Broken Flowers (2005) Poster

Nicole Abisinio: Girl on Bus


  • Girl on Bus : I can't believe my Mom won't let me wear a bikini.

    Girl on Bus : I can't believe your Mom let you come on this trip!

    Girl on Bus : Oh, she doesn't know. Well, I mean, she knows, but, she thinks that I'm with your family. He-he-he. No, she wouldn't have let me come and you would have been totally mad at me.

    Girl on Bus : What if she calls my Mom?

    Girl on Bus : She's not going to call her. She thinks she's here. See, its perfect!

    Girl on Bus : Wait-wait-wait. What?

    Girl on Bus : Don't even worry about it. Don't even worry about it.

    Girl on Bus : Wait, do I need to call my Mom? 'Cause my Mom will totally lie for you.

    Girl on Bus : No. I really want to go to the party tonight. I really want to meet some cute guys.

    Girl on Bus : That guy is SO cute that is sitting behind me. Can you see him.

    Girl on Bus : Oh my gosh! He's really cute.

    Girl on Bus : He looks like a supermodel

    Girl on Bus : Oh my God! No, he looks like the Calvin Klein model, that's like on the side of the bus.

    Girl on Bus : Oh my gosh, he looks so cool. Ally will take us to get something to eat before we go. I'm starving.

    Girl on Bus : Oh she better.

    Girl on Bus : I'm starving.

    Girl on Bus : That's why you need the mix-and-match when you we get fat you got a good dinner. We're such heffers.

    Girl on Bus : Are you serious? Its disgusting. We're so fat.

    Girl on Bus : Donut girl!

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