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What some guys won't do to show one of their movie clips
Chip_douglas21 November 2004
Again Leva Filmworks got stuck with a lot of interviews left over from other documentaries, some of them going back to 1999's 'From Star Wars to Star Wars: The Story of Industrial Light & Magic'. That is unless Jim Cameron and John Lasseter do all their interviews in the same place (and the same shirt). The biggest difference is that Peter Jackson has now joined the club, and has to make up for lost time by popping up in the companion piece about the characters as well (as if he did not make enough appearances on DVDs).

George Lucas never appears himself, content to have other famous directors tell us what a great influence he's been on them. Here we go: after discovering Star Wars, James Cameron quit his job as a truck driver and Ridley Scott knew he was neither in the same universe nor century as Lucas. John Singleton (who just joined a movie queue without knowing what it was for) tell us how Star Wars changed his live and Dean Devlin was ninth in line at the Chinese theater on opening day (wasn't everybody?) Then all of them, including editor Richard Chew for some reason, start describing the opening shots of the film! What the Force? Who needs this! At least they did show the old Fox logo that no longer opens the film.

Having grown tired of kissing George's behind, most of them move on to praising ILM. Thinking they were to be on a talk show, everyone seems to have brought along a clip from their own films (except for Singleton). Even Spielberg brings his 'Minority Report' to Show and Tell. Cameron tries some Lucas logic of his own by claiming that Titanic, the most expensive film ever, only used a very small amount of effects. The only two who actually owe George a debt of gratitude are Pixars Ed Catmull and John Lasseter. For had the G-man not sold that little company before it blossomed, they would still be drawing Gungans and Battle droids today. When we get to a scene from "Little Nemo" accompanied by 'Luke and Leia's theme' (stuck on repeat by the sound of it), we know its time for PJ's summary, which goes on well into the end credits. How many of these directors do you think will return the favour and invite George to give them praise on their next re-release?

5 out of 10

P.S. As always the edit droid gets mentioned for no good reason.
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