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Season 2

9 Nov. 2014
Valerie Makes a Pilot
Valerie discovers that Paulie G. has written a new HBO show based on his experiences working with her on Room and Bored. Angry, she goes to confront him, only to be cast in the role of "Mallory Church" herself.
16 Nov. 2014
Valerie Tries to Get Yesterday Back
The makers of Seeing Red suggest that Valerie reach out to Jane and have her act as producer for online content for the show, while an invitation to the Golden Globes from HBO leads to some awkwardness for Valerie and Mark.
23 Nov. 2014
Valerie Is Brought to Her Knees
Valerie arrives on set for the first day of shooting Seeing Red, where she meets her co-star, Seth Rogen, and has to deal with the awkwardness of a potentially explicit sex scene.
30 Nov. 2014
Valerie Saves the Show
When Seeing Red is beset by budget cuts, Valerie offers to let the production shoot some vital scenes at her home, which leads to much drama, expected and otherwise.
7 Dec. 2014
Valerie Is Taken Seriously
As shooting for Seeing Red reaches its conclusion, Valerie faces the prospect of working a different director, an interview with a journalist from the New York Times and several other problems.
14 Dec. 2014
Valerie Cooks in the Desert
Valerie's plans to spend Saturday night with Mark are wrecked when reshoots for Seeing Red are relocated to the middle of the desert. As the heat intensifies and time drags on, Valerie becomes increasingly stressed.
21 Dec. 2014
Valerie Faces the Critics
In the run up to the Emmy Awards, where she is nominated, Valerie must deal with a series of professional and personal struggles.
28 Dec. 2014
Valerie Gets What She Really Wants
In the lead up to Emmy night, Valerie attends Juna's annual party, where she receives an unexpected proposal. As the ceremony approaches, she must deal with a crisis at home and a massive bombshell.

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