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Jessica Biel: London



  • Syd : Ever since you and I broke up, I've wanted to have a normal conversation, just a normal conversation with you. And I just feel like everytime I see you, it just gets like so wierd and chaotic and scrambles, and I can't organize my thoughts and I can't even express the most basic words I want to say to you.

    London : I know. Me too.

    Syd : Whatever we had when we were together, when we were in love that feeling of just being able to lie in bed for days and not give a fuck about the outside world... is gone. And I feel like there's nothing I can do to ever get it back. Do you know how painful that is?

    London : Yeah, yeah I do. I cried for weeks when we broke up.

    Syd : You cried for weeks?

    London : Yes.

    London : The hardest thing I've ever dealt with in my life.

    Syd : How long did you go through that?

    London : A long time. A long time. I mean, the first month, it was so fucking bad. And then you know, slowly, it gets better.

    Syd : That's the difference between you and me London. I'm still going through it.

    London : I've been calling you a dozen times today. I'm terrified. I'm - I'm afraid.

    Syd : Of what? What are you afraid of?

    London : I'm afraid of falling in love with you again.

  • London : And your ego, your ego is just huge! It's out of fucking control!

    Syd : Why are you freaking out? There's no need to freak out.

    London : Syd, because you don't know when to stop. You keep going and going and going, until people just wanna smash your face in!

  • Syd : Can I ask you something?

    London : Yeah.

    Syd : Do you love him?

    London : I never that I was in love with him.

    London : Syd? Its gonna be a really really long time before, you know, I fall in love with anybody the way that I was in love with you.

  • London : There was a study that was done in Japan with physicists, okay? They took two vats of rice they put one in one room, and one in another room. They put a time-lapse camera on it so they could observe it for a month. They let all these people come into one room and they would say, I love you, rice. You are the best rice. You are the most beautiful, most gorgeous, sexy rice there is. And in the other room,they say, I fucking hate you, rice. I hate you. You're the worst rice. Fuck you, rice, you're the worst rice. After a month, the rice that they said I love you to? Still edible. The other rice looks like fucking black sludge.

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