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monster in the closet
wrlang23 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Headspace is about two brothers whose close proximity to each other causes evil to rise in those around them. Some trick of nature lets them use more of their brains than others do and that seems to cause the manifestations of evil. They get headaches often and don't function very well in society. After their mother goes wacky and is shot by the father, the father gives the boys up for adoption, telling the authorities not to place them together in any foster home. They spend years apart and don't even know each other when the come together. Some doctors try to figure out what's wrong with them to no avail. The movie is made well and the acting is OK, but it just isn't really super scaring or intellectually informative.
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Headspace is one of the best monster movies you haven't seen!
killerreviewscom8 May 2006
I first became aware of the film Headspace back in early 2006 after reading a featured article in Fangoria, one of my favorite horror mags. The article was interesting, as they usually are, but what enticed me most about this little, independent gem was the insanely original storyline, which we'll get to shortly. I was also attracted to the filmmakers themselves and the producers, writer and director all seemed very self motivated, intelligent and determined to make an awesome film. So, you could say I was expecting a little more than usual going into Headspace.

Let me fill you in on the plot. We see a young, troubled guy known to the world as Alex Borden, played by Christopher Denham. By troubled, I mean a pretty rough childhood which, at one point, involves him and his brother viewing their dad blow their mom's face to smithereens with a shotgun. Serves her right for getting too far away from the kitchen… Alex has been a smart guy all his life but, at the age of twenty-five, his intelligence begins increasing by the minute. This dude reads books in minutes, learns how to master chess in a day's time and can even understand women. Actually, I'm kidding… Nobody's that smart. Eventually, Alex learns that he can see events that have taken place in the past and, towards the end of the film, can even see into other dimensions, which is where the crap really hits the fan.

This Good Will Hunting Gone Wild tale could have easily been a disaster if it were not for the TLC given by the people involved. The look of the film really enhanced the quality for me. Headspace looks like it cost five to ten million to make and I would bet my dead rabbit Penny's water bottle that the budget was nowhere near that amount. Headpsace recently took home the Best Cinematography Award at the New York Horror Film Festival and with good reason. The film is colorful, shot well and looks magnificent over all.

Another element that boosted the quality of the film for me was the casting. It seemed like every five minutes, some blast from the past was popping up. We have Olivia Hussey from Black Christmas, William Atherton from Ghostbusters, Sean Young from Bladerunner and Dee Wallace-Stone from The Hills Have Eyes. I could keep going but I think you get the idea. These seasoned vets not only make the film more fun because of that, "Oh I remember them!" factor but, they also bring some serious acting chops to the table. Newcomer Christopher Denham definitely holds his own as well and he's interesting to watch as he manages to find a balance between the nice guy next-door and the freak with the expanding brain. I mean, I liked the guy throughout the entire movie but I wasn't sure if someone should spend time scouring the Earth for the best doctor available or just drag him in the back yard behind the shed and put him down Ol' Yeller style! It was a nice dynamic.

With all this being said, the bottom line is that I really respect the filmmakers of Headspace for truly caring about the material. They set out to make one of those B rated monster movies that we all remember as kids and they nailed it. It was like watching USA's Creature Double Feature night with the only difference being that it was Tuesday and there was only one featured Creature Feature as apposed to two featured Double Creature Features. Huh? Anyway, those films were never this well done. Bravo!

Overall, I really enjoyed Headspace and feel very comfortable recommending it to everyone, even the casual fans of the genre. One thing to the gore lovers though; these characters spend a lot more time talking than chopping so, if you're looking for a blood bath, try something else. I highly suggest watching the film in the dark on a Saturday night with a big fat bowl of popped corn floating in butter. It's that kind of film!
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Confusing and Depressing.
rmax30482331 May 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Christopher Denham is a young man in New York who has some sort of epileptiform seizure and gets his "cognitive ability" boosted not just to genius level but to some celestial magnitude, maybe the Van Allen Radiation belt. He can now flip through the pages of a book and memorize the whole thing. Well, this is at least an earthly phenomenon known as eidetic imagery. It's possible for someone to look at a comb for a few seconds and then tell you the number of teeth in the comb. Some young kids have it but it fades with age. But this is nothing like that.

When Denham's head is blitzed, as it is periodically, he acquires even more skills. He beats his older brother, an artist and chess master. He has some form of ESP. He can read memories and acquire the past experiences of others.

The problem is that he can't seem to keep his mouth shut. He tells a friendly couple that they have deceived one another and alienates them. His therapist, Olivia Hussey in an embarrassing performance, is no help. A priest wants to enlist him in a program for drug addicts. Monsters begin following him around. The monsters begin to dismember people that Denham has touched in passing. Why? There are some things man was never meant to know, or women either, for that matter.

The tale doesn't really come to a conclusion so much as it just ends. Well, I'll tell you how it ends, and then you tell me how it makes sense.

Denham was about to stab two friends to death because he saw them transformed into monsters, but the police put a bullet into him and he winds up restrained in a hospital. Olivia Hussey visits him in his hospital room, assures him that everything will be alright. Then she slides her hand down his body and grasps his family jewels, then leans over him, bleeding from her eyes and mouth, and evidently cannibalizes him or at least bites him to death with her newly grown fangs.

Utterly without sense or point. Don't bother watching it unless you like meandering faux Steven King stories with supernatural episodes banged into them with a sledge hammer.
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Coventry24 March 2006
Before I even properly read what exactly the story of "Headspace" was about, I already knew damn sure that I wanted to see it, simply because it assembles one of the most impressive B-movie casts of the last 15 years! Even though they all just appear in supportive roles, "Headspace" managed to snare legendary names such as Olivia Hussy (who still looks yummy even though well passed 50, I may add…), Udo Kier, Dee Wallace-Stone, Mark Margolis, Sean Young and William Atherton! With names like that, who needs extra motivations to buy a ticket? Now that I've seen the movie during a festival screening, I regretfully can't claim that it's a genuine masterpiece but nonetheless it's a truly creative and intelligent production that definitely has more trumps than just an attractive cast. Young director Andrew Van den Houten dedicated an equal amount of energy to telling a good story AND supplying the film with exhilarating gore! We're introduced to Alex Borden, a confused young man who carries some severe childhood traumas around with him. Every morning when he wakes up, Alex discovers that his intellect and storage capacity has remarkably increased but; even though this sounds fantastic, he begins to suffer from terrible headaches and nightmarish visions about demons. When people in his surrounding start to get brutally slaughtered, Alex (righteously?) fears that he might be the murderer without fully realizing it. The ideas and sub plots of "Headspace" are so many-sided that the film might have worked even better as a mini-series! Now some of the potentially very interesting story lines (like Alex' family background or the dubious intentions of his doctors) look slightly underdeveloped even though I'm sure they were initially meant to get processed more carefully. But hey, I'm really not complaining since this probably resulted in more action and gore! "Headspace" contains some very effective shock-moments and graphic make up effects that will surely appeal to all horror fans! The set pieces and locations are convincing, with a very nice portrayal of typical New York City suburbs and street life. The camera-work and choreography is terrific, at times even downright artistic, and the screenplay even manages to be educational! How many horror movies can honestly say that teach you interesting facts about the game of chess? Recommended!
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Gore Mongral Movie Review: Headspace
ChiefGoreMongral8 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I have a question for the horror fans today? What stars Olivia (Black Christmas) Hussey, Sean Young, Udo Kier and Dee Wallace Stone? No this isn't the 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon, it's the movie we are reviewing today Headspace.

Headspace tells the tale of a young man, Alex who is plagued with severe headaches. The headaches worsen upon a chance meeting with an ace street corner chess player/artist. As the headaches increase one evening he passes out on the floor as a fiend is at his apartment. His friend gets him an ambulance and once at the hospital tests are ran on him to see if he has any neurological issues.

Upon the doctors findings they discover that he is using the frontal lobe to an amazing degree, to a point that he is able to remember things by the slightest glance. Shortly after this Alex begins to have visions that he remembers as a child having of people dying and creatures! These creatures begin to manifest themselves into our world and begin to kill anyone in contact with Alex. Can Alex find the key to these creatures and whats causing this and what is his link to this mysterious chess master? I was rather entertained with this film. It has a very solid cast and an interesting story and has a couple of nice gore set pieces but nothing extremely nasty (except for a shotgun blast to the head sequence that was cool). This one is more of a mix of psychological horror/monster movie which I cannot recall the last time I seen one quite this way. Shades of From Beyond can be seen throughout in this film as well as we deal with things in another dimension and enlarged frontal lobes.

This movie is one that you may have to watch twice to catch everything and some things you may not get completely however unlike the film Calvaire (which did a lot of that to little success) this movie overall can be made heads or tails out of and will not have you totally scratching your head in the end.

Other than some lulls in action and some weird peeping tom sequence that really did not seem to fit into the story other than a chance to show a sex scene this is a solid rental title and for some a possible purchase. Another low expectations going into flick that will entertain if you do so. I give Headspace: 6/10: above average, a nice horror/thriller that will provide a nice 90 minutes of entertainment for those interested in a change of pace mental creature feature flick or for those who like to watch horror movies dealing with the mind.

Thats it for now but remember the creatures of the mind can sometimes be worse than the creatures in the flesh!!!
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What The...?
roxinahood7 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
nice to see the only other person to comment negatively was an Aussie.

there were so many things very wrong with this film. it had great potential, but just didn't follow through.

the film appeared to be quite clever for the most part, the rapid increase in intelligence for Alex. the people around him getting picked off by big bad beasties. it all being connected to his childhood. etc etc. but then just as we get this kind of explanation as to whats happening, it goes haywire and Alex ends up just being a nutcase.

my major problem, and the movie actually could have worked if this had been handled better, was that for the whole movie the beasts were real and separate entities from the people they were killing, but at the end he saw them as hallucinations/his friends. what the? make up your mind. and if they were hallucinations the whole time then for f***s sake, someone come up with a movie that isn't 'all-just-a-dream' or 'all-in-his-head'

how boring.
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Somewhat lacking, but still an excellent exercise in suspense and storytelling!
The_Void20 September 2006
Headspace isn't a completely successful film, but if there was an award for 'most ambitious screenplay', this flick would certainly win it. Andrew van den Houten's debut feature demands respect from the audience for its charming originality, and for the way that it manages to pull many different story elements together. The film is definitely hard to categorise, and works from a psychological base, which is backed up nicely by some good old fashioned scenes of gore. I'm guessing the director was hampered by budget or pressures from elsewhere, as several elements of the film don't feel properly fleshed out, and given how much thought has gone into the film; I find it hard to believe that the writers would just neglect some areas. The film focuses on Alex Borden; a young man who meets a chess player one day and suddenly finds his intellect expanding. This, however, leads to nightmares, and Alex soon finds his world crumbling around him when past traumas meet with real threats from 'demons', which Alex has began to see; and which are killing off people he knows.

The great thing about watching this film is that it's never clear where it's going, and director Andrew van den Houten does a good job of building up the mystery without ever giving too much away at once. I'm deliberately focusing more on the good elements of this film simply because the majority of horror movies coming out recently are tired and derivative, so it's nice to see one that tries its best to do something original. I guess the main negative element of the film is that, while the story plays out well, there's no real resolution to the film, and while messages such as 'ignorance is bliss' stand out from the story, no actual messages are played with much. The director has assembled a strong cast of lesser known stars, which help to provide the film with a lot of cult value. Unknown actor Christopher Denham does well in the lead role, and he's backed up by such cult stars of the past as Sean Young, Olivia Hussey, William Atherton, Dee Wallace and, best of all, Udo Kier; who lights up the screen with a cameo performance mid-way through. Overall, Headspace might not be completely successful; but it's a great attempt, and I'll be keeping my eye on what van den Houten's does next.
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Kept me interested
dean29004 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I did rate this movie 6 out of 10 which is actually a fairly decent endorsement considering how many horrible horror flicks there are out there.

The main story is about a young man who keeps getting smarter each day. The neurologist confirms he is using more of his brain than any person on record. He has terrible visions, hallucinations, migraine headaches, and passes out.

The main part of the story involves him playing speed chess against a chess-master. He loses at first but then reads books in seconds and learns every strategy ever conceived at chess and has several rematches with his newly found friend who admires his genius.

The movie starts to get darker as people around him start to get killed and he believes the monsters in his dreams are now crossing over to reality.

The rest of the movie is pretty standard and throws some plot twists that really are quite forgettable at best.

I would recommend this for a rainy day or late night when you have insomnia if you like horror and scifi but don't expect an great movie.
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jamesd196727 December 2009
This movie isn't really very good. It starts out good, but goes downhill within about twenty minutes. Dee Wallace is in it, which is what drew me to the movie. The story starts as a young man, Alex, who has well above cognitive level and intelligence.

Frankly, the film doesn't make a whole lot of sense in less than a half hour. If you have a free afternoon, watching this on cable might be OK, but don't waste your money purchasing this.

If someone who has seen this could explain the final scene with Alex and his final doctor, Olivia Hussey, I would love to hear it. Again, that was another scene that had absolutely nothing to do with the plot of the film.
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Phenomenal Film From Some Fresh Faces
gavin694213 November 2006
A young man, Alex, has incredible mental capacity that seems to grow by the second... while at the same time his migraines become more and more frequent. How is this connected to the monsters that have recently appeared and began killing off his acquaintances one by one?

I received this film as the result of a contest at Killer Reviews (where I have since become a staff member). I had never heard of the director, never heard of the film, was a bit wary of the so-called "awards" listed on the back. I knew who Dee Wallace and Udo Kier were, but didn't know if that was enough to make a movie work. In short, I had expected this film to be watched once and filed away behind a copy of "Point Break" or "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days". I was wrong.

The film starts with some short shots that fade in and out (which I didn't care for but they end after the intro). Then, in the first ten minutes, we get the goriest scene in the movie and one of the better gore scenes in a horror movie I've seen lately (let's just say it's like the suicide from the remake of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre", but better).

The gore is toned down after that (which is too bad, because many times -- especially the restroom scene -- were just begging to be bloodbaths). But where the blood stops a deep and complex storyline begins, that you may not be able to figure out in your first viewing. Some aspects are guessable but the entirely film demands close attention if you want to even catch a fraction of the underlying plot.

There is a subplot concerning a chess game (or rather multiple chess games) I found to be very interesting. I didn't understand some of the technical dialog in these scenes (discussions of past chess players' defenses) but this really drove home the hyper-intellect aspect of the film and I appreciated that.

Udo Kier appears as the creepy German guy, just like most of his other films. And he makes it work, being a priest in this case. Dee Wallace plays a doctor, but her character does not really stand out much so other than a nod to her earlier horror work it wasn't really necessary to cast her. All the other actors (whose names I don't know) were perfect: there was nothing amateur or independent-looking about this production.

Andrew VanDenHouten is a great addition to the horror world, and is sadly being overlooked due to the mainstream work of such people as Rob Zombie and Eli Roth. Maybe "Headspace" will be for VanDenHouten what "Dog Soldiers" was for Neil Marshall, and in another year or two he will be a name known in the dark underbelly of film.
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Worth it just to see Pollyanna McIntosh nude!
toryu8822 January 2007
The film was kinda lame but the love making scene with Pollyanna McIntosh was top notch. Worth the price of rental alone. That gal has a rack and bum worth dying for.

Olivia Hussey best known for her portrayal as Juliet in 1968, and as Mary in some biblical yawner was nice to look at too. Her bust line seems to have increased along with her age. Must be the water in Argentina.

The latex monsters were poorly done, something circa 1960's Outer Limits. Lots of splashing gore but not much else.

The plot line was hard to follow and the ending was predictable.
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Pollyanna McIntosh's hot assets may calm the anger u get aft viewing this not so good film.
Fella_shibby26 January 2019
Saw this few days back. Was in my radar for a long time cos of Pollyanna McIntosh. The film begins with a family celebrating a birthday which is sort of spoilt cos of the mother's nosebleed, cut the scene at the nite time n we see the mother killing the dog. The father (Larry Fessenden), wakes the two kids n runs outside while the mother keeps approaching when the father shoots her in the da face. This is da best gory scene of the film. 20 years forward n we see Alex (Christopher Denham), a genius at mind but suffers from severe headaches n can see demons. Things turn ugly when people around him dies in gruesome ways. The film gets a bit boring n the tension gets lost in between. Mayb I dint like it cos I saw this recently aft 14 years of its release. The effects of the demons were cool but the ending was meh. The best part was Pollyanna McIntosh in her first film role wher she didn't hesitate to bare her awesome assets. Ther r some big-name cameos : Olivia Hussey, William Atherton, Sean Young, Mark Margolis, Larry Fessenden, Dee Wallace n Udo Kier as the priest.
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Both Strong and Weak Points
matthew-85417 August 2009
When it comes to grading this movie, there are stark contrasts because it has some very strong points as well as weak ones. As far as overall story and originality is concerned, this could be one of the better horror movies to come out in the past decade. The problem for me was that this movie has some of the weakest dialog I've seen in a film. Conversations between characters is very unnatural and at times you feel as if the actors may have skipped over a few lines. The part in the movie when the Russian psychiatrist explains to Alex what he is and what is happening to him is the only exception to this. I wouldn't say that this ruins the movie seeing as how the story is so intriguing, but having such a strong concept coupled with weak dialog would make this movie average at best.

If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth checking out, just don't expect anything profound coming from the mouths of the actors.
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Scarecrow-884 May 2007
Warning: Spoilers
An impressive cast headlines a very elusive, mind-boggling psychological thriller about a deeply mentally troubled young man, Alex(Christopher Denham)who believes beasts are killing anyone he comes in direct physical contact with. His intellect is growing as he gains other abilities such as his unique ability to see things that happen to other people. He can simply skim through a book, for an example, and know every word by memory. He has knowledge of things such as chess which confound him. It seems all this started when he met a talented chess player in Central Park named Harry(Erick Kastel). He tries to confide with others around him about what is happening(..and the beast that almost kills him in his closet)such as a psychologist named Dr. Karen Murphy(the still very beautiful Olivia Hussey of ROMEO & JULIET and BLACK Christmas fame)trying to help him and two friends who he has peeped on during having sex. Karen sends Alex to a once-respected doctor,(Mark Margolis) blacklisted for proclaiming outlandish things their field found too wild and unbelievable to stand behind. Boris, who had seen "links" like Alex in Moscow, informs him that he sees what others don't..these beasts can use links to the outside world because of a certain part of the brain only certain humans can use. Alex tries going to a priest,(played by Udo Kier!)for solace and even there in the church during their meeting the beast shows itself. A doctor, Ira Gold(William Atherton)wished to examine Alex at the start of the film when he fell unconscious(..he seems quite healthy except for his exceptionally high Attention Deficit Disorder)and is killed by what appears to be a monster. Two chess players who Alex met at the park near Harry also are killed in a public bathroom from what appeared to be a monster.

At the beginning, we see two young boys experiencing a birthday party where their mother(Sean Young)bleeds from the nose. Later, we see a seemingly possessed mother with evil eyes and a nasty growl on the prowl for her family. The father(Larry Fessenden, the director of WENDIGO and the vampire flick HABIT)has to defend himself and shoots her with his shotgun. He later sends the boys off to foster care insisting that they are separated. This may very well be why the strange occurrences start happening when Alex meets Harry, as we later discover that the two are more "linked" than they realize.

All this I have mentioned above could be part of a warped, disturbed mind. The very opening shows blood trickling down Alex's legs as his hair appears in a frizzy frenzy. This could signify that he himself was committing all the murders instead of the beasts. I'm not quite sure, however, because the film won't give us a definite answer. The ending leaves you wondering what the hell is going on. I'm afraid the narrative becomes so chaotic, I was wondering if the madness we see is purposed to create doubt in our minds regarding Alex's sanity or that he just sees what others without his gifts don't.

Dee Wallace has a small role as a doctor attending to Alex's physical condition. I will say that this flick is quite the mindscrew.
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If ONL:Y I had read MORE of the comments about this film FIRST...
Lathe_of_Heaven6 March 2007
Where do I start...??? Very simply: Decent concept that could have been very intriguing EXCELLENT beginning to set the pace of the film I really like chess, so I thought that would be a neat added element to the film... GEEEEEEEEZ...

TOTALLY disintegrates into an EXTREMELY poorly written, directed, and acted film. PERIOD.

Very sad too; I REALLY, REALLY wish I had read more of the comments and especially the message board MUCH more carefully. Usually I do, but I musta REALLY screwed up on this one : ) I can excuse a film completely for being aimless and even pointless, ***IF*** it at least has style, mood, and is done with SOME bloody competence. It is SO dang funny how some of these film makers snag a bunch of these 'B' actors whom we'd immediately recognize and then they have a combined screen time of about 8 minutes. When will I learn... I felt sorry for Sean Young; she had all of, what..., 3 minutes. Sad...

Anyway, by the end, if you have ANY vestige of intelligence left (which is bloody unlikely) this is one of those cases where you will TRULY be sitting there stunned wondering what the HELL you just did with the last 90 minutes or so...

I'm serious here. Believe me on this one...

I'm not normally hateful or unforgiving when it comes to film and Especially the 'Horror' genre, honestly. But this one fails on almost EVERY level.
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Your eyes are bleeding...
Irate_Tyrant23 April 2008
HeadSpace There is always a certain urge, controllable, yet always persistent in everyday thoughts that deviates from the norm, sets itself at a distance and realizes the ridiculousness of common event. The urge, it takes it's shape as a distortion, an unrealistic fascination that changes our perception of a constant moment. This quandary of the human mind is a focus of the horror genre.

It takes a lot of guts, so to say, to step into the horror genre, but not a lot of wit. Anyone is capable of tricking someone else, easy to pop out behind a closed door, simple even to cue the wolf's howl on a dark moonlit night. The movies, then, that truly stand out in horror, are those that not only stay on a well-founded formula, but continue the internal analytic deviation in the voyeur's eyes by stretching the limits of what is believable.

Then, there are the movies, such as Houten's HeadSpace, starring Christopher Denham, that go and above and beyond the dilemma of how to make a monster unbelievably horrific, but to make the story real, to take back that previously forsaken realm of storytelling. Without abandoning the human emotions of empathy, sympathy, and character attachment, HeadSpace delivers a full force horror entourage. The most actually interesting thing about the story, aside from the numerous sub-plots, is that the story on paper, might even sound believable for a moment. The only thing bringing us away from the dangerous precipice of the "normal" belief suspension commonly used in film, is that it is indeed, only a movie.

The story follows Alex, a mid-20's inner city male. The striking yet correlated traits of confused innocence, uncouth arrogance, selfless helplessness, stand out amongst the youthful characters he surrounds himself with. He is a homesitter, and artist, who collects unemployment, and drinks himself silly some nights, while still maintaining certain hidden truths about his life and future. The trouble begins one day while playing chess in the park, but by the time the story ends, we're taken into a world where we are all just pawns to a game of life and death played in realms we do not belong.

My advice for approaching this film, is to pay attention to nuance. The dialogue is phenomenal for character development, the most crucial part of a horror/slasher film, and the plot that intertwines religion with metaphysics and science, is genius, but don't forget to watch everything else. The score is great, although not the best, and the cinematography is simple and effective.

"Checkmate." 10/10
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Strange But Watchable Indie Monster Movie.
drownnnsoda4 March 2007
"Headspace" is a strange little creature feature that I decided to give a rent when I saw it at the video store. The film centers around Alex Borden, a normal guy in his mid-twenties living in New York City. While Alex may appear to be normal, but his life is slowly spiraling out of control. After meeting a mysterious artist/chess-master, Alex begins to gain more and more knowledge and becomes smarter and smarter, to the point where it's no longer for his own good. Something is causing him to tap into a different region of his brain, and he suffers from horrible headaches and night terrors because of it. After being referred by Dr. Bell (Dee Wallace-Stone, of "The Hills Have Eyes" and "E.T".), Alex visits a psychologist, Karen (the lovely Olivia Hussey, of "Black Christmas" and "Romeo and Juliet"), who studies patients similar to Alex. But soon after, people around Alex begin to die in horrible ways, all murdered by a savage, unseen beast. Is any of it related to Alex's troubled childhood? Or what really is happening to him?

I mainly decided to rent this film because, 1) the cover art was creepy, and the back of the box had nothing but praise for the film, and 2) Olivia Hussey and Dee Wallace-Stone were listed in the cast. While the film wasn't a complete waste, it wasn't wonderful either. The storyline to the film may sound interesting, and I thought it did myself. While it is interesting, it's also a little bit cloudy and some things are far too unclear, left without any explanation at all. The problem with this is that these elements in the story need some type of explaining, because otherwise they make little to no sense. The plot is a little convoluted, but this film does have some good offerings too. The cinematography is nice and stylish, and the creature in the film is presented realistically. It's normally difficult to make a monster movie where the monster itself is presented in a way that doesn't throw all logic out the window, and this film succeeds at that. The monster isn't too overdone and it's believable enough.

There is quite a good amount of gore in the film as well, there's more than plenty of monster mutilations to please all of those gore hounds. The film boasts a mildly impressive cast, including two well-known actresses in the horror genre. The lead, Christopher Denham, who plays Alex is convincing in his role as the troubled young adult. Dee Wallace-Stone has a fairly small role as a doctor, and is also excellent in her short on screen time. And Olivia Hussey, who starred as the lead in my favorite horror film of all time, "Black Christmas", plays Alex's doctor/friend. She is given very little to work with, but she is also wonderful in all of her scenes (which also wasn't a whole lot, I would have liked to see her a little more often). The film's surprise ending caught me off guard, and while it took me a minute to understand what had happened, it was a fitting way to conclude the story.

All in all, "Headspace" is a just about average monster movie. It's not too overdone and is far from being corny, but the plot becomes a little cloudy at times and is hard to follow on some occasions. It does boast some very good actors though, and plenty of monster-murders for anyone who enjoys a good creature feature. I'd say it's about average, but I have to admit it was better than I was expecting. Trust me, there's much worse out there. Worth a rent if you're into this kind of stuff. 5/10.
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Blood, guts...and brains!
stevek451116 February 2006
A thinking man's horror flick with plenty of thrills, chills and shocks to sate even the most jaded genre vet. Nuanced performances from vets Atherton, Kir, Hussey and Wallace-Stone. Director van den Houten and producer/d.p. Miller endow this indie with production values that look more like a major release. And new face Chris Denham is one to watch. The New York City locale gives it a gritty reality, and the special and creature effects lift it from the real to the eerily surreal. They have done a very good job of mixing it up, putting well known movie actors in with a talented group of indie players, all the more impressive given their (prior) anonymity. A good scare, and a good time, with an underlying premise that stays with you once you're out of the theater.
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Awfully weak
denis88816 October 2006
Anybody can explain why such poorly made films ever appear? Slow tempo, bad plot, very bleak actors' play, and on top of that all, the total absence of any of the reason why on earth it was made... The film has a vague, unexplained beginning, likewise, the vague final part, and the very idea that two beloved brothers could not recognize each other all the film is simply foolish. The horror element is also very weak, all those funny horned monsters are not scary for kids even, and the bloody scenes made me laugh. And finally, why Mr. Udo Kier wasted his time, ruining his prestige with such a bad, short and senseless cameo appearance? All in all, just a low-budget 3-rate cheap pseudo-psychological horror sleek movie. A total waste of time...
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Plan 9 from Headspace
kwhp1 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I am pretty much all over the map on this one, so I checked the spoiler box just to be safe. Be advised that this is only the *second* comment I have made about a movie on IMDb. I don't waste my time gushing about the movies I like, so you do the math.

I snagged this film off of the Sundance Channel for later viewing and, the time having arrived and being in possession of three-quarters of a bottle of Jack Daniels, I figured I could withstand anything. Truth be told, I did not anticipate such a bad movie although I had to pause it half way through to make a run to the corner Stater Brothers for another quart of Jack.

In any event, usually such movies start formidably with some kind of gimmick or hook and then disintegrate in the final reel. However, the wheels came off of this one straight out of the shoot. Forgive the mixed metaphors, but I am working on the last of that second bottle of JD.

I am afraid it lost me at the chess game game in the park; the protagonist shows up, loses a game to the artist, gets a headache, heads to a shrink, and people start bleeding out of their eyes.

O.k., I get it. The guy's a head case.

But as the bourbon took hold, this movie started assuming an alternate persona, if you will. You know, like when you show up at a party, have a few belts, and the revelers' true personalities start to manifest themselves.

Anyway, the scenes started to appear choppy and poorly crafted, the actors became stiff and their lines were delivered woodenly and without lilt. The characters' makeup -- makeup? -- was troweled on and, in the poor lighting of this movie, made everyone look like they had been recruited from a Ralph's parking lot for a student flick. I am afraid poor Ms Hussey fell victim to this process as well.

..then it hit me: the cheesy makeup, the goofy monster costumes, wooden actors, stilted dialog, and clumsy scenes. Ed Wood had come back and is living in the body of Andrew va der Houten.

Poor Olivia Hussey. And too bad Bela Lugosi is pushing up daisies. He coulda brought some real life to this dog.
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It was really bad
keanhi23 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Bad, bad, bad.....I could not find one Redeemable quality about this flick. The acting was horrid & the editing is some of the worst I have ever seen.

It should stand as an education tool for how not to make a movie, that would be about its only use.

Some have suggested this is a thinking mans horror movie, ignore them or suffer wasting an hour and a half on this dribble.

Instead of suspense we get a character chopping around the screen depending on what the editor of the movie was smoking...the only reason we don't know whats going on during the movie is because neither do the actors, directors or producer. Even then a 12 year old could have created a better script.

Then we have the evil rubber monster at the end...whoopee doo. If you know anyone who likes this movie then you know they have serious mental issues. Jeez, even Killer Clowns From Outer Space looks like an academy award winning movie compared to this stinker.
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Really Nice little film
MonsterinmyCloset24 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I was expecting the usual horror on DVD fare, but was definitely surprised by this little gem. While the whole of the plot wasn't really anything new, the way it was handled was quite unique. The hero's possible brain problem/gift is a very clever way of keeping the audience guessing what is actually going on. Is it real, or is it hallucination? Is he the killer, or is it some demonic force that only his supercharged brain can perceive? FX by Jamie Kelman are top notch and go far beyond what is usually given to indie horror (his background with Rick Baker is very apparent!). The monsters themselves are a bit cheesy, but undeniably well executed, and the make-up fx are incredible (in particular Udo Kier's multi layered face ripping sequence was a remarkable achievement!). There's also a bunch of nice cameos, and some really good DVD features.
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Great Movie...Great Acting!
hiccup112219 February 2006
The movie was SO good, I which it could have been released in more local areas. It was a movie that I had to think about after watching and it kept me enthralled in it the whole time. The acting was wonderful, especially Christopher Denham's. He really channeled Alex Borden and I think that he is a very talented actor. I hope to see more of him in the future. The DVD is coming out in March so if you were not able to see it in the limited theater then get it when it comes out. Sipposedly the DVD will have better cuts on it! There were some big names and it seems that people were surprised that Denham was cast as the lead but he really pulled through. I definitely jumped more than once throughout the movie.
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Just another poor storied horror
CineCritic251713 October 2006
When u compare this movie to just any other horrorflick, it may be a bit above the rest. When u would compare it to any decent film in whatever genre, it should not even get the 2 I'm giving it.

But thats the problem with this genre. The very few really worthwhile horrorflicks I've seen, were not even in English.

The problem with Headspace is (1) the incredible meager story which could be summed up in one or two sentences and which is far from original. (2) The pathetically looking 'scary' beasts from hell. I don't believe that with all the Buffies etc being on television on a weekly basis, u can dress up an actor in a rubber suit which was obviously made in the 60s and try to pass that as scary.

The only redeeming quality was (1) the way this movie was shot, although some of the editing was quite out of place. (2) The overall acting which made this film almost bearable to watch.

Just another pointless Horrorflick which u wont be able to remember the day after you've seen it.

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terrible beyond description
samantthik25 April 2007
And i don't even know how to justify the 1 i am giving this movie, the scale wont let me go lower.

OK, we have everything here, poor acting, lame disjointed storyline, poorly managed blood scenes, nothing realistic, nothing makes sense, characters weren't interesting just plain dull or ridiculous. But the biggest disappointment of all was when we finally got to look at the "scary beast", well into the movie it turns out to be some rubber pig-faced recycled costume, it reminded me of those monsters on the early seasons of the Power Rangers, God that's when you realize that your initial gut feeling was in the right, it was a crap movie.....

Someone here mentioned that you usually get these sorts of movies in English language, i could not agree more, any good horror clip that i have seen has not been in English, Thailand has a very good horror movie industry for example, it is also interesting to note that the only people who are giving good ratings to this piece of garbage are either American or English... i think you guys should go have a look at the international section on your local videoshop, you might be surprised of what other people can produce.
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