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(I) (2005)

Jason Statham: Bateman



  • Bateman : Personally, I'd much rather regret something I'd done rather than something I was too afraid to do.

  • Bateman : Motherfucker, you wanna know what it is? Pain, my friend is when the woman you love wants to fuck you four, five times a night and you can't!

    Syd : Why?

    Bateman : Why? Why? I'll tell you why, because I'm an impotent man! Motherfucker, that's pain! That's fucking pain! When your wife wants to fuck you four times a night and you fucking can't! You know that some fucker before you could. And you know that some fucker after you will! Well, I couldn't cope with that, could I? That sense of ruination. That insolvency that burns in your soul. I couldn't fuck my wife! Do know what that fucking means, mate? Do you understand what impotent rage really is?

  • Bateman : I am sweating like a fucking rapist.

  • Bateman : You know, they say the greatest conversation you'll ever have is with a stranger?

    Syd : Who says that?

    Bateman : Some useless cunt.

  • Bateman : I'm sweating like a rapist

  • Bateman : Life's too short to be pussy.

  • Syd : I'm sorry.

    Bateman : You're sorry? Oh, you're sorry, are you? You dare, you fucking dare ask me if there's a God? Well, man, I feel forsaken! I feel cheated, you cunt! I've lost in the big game, and nothing else fucking matters. It doesn't matter what you do. If you can't hack it in the sack, mate, if you can't hack it in the game of love and sex, then you are shit, my friend. Because you can't do what the other man can do to your fucking wife, mate!

    Syd : I know what you mean.

    Bateman : No, motherfucker, you do not know what I mean! You couldn't possibly know what the fuck I mean! I failed. I fucking failed, mate. And I'm still failing every fucking day of my life! Every day. Every fucking day.

  • Bateman : [while Fighting]  Come on, then, you fucking slag! You cunts! Fucking niggers!

    [while kicking a black party guest] 

    Bateman : Fucking cunt! You fucking piece of shit cocksuckers!

  • Bateman : [while getting whipped by S&M chicks]  Come you fucking... shit, cunt, whore... FUCKING WHIP ME!

  • Bateman : I understood where I stood in relation to where the Romans and the Jews were 2000 years ago and why I was here now. Then I felt this enormous compassion for the struggle of the human race and what it had to go through for us. You know, for life as we know it to come to this point. It's truly remarkable, but at the same time, it's utterly fucking disturbing. I mean, we're the same people that were living in Roman times throwing boiling oil on each other and crucifying Christians. Not that that's entirely a bad thing.

  • Bateman : If we told women a tenth of the things we think and do you think we'd ever get laid?

  • Bateman : How old is she?

    Syd : I don't know, like 16, 17.

    Bateman : Seventeen? Now I really wanna fuck her.

  • Bateman : I think it has a lot to do with pain and self-flagellation both literally and metaphorically. I mean, I don't know whether it's the culture or what but the English, in general, are very into pain and spanking.

  • Bateman : Look, they have this theory. Maybe it'll help. I don't know. Fuck knows where it comes from. The broad strokes of it are that it takes a third of the time to recover from a relationship as the relationship was long.

  • Bateman : Look, I don't know if first love applies to that theory, anyway. It's been years, I still have these horribly lucid dreams about Helen. It's almost like your brain is trying to compensate for the absence.

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