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The Italian Answer to CSI... and a good one!
marcus_stokes200012 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
*SPOILERS for Season 2 to be found* RIS - Delitti Imperfetti (RIS (Reparto Investigazione Scientifica, like CSI only these agents are also Carabinieri, a sort of cops) - Imperfect Crimes) has been mocked by a lot of people when it came out in Jamuary 2005, and all the comparisons were with CSI. Well, they are about people who do the same job (investigate on murders through crime scenes), so it could be expected. But what RIS has, is the feel of reality, more interaction between Homicide (well, Territoriale) agents, a somewhat lighter side, and a little more focus on the characters, a la 'NCIS'. And also a recurring nemesis (now upgraded to main cast member status), which makes the show more nail-biting. There are also the actors, the writers and the director to take into account; names famous worldwide as Romina Mondello (new entry as Giorgia Levi), 'La Finestra Di Fronte''s Filippo Nigro (Agent Fabio Martinelli), and local stars as Nicole Grimaudo (the recently dearly departed Anna Giordano), Lorenzo Flaherty (head of RIS Riccardo Venturi, a solitary and tortured figure not unlike Mac Taylor from CSI:NY), Ugo Dighero (Vincenzo Debiase, wise best friend and valued colleague of Venturi, with problems of his own (his daughter lost the use of her legs for a long while after being injured during a robbery, and is still trying hard to regain it)); Stefano Pesce (charming Davide Testi, who had briefly dated Debiase's daughter in the first season but was dumped in episode 2 of this new season), Gea Lionello (Ms. Moranti, the compassionate ME) and Paolo Maria Scalondro (the new Territoriale agent, who replaces Giampiero Judica (who left)'s character). This show may be a little predictable sometimes, but it can take twists and turns that will make you go "OH MY GOD!" Case in point, last episode's ending with probably the most shocking (and clever) murder shown on Italian television dramas; Anna's murder by poisoned bracelet. And also the music plays an important role in this series; hear snippets on www.risdelittiimperfetti.TV (the fourth from this season was played at the end of the aforementioned death scene). So, what I'm trying to say is 'give RIS a chance': you won't be disappointed.
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