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hammer2fll7 October 2004
This is a must have for anyone who followed the band Queen, as well as a great pickup for those who have been introduced to the bands music after Freddie's passing. The disc (double disc) is currently the second of the series. The first covered the bands videos from early 1970's through 1980's Flash Gordon (movie soundtrack) and The Game. This one takes the band from 1981's Hot Space video's through 1988's the Miracle. There will probably be a third in the series in the next 14 months which would cover Made in Heaven and Innuendo videos.

Most of the tracks on this DVD were released after the bands popularity was killed by the Works (I Want To Break Free) video. There are a number of rare videos which unless you have the cable channel VH1 classic you won't see played again in the US. I found two that I had never seen before in Back Chat and Scandal.

Even though there are no tracks from Innuendo (his last album) on it, you can still see early signs of Freddie expressing his battle with Aids in some of the videos from the Miracle. Scandal would be the most obvious of this as its a direct attack on the British Tabloids.

This disc much like the first in the series has hidden material that was not listed on the album. On the first series there was a hidden second version of Bohemian Rhapsody. On this version there is hidden live concert footage as well as the Highlander movie version of "Who wants to live forever" video.
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"Scandal" =/= AIDS theme!
kezzabou7 May 2009
A reviewer in 2004 said that the song "Scandal" showed a lot of what Freddie was dealing with during the early years of dealing with his HIV status.

Not so.

The song was composed by Brian May, and it was about the media hassling him and his family after he had a brief affair with his then-assistant, a woman named Julie. (He was already in a relationship with Anita Dobson.) The resultant media coverage inspired him to write "Scandal".

Many people read far too many messages into later Queen songs, messages that are simply not there.
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I Want To Btreak Free
ju_c5028 November 2010
Right on Kezzabou! Just like people always make it to be like I Want To Break Free was Mercury's 'coming-out song'.

He didn't even write it, it was bass guitarist John Deacon.

Also the idea of dressing like women wasn't his. It was drummer Roger Taylor who came up with it. It was meant as a parody on the British soap Coronation Street.

But people will see want they want to see: a group of men dressed in drag singing about being gay. And to think this false assumption supposedly ruined it for the band in the US, smh...

But about the DVD:n it's excellent. i recommend it to every Queen-fan!
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