The Venture Bros. (TV Series 2003– ) Poster

(2003– )

Michael Sinterniklaas: Dean Venture, Additional Voices, Army Guy, Clone Slug Dean, D-19, Dermott's Mom, ER Doctor, Half-Jackel, Mister 16, Monarch Henchman #2...



  • The Monarch : What? Think this is gay huh? Is that what you fucking said you scrawny peice of shit? Oh this isn't gay. But King Gorilla over there is! And I bet he can't wait to snap off a peice of your dick in his ass!

    [points to Dean] 

    The Monarch : You! Get up! I said get the fuck up! What's your name?

    Dean Venture : Dean Ven...

    The Monarch : [shouts]  Your name is bitch! And I own you. You're property! And when I'm tired of having sex with every hole God drilled in your slender frame... King Gorilla! You got a cigerette?

    [King Gorilla hands him one] 

    The Monarch : There! I just sold you for a cigarette! And I don't smoke!

    [realizes who Dean is] 

    The Monarch : Holy shit! You're Dean-Fucking-Venture! King, I've gotta buy my bitch back. Here's your cigarette.

    King Gorilla : Fuck you. Gimme a dollar!

  • Dean Venture : Good thinking, bro'a'mine. And I thought I was supposed to be the smart one

    Hank Venture : Ma Venture didn't raise no fools

    Dean Venture : W-We don't have a mom, Hank...

    [awkward silence] 

  • Pirate Captain : Sit on my lap, son. It's story time

    Dean Venture : I don't want to sit in your lap!

    Pirate Captain : Fine! Don't!

  • Dean Venture : Hank! I had my pubes shaved. I'm gonna put them under the pillow for the tooth fairy!

    Hank Venture : Did the doctor see that creepy dog dork of yours?

    Dr. Venture : Hank, don't brag to your brother about your circumcision.

  • [repeated line] 

    Hank Venture , Dean Venture : GO TEAM VENTURE!

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