Jason Statham, however, is solid. This comment, apparently, doesn't have enough lines... I apologise for making you read this far. Please don't read any further, you're only wasting your time. The dialog between Evans and Biel's characters was like watching 20-something year olds playing high school sophomores. All it did was remind me of attempting to discreetly throw bottle caps and food at the pretentious rich suburban kid table at lunch from the weird indie kid table. Is this 10 lines yet?
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Jason Statham is practically the sole reason to watch this film
guyfromjerzee6 April 2007
I don't have much to say about this film, other than Jason was great in it. The film basically revolves around the ups and downs of the relationship between the two main characters, played by Jessica Biel and Chris Evans. The relationship plot is pretty standard, and I felt the flashbacks of the two of them together kind of slows the film down. The more interesting scenes take place in the bathroom between Chris Evans and Jason Statham, who plays a random guy he met in a bar. Jason happens to have some coke on him, and Chris happens to be headed to a going-away party for his ex-girlfriend. So there are plenty of scenes where the two characters are just doing coke and chatting it up in the bathroom. But I enjoyed those scenes! Especially when they both get to know each other better and expose deep, dark secrets from their love lives. Evans and Biel are both fairly good actors, but they don't command the screen in the way that Statham does. So all in all, Statham steals the show! I think many people first discovered him in "The Transporter" movies. Though both films were good, he didn't get a chance to show off his acting chops. I personally liked him ever since I saw him in "Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels," though the movie itself didn't appeal to me much. "London" is not a bad indie flick, but it's uneven, with too many dull moments for me to regard it as anything more than slightly above average. And in case you're wondering, Jessica Biel doesn't get I
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