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Go back to the darkness
gizmomogwai8 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
It's funny, this movie, the kind that would normally be far off my radar, drew me into an interesting online debate over 10 years ago and I've never forgotten it. I finally saw it. Taking Alien (1979) and adding tentacle porn, Inju alien ("Alien from the Darkness") has some attractiveness to it. It's also very poorly animated. Actually, the spaceship exteriors aren't that bad; but you'd think that effort would go into the women, since they're a main draw.

The nudity and sex is meant to be gratuitous, and I can appreciate that. The lesbianism is erotic- the crew are all women and all appear to be lesbians, though our heroine is a little shyer. The tentacle porn itself, too strange for many tastes, is kept brief. Much of the sexiness is undermined by a bizarre character, the lemur- it makes mischief, including running down his owner's shirt and bra, and it's just too weird and annoying to be cute. Like the animation, the writing itself can be poor. They're shocked about one girl's death, but then they're working out, hitting on each other, and calling each other butch? The end result is unsatisfying.
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Only one can survive style sci-fi, horror.
nb0002 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It's a very sort animation Japanese style. There are about 10 people in the whole movie, and all are female, except the evil alien monster of course. It's similar to the original alien film, where only the main actor survives the adventure, and here too, you can guess it in the first 5-10 minutes, who it will be. I think it's worth for seeing at least once. The animation technique is not very superior, but I have seen much worse animations. The story has everything it needs, some action, emotions, a lot of death people and some tragedy. Like in other movies the situation is hopeless, the guns can't hurt the alien, and all the good one seems to die, Then comes the genial idea, of the last survivor, and the good overcomes the evil and everybody is happy. If you like hentai animations, then you will find this movie fair enough.
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