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Almost perfect
erwan_ticheler8 August 2005
Since this is a compilation of songs starting at the Goo album,I won't be too harsh on the fact that Sonic Youth made a lot of great albums before that(EVOL and Daydream Nation rank amongst the greatest albums ever made)which aren't present on this DVD.

This DVD is a great add-on for any fan of the band as I am myself.The videos might be cheezy at times,but it's obviously all about the music which is brilliant.Highlights on this DVD are Mote which has a great video and Hoarfrost.It is a shame that some of the songs are edited like Sugar Kane,Sunday and most of all The Diamond Sea.Sugar Kane and Sunday are slightly shorter than their album originals which is directly noticed by any fan but the short version of the epic song Diamond Sea is a mayor let down.Where the songs clocks at 20 minutes on the album Washing Machine,on the DVD it only clocks at about 5 minutes which means that the entire noise explosion at the end of the song is taken away from us.

Despite that obvious negative point it still is a great disc which can be put on at any party as background or foreground music.And when you reach Diamond Sea just put on Washing Machine and play the original classic.

A definite must have for any SY fan!
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very very enjoyable for any fan
deflinus19 March 2006
i found everything about this DVD to be really enjoyable. everything was really done well. i was very impressed with the opening and the little montage that plays at the main menu. it pumps you up and it's just fantastic. i'm a Sonic Youth fan obviously and i've never seen all of the videos. and the DVD served that purpose and satisfied it. to the fullest. featuring videos from Goo to Murray Street, they're all very unique in it's form. not that some videos felt more commercialized than others but they all truly had that Sonic Youth-feel to it. also the videos have various Director Commentary and all of them have commentary from the band themselves. its very enjoyable and informative as they talk about not seeing some of the videos in a long time. i was really surprised that fellow Sonic friends Kathleen Hanna and Jason Lee provided commentary for the they were in. that was a nice treat.

special features include various other music videos i guess that weren't released i suppose.. or just extra videos. including a video for Thurston Moore's song Ono Soul from his solo album Psychic Hearts.

besides that, the DVD was created to serve one purpose.. to please Sonic fans (both hardcore and new ones) and provide them all of the music videos with some extra treats. i was pleased by this.

goodness indeed.
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