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  • George Lucas : [about Yoda]  That was like a real leap. Because if that puppet had not worked, the whole film would have been down the tubes. It would've been a disaster. A silly little Muppet... It would've been Kermit running around in that movie. The whole movie would've collapsed under the weight of it.

  • George Lucas : I think we were, like, two weeks over schedule. At that point, the board of directors at Fox started to panic, and tell Allen Ladd Jr. that he had to shut that film down, regardless. And so he came to me and said "Listen, you've got to finish in the next week, 'cause I've got another board meeting, and I can't go in there and say we're still shooting."

  • George Lucas : I spent, you know, probably six or seven months casting "Star Wars." And that's a long process to sit in a little room and interview people. And I interviewed *thousands* of people.

  • George Lucas : [about ILM's troubles]  They had spent half of their budget, and ultimately I had about four shots, none of which I would accept. They were just not good. That was just pretty much of a low point. I had no special effects, and I didn't even know if we were going to get the ships to work. So it was a pretty desperate time, and we had spent half the budget, you know, building the motion control cameras and setting the shop up, and it was a disaster, to say the least.

  • Narrator : But working at Elstree Studios didn't mean the production was free from problems, or strict British union regulations.

    George Lucas : At 5:30 we had to stop, unless we were in the middle of a shot. Uh, I could ask the crew for an extra fifteen minutes, but they always voted me down.

    Anthony Daniels : I'm not putting down the British crew, but there was an attitude of "What is this?".

    Narrator : It didn't help that most of the crew thought "Star Wars" was just a children's film. At times, even the actors were hard-pressed to take the work seriously.

  • George Lucas : I expected not to ever make a hit movie. That wasn't my agenda.

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