Driving Lessons (2006) Poster

Nicholas Farrell: Robert



  • Robert Marshall : [talking about Laura]  I think it's better this way.

    Ben : How can you say that? After all the shit she put you through, how can you say that to me? You're my dad! You're meant to stand up for yourself! You should've divorced her! You should've told her to bloody well fuck off!

    Robert Marshall : I did. It was me who asked for the divorce.

  • Laura Marshall : Camping? Why on earth would anyone want to go camping?

    Robert Marshall : ...to escape.

    Laura Marshall : You don't have to tell me what happened. I know already. Some people are wicked. That's all there is to it.

    Ben : She isn't wicked.

    Laura Marshall : She's an actress! I think that says enough.

  • Robert Marshall : Ask yourselves this question; How is a person truly free until they can think and act for themselves? God gave us free will so that we could choose His love. You see, He wanted us to understand our commitment. To be grown up about it. If you ask me, "Am I Christian?", I say to you, if you strive to do good, then you're a Christian. If you don't seek to hurt or betray others, you're a Christian. If you're true to yourself and treat others as you'd have them treat you, you're a Christian. The more a person parades their Christianity for the benefit of other, the less I'm inclined to trust the Christianity they claim to bring. God tells us, true faith is the freedom to choose truth. Now, how you express that, the way, the manner, the means at your disposal, these things are of no consequence, be you Christian or Atheist - unless in your heart you are true.

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