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22 Jan. 2006
Episode #1.1
Half of London takes in interest in the long-running, complicated case of the inheritance of John Jarndyce Sr., a fortune disputed for generations in the Court of Chancery. The interests of orphaned juvenile relatives Richard Carstone and Ada Clare, wards of the court, are handled by attorney Kenge, hired by wealthy philanthropist John Jarndyce Jr., who even hired companion Esther Summerson and welcomes them in his fine home. Meanwhile sinister Mr. Tulkinghorn defends the interests of old Sir Leicester Dedlock and his younger wife, who has a secret past with destitute...
28 Oct. 2005
Episode #1.2
Tulkinghorn locates Nemo but too late as the man is dead. The coroner rules his death accidental. Nemo has left something important behind however.Young Richard Carstone decides that he needs to get on with his life and decides to pursue his career in the medical profession. He and Ada's solicitor, Mr. Kenge, finds him a position with Mr. Bayham Badger who has agreed to supervise his studies. He will have to leave Bleak House however. At Mr. Bayham's home, Esther Summerson meets a young doctor, Mr. Allan Woodcort.
3 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.3
Richard and Ada want to become engaged but Mr. Jarndyce advises that they wait a time before making a firm commitment. Esther's friend Caddy Jellyby excitedly tells her that she's become engaged to her dance and deportment instructor, Prince Turveydrop. Tulkinghorn makes it clear that his first loyalties are to her husband. Although Lady Dedlock professes no further interest in Nemo, Tulkinghorn senses there is more interest than she professes. Mr. Guppy's infatuation with Esther continues but she again pushes him away. Esther is saddened to hear that Mr. Woodcourt ...
4 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.4
Richard begins his law studies at Mr. Tulkinghorn's firm, tutored by unimpressed Guppy and Kenge, and immediately shows specific interest in the Jarndyce inheritance case. While Sir Leicester Dedlock's neighbor feud rages on, his wife searches in the past of people relevant in the inheritance. Esther learns how she got her guardian, but also more about her background.
10 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.5
With information from the boy Jo, Tulkinghorn now knows that it was Lady Dedlock who visited Nemo's lodgings. Tulkinghorn continues his inquiries and believes he mat know Nemo's real name. Richard has decided to abandon his studies in the law and travels to Lincolnshire where he informs everyone that he now intends to purchase a commission in the army. He begins to take lessons in swordsmanship from a former army Sergeant by the name of George. Tulkinghorn swears out a warrant for the arrest of Mr. Gridley on a charge of slander. Inspector Bucket tracks him down.
11 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.6
Mr. Tulkinghorn is nearing the truth about Nemo alias captain Hawdon, but shooting stand-running veterans Smallweed and sergeant George refuse to sell their pieces of the puzzle. Searching for beloved Esther's background with Krook, Guppy stumbles unto her links to the present lady Dedlock, whom he visits and inform, to Nemo -Esther's real father- and probably the Jarndyce claims. A London epidemic is spreading, and through Nemo's urchin protégé Jo reaches John Jarndyce's home.
17 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.7
Guppy finds alcohol addict Krook, burned to death in gin, which the coroner's court rules 'spontaneous combustion'. Guppy thus fails to get hold of Nemo's love letters, nor to ascertain if they were burned or are part of the estate, which is claimed by Smallweed, engaging Tulkinhorn, who now manages to make sergeant George show him Hawdon's letters. Richard decides to engage his own lawyer in the Jardnyce inheritance case. Esther Summerson's reckless amateur nursing of urchin Joe and others ends in her own contagion with often fatal pox.
24 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.8
Intimidated by Mr. Tulkinghorn to provide a sample of Capt. Hawdon's handwriting, Sgt. George has decided to submit, this time. With the writing sample, Tulkinghorn is satisfied that Nemo and Hawdon are the same person. Tulkinghorn reneges on his promise to clear George's debts however. Esther, with her scars from smallpox, is now convinced that Mr. Woodcort is beyond her reach. Going through Krook's personal effects, Smallweed learns from Guppy of the existence of the letters. Jarndyce, Ada and Esther again visit Mr. Boythorn who tells them of the ghost walk at the ...
25 Nov. 2005
Episode #1.9
Esther keeps her secret refusing to tell Ada what happened with Lady Dedlock. Richard Carstone returns and admits he is unsettled by the never ending court case. Richard has decided to rely on Mr. Skimpole's advice and seek his own legal counsel in the form of Mr. Vholes, but expenses prove quite high. Ada thinks he should give up any hope of winning and they should just be happy. Smallweed finds the packet of letters addressed to Capt. Hawdon. Tulkinghorn buys them from him and subtly lets Lady Dedlock know he is aware of her secret. Jarndyce confides in Boythorm ...
1 Dec. 2005
Episode #1.10
Tulkinghorn now has Lady Dedlock in his grasp but his hardheartedness is beginning to catch up with him. Miss Flite returns to her lodgings to find that Smallweed has changed the locks on her rooms. He throws her out for non-payment of rent. Esther seeks Guppy's help but he is repulsed by her scarred face. She wants him to stop all inquiries into her background and he agrees. Esther learns the identity of the woman who raised her. John Jarndyce asks Esther to marry him and she agrees. He immediately has second thoughts. Richard Carstone is being crushed by his growing...
2 Dec. 2005
Episode #1.11
Richard is deep in debt and trough with the Army. Ada offers him her inheritance to cover his debts, but he decides to leave service and devote himself to the trial full-time. Doctor Allan Woodcourt is back, still penniless having suffered shipwreck. He arrives too late to save gentle urchin Jo, who dies from pneumonia but first denounces Tlkinghorn as the monster who had the knave persecuted. This time bloody vengeance is exacted.
8 Dec. 2005
Episode #1.12
Lawyer Tulkinghorne is found murdered, shot trough the heart. Police detective Bucket has no other choice but arrest sergeant George, the obvious suspect. Richard, now full-time obsessed with the inheritance lawsuit, interrupts it only to attend Ada's birthday party at Jarndyce's.
9 Dec. 2005
Episode #1.13
Hortense Jabouliet, jailed sergeant George's mother and lady Deadlock maneuver about the truth concerning Tulkinghorn's murder. Detective Bucket is most interested to find the traces lead to the lady, but switches his accusation from George to Hortense. Meanwhile Richard and the doctor try to settle in their misfortune.
15 Dec. 2005
Episode #1.14
Sergeant George is released by detective Bucket, who is on lady Dedlock's trail. Guppy fails to acquire her compromising letters as Smallwood expects to get more money from sir Leicester and is just too late to warn her. She flees in utter despair, to be found broken down in closed-up Bleak house, while the baronet is near a fatal cardiac crisis. Parasite Skimpole is now full-time besides Richard and his lawyer, Jardnyce refuses to intervene or let Esther.
16 Dec. 2005
Episode #1.15
Richard Carstone finally tires of the exhausting court case,which undermines his health as well as his finances. Ultimately, a most recent Jarndyce last will is found at Smallweed's by detective Bucket, which decides the Chancery case in Richard's favor, with a bitter aftertaste: expenses have eaten up the entire estate. John Jarndyce welcomes Rick home, but it's only to die. Guppy's renewed proposal to Esther, now he has his own legal practice, is equally politely rejected. Even DR. Allan Woodcourt's declaration of love, now he can get a lucrative position in the ...

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