Hounddog (2007) Poster


Afemo Omilami: Charles


  • Lewellen : What do you want?

    Charles : I want you to come in and sing with me.

    Lewellen : I don't feel good.

    Charles : I know, missie, I know.

    Lewellen : I wanna go home.

    Charles : Just come in and sing one song with me first.

    Lewellen : Leave me alone.

    Charles : I ain't goin' to.

    Lewellen : I really don't want to!

    Charles : What you gonna do with that hole? When what you love is stolen and ripped away from you, there's a hole there. You got to fill all those empty hollow places. You gotta fill 'em when they turn mean. They turn mean and eat you alive.

    Lewellen : You're just a nigger, you know. You're just a nigger.

    Charles : So are you, missie.

    Lewellen : No, I ain't.

    Charles : Oh yes, miss, you are. You're lettin' 'em make you one. It's the way people treat you that makes you a nigger. The way people put you down, call you names, spit on you, mess with you. People try to make you hate yourself, take away all the things you love the most. You gonna let 'em do that to you? I ain't sayin' life ain't hard. It is. But you can't let 'em win.

    [Lewellen starts to cry] 

  • Lewellen : I can't shake no more.

    Charles : You don't have to shake. If you stand still, you can reach deeper into the sound.

    Lewellen : I can't sing.

    Charles : It's hidin' in the dark, Lewellen. Stand still and reach down deep.

    Lewellen : [singing slowly]  You ain't nothin' but a hound dog, cryin' all the time. You ain't never caught a rabbit, and you ain't no friend of mine.

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