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jheisel31 October 2006
Horrible cardboard acting. Silly plot line. The characters are obviously idiots who should know better -- even if they moved the initial 500 hits of ecstasy at $40 a piece, that's still only $20k. Minus whatever the boss' cut is, there's no way they could live as large as they seem to be. This film is a total joke -- basically an after-school special with swearing. I couldn't find myself caring about any of the characters or their problems. How anyone thought this movie was a good idea is beyond me. How it actually got made is even further beyond my comprehension. The 10-star review by indiefan looks to be from someone associated with the production...I can't imagine anyone else who could appreciate this.
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Fresh faces and directing help & hurt this one
jrosenf117 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Contrary to what most of the posts state here, there is NO WAY this film is a 10. Those people obviously worked on the film or are friends of the director. It WAS an engrossing tale, one that has been told a million times in cinema, but I give the director credit for trying a fresh approach.

People have been getting caught up in the tempting world of drugs on film for decades, only to have their dreams of quick cash and instant cred go up in a ball of flames. But this time, director Dave Rodriguez took a bunch of no-name actors, made them middle-class working stiffs, and gave the old story a modern twist. The three central characters, Joe (Lindberg), Kevin (Forsythe) and Mickey (DePaolo) are all life-long buddies who have taken different career paths. Kevin is a commodities trader, Joe (who resembles Giovanni Ribisi) a bartender, and Mickey (a dead ringer for a young Kevin Spacey) a salesman; all of them dream of a better life. So when Mickey picks up a bag of Ecstasy dropped by a dealer as he was getting busted at a club, they start to talk about making a quick score. But the drugs belong to the local "X" kingpin, Paul Diaz (Sanchez), who is like a little Tony Montana, right down to his 2nd in charge named Manny. Not wanting to get busted selling HIS stuff, the boys go to Diaz' house and offer a deal: let them sell the stuff- they have plenty of connections- and they push hard to do it. After some debate, Diaz agrees, over Manny's objections, and the clock starts ticking to their implosion.

Of course they start out like gangbusters,slinging "X" all over the place, especially in Miami's gay clubs, thanks to Kevin's friend Toni (a hilarious turn by "Entourage"s Paul Ben-Victor). Things are going great; they're all making cash AND paying Diaz on time, so they start to think bigger: Kevin wants to leave his job after making some large investments, and push full-time; Mickey is becoming a hero with the teen rave crowd and trusting too many people under him; and Joe has dreams of getting out soon and buying the bar when the owner Vince (Palminteri) retires.

Here's where the flick starts to sag a bit. Everyone watching knows what's coming- it's going to end badly. But we are treated to numerous scenes of "emotional heft" that were, frankly, pretty amateurish. When Joe's girlfriend confronts him about sleeping with Diaz to get Joe out of the biz, their crying almost brought me to tears- of laughter. Kevin also becomes an emotional wreck, unconvincingly. This was when the solid but inexperienced cast looked over-matched, which brought down the rating of the film.

Anyway, not to spoil it but it doesn't end well for the boys, and it tells a cautionary tale of not going for the quick buck to sacrifice your whole life. Like I said, nothing new there. But the cinematography, Miami backdrop, and decent if not spectacular performances all made it a film worth watching. Oh, and Michael Rappaport was great as the big time trader with a major drug problem and an attitude.
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Why such extreme reactions - - - on either side?
Sam_Youno24 October 2012
The reviews here seem to be divided between those who consider "Push" a 10-star masterpiece and those who say it's total garbage. First of all, there's no way in hell this movie rates 10 stars. I can't imagine why anyone would rank it that highly; and yes, one does wonder whether some of the more enthusiastic reviewers were involved with the production in some way.

But I'm just as baffled by those who panned it top to bottom and gave it the lowest possible rating. If "Push" is one of the worst films these folks have seen, then I'm sorry, but they're simply not watching enough bad movies. Much of the plot is predictable or silly, and the sets and settings are limited and unimaginative, but the atmosphere is enjoyably tense throughout (helped by excellent, nervous editing), and the script is, for the most part, sharp and tight. There's quite a bit of overacting---the cast may have watched "Scarface" one too many times---but it never falls below professional level. No Pacinos here, but a talented young cast doing a solid job.

I found "Push" in the local bargain bin for $2, and fully expected to watch it (or part of it) once, then sell it back to the store for a buck. Instead, I'm keeping it.
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A Story that has been told before but.....
danfair23 September 2006
I remember hearing the arguments of "The Godfather" vs "Goodfellas". "The Godfather" is a gangster fairy tale. "Goodfellas" is gutty and real. I've seen "The Godfather" twice. I've watched "Goodfellas" at least 10 times.

Perhaps this movie is to "Goodfellas" what "Scarface" is to "The Godfather" "Scarface" was a drug dealer fairy tale. "Push" does have some rather stylish bad guys. But this movie has a very real gritty feel to it, ordinary Joe's selling drugs and what happens to a group of life long friends when the fast money and fast drugs comes into their lives.

I'll be interested in seeing Dave Rodriguez's next movies.
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indiefan896919 April 2006
The acting in PUSH was amazing. It was compelling and it made me fall in love with all the characters. Chad Lindberg took his acting ability to the highest level possible. Paul Ben-Victor and Michael Rapaport were hysterical. New comers Pierce Forsythe, William DePaolo and Chris Jordon prove that they belong in this industry with their wonderful acting. Chazz Palminteri was superb as always. This dramatic masterpiece is perfectly directed and performed. This is the best ensemble cast I have seen in an Independent film. I can't wait to see what Director Dave Rodriguez does next. He is the hottest and sexiest new Director in Hollywood.
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teonanacatl22 December 2006
all the other reviews here were written by the production team. this movie is just that pathetic. bad acting, worthless plot, no logic.... they should have just played the soundtrack to a black screen with the words XTC is cool on it. that would convey the same idea. alas i bet the ritilin generation will love this "movie" (read: feces) because it has shiny lights. im assuming this was produced by some coked up Hollywood idiot. which explains how they sell x for 40 / pill. guess what. no one has payed that much in a decade.

please don't watch this.

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One of the worst movies, Good comments from others are not credible
robharrington-121 June 2008
After reading some of these other comments rating this film good and even great with good acting, I am absolutely convinced that people associated with this film are installing these comments. I can understand people having differing opinions. But this movie was flat out horrible, and the acting was some kind of joke. It was like a bunch of high school kids made this movie. I almost never make comments unless I see something so bad or so great that I need to vent my feelings for spending the 2 hours. This movie was that bad. The film is so ridiculous it could be used as comedy or camp ranking right down there with Reefer madness and ShowGirls.
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poor sound poor camera poor overall
Space-fan26 June 2007
I Sat in anticipation of this film expecting to be entertained but sadly that was not to be. I found the camera work to be very jerky at the start and during the film which did not add to any aspect of the film. the sound where characters were sat in a room sounded like the mic man had the mic set on echo and again did not add anything to the film. music was good if that is to your taste and the storyline I found to be predictable. overall I did not enjoy this film and now have to find a way of gaining the two hours of my life wasted watching it, maybe I will go to be two hours later tonight and watch Kill Bill again.
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Complete Crap
godzilla72830 December 2007
Warning: Spoilers
All we wanted was a decent movie to watch on Sunday. The only reason I gave this 2 stars was for Chazz Palminteri. He is a great actor and is the only thing good about this movie. The other acting is ... I don't know how else to explain it... crap. I came on this site hoping it would indicate the actors were given the story and script minutes before filming. I would have felt better if it had been impromptu... not much better, but better than I do now. It was frustrating to watch and the characters were unbelievable... and I mean I could not identify or feel empathy/compassion for any of them - except Chazz' character. Are some people really as stupid as they seemed to be in this movie??
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An amazing first outing.....
hwoodboss22 April 2006
In a time where Independent filmmakers strive to be different, we often wonder sometimes why young or first time directors make the decisions that they make. I've seen rookie directors make the same mistakes over and over. Trying so hard to be different that the audience just does not get it. Not so with "Push". On April 1 I checked out the movie at Method Fest and quite honestly was taken in by this remarkable first outing by Rodriguez. The performances he was able to pull out of these experienced and inexperienced actors took my breath away. The movie is brilliantly paced and it just stays with you at the end. Chad Lindberg, Pierce Forsythe and William DePaolo are brilliant and the rest of the known and unknown talent are just plain talented. Hats off to the cast and director for a memorable first outing.

I'm looking forward to seeing many more dramatic pieces from Rodriguez.

It's a good thing to see a new director taking his job seriously!

What's next man?
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Excellent Film
bluestarpics10 April 2006
Push keeps you glued to the screen! Great character driven film with a great cast to do the job. Chazz Palminteri, Chad Lindberg, Charlotte Ayanna, Otto Sanchez, William De Paolo, Pierce Forsythe, Micheal Rappaport and Christopher Jordan. Some known and others unknown but all delivering a wonderful and unforgettable performance.

Push has already one the "people's Choice Award" at the Method Fest Film Festival and is on its way to be in the International Latin Film Festival hosted by HBO in July.

Look out for this film and get out there nd support it, you won't regret it.

Kudos to Dave Rodriguez for doing a wonderful job.

Best, CJ
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Decent Attempt
CJXzoic197019 October 2010
I have never seen so many enthusiastic responses that were obviously staged when the film first came out in 2006 - LOL had a good laugh with them. The film had its merits, a decent attempt at a crime/drug thriller but what bothered me was the source - are there really people like this - have decent jobs, great girlfriends, lives seem together and accidentally find some drugs and then track down the big time dealers to offer their services? That's a serious WTF moment right there! I know some folks idolize the bad guys but usually they are impoverished and see it as a way out. Well to do folks that dabble in crime are in it for the thrill but go about it smarter. If they had come from a different angle it might have been more plausible. Chad Lindberg from Fast and the Furious tried hard in his role but I kept seeing the vulnerable character he played in that film. Chazz Palminteri did great as usual in a small role, but would have been better as the bad guy. Michael Rappaport was excellent as usual and Charlotte Ayanna while gorgeous, needs some acting lessons as much as the rest of the unknown cast does. Decent attempt at Drama but filled with so many script, acting, editing, and production flaws I would have sent them back to the lab!
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My comment on the movie " PUSH "
Hollywood71117 October 2006
I really enjoyed this movie. It is a must see for all movie goers. The performances were outstanding for the entire cast. The direction was excellent. I wanted to see more and more and more. The lighting was perfect, the theme was awesome. The plot made sense. I would recommend this movie to everyone 18 and over. The location was great. If you weren't able to see it on the big screen, then I'd suggest you go get it on DVD, and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home with family and friends. It is pure entertainment. Make sure you check out the trailer. I'm looking forward to more great work in the future, from everyone involved in the production of " PUSH ". It was a very realistic movie.
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Drugs, sex, and money...
vctr_naza19 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is the best movie I've seen all year on this subject.

They way it was filmed wasn't anything different, but the heart pounding suspense was there.

I guess I rate these movies by how I can relate to them, and boy did that take me back to my "vida loca" years. (Spoiler) I wish they would have gone into more graphic detail on the infidelity part. That chick is hot!Weird how infidelity parts get my heart racing, as long as it doesn'happen to me.... I don't understand how that guy could have left that hot chick and that life for a little excitement. We find some drug dealers pills, we sell them for him, and we make money. Ooo and then we just tell him we want out. Only a white person would do that. Anybody Else would have either poped them themselves or sold it little by little to anonymous people.
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Having watched over 800 movies from past few years
jplonmar24 July 2008
Having watched over 800 movies from past few years (don't ask.blockbuster / netflex unlimited rental for flat price).....

I have to say...anyone who rated this movie more than a 5 star is an absolute nut....

This moving is got to be the lower button 10% list....

I see no exciting drug/sex or fast money sense as promised.... and not enough suspense to make this interesting. Not enough action to make this interesting. Not enough sex to make this interesting. I mean....I do watch and enjoy variety of movies but I can't seem to put a category on this movie (it just fail on funny, suspense) a crime movie maybe? And that was it. No way a normal person would rate this film 5 or more stars.

Unfortunately. My advice is to Stay away.
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