The Comeback (TV Series 2005–2014) Poster


Lisa Kudrow: Valerie Cherish



  • Valerie Cherish : You see puppies, I see Korean barbeque!

  • Valerie Cherish : Note to self: After a long day at work, I *don't* want to see that!

  • Valerie Cherish : Well, this is it, this is my It-wall. Used to be bigger, but then I got married and you know, you have to share. So... Um, let me show you this. *This* here is my people's choice award, that I got for I'm It. And it means a lot to me because it's from the people. So... and right here is my Leno. There it is.

    Jane : Talk more about that.

    Valerie Cherish : What is there to say? There was a monkey on my head and he pooed! You know - it was a real water cooler moment, you know, the whole next day everyone was... you know. And you know, this was Leno's first year. So it was a real important show for him too! You know. It was quite an appearance. Classic!

  • Valerie Cherish : Instead of the barbeque line I could say, "If I let you have the puppies I'll have to let weird old Mr. Schmidt have a *SATAN* flag!" See, that's good, because EVERYBODY hates Satan!

  • Valerie Cherish : *This* is my comeback. All right, let me take that again... So *this* is my come - Jane, I'm sorry, the, um, camera keeps moving in and out.

    Jane : It's always going to be moving, just keep going.

    Valerie Cherish : No, yeah, oh, I know, I know, it's just - I didn't know if I should wait for it to settle or... That's right. Yeah. Oh, right. Yeah. This one's always going to be moving, because that one is stationary. Got it. Okay. Here we go. *This* is my comeback! You know, I want to do another.

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