Spider-Man 2 (Video Game 2004) Poster

(2004 Video Game)

Holly Fields: Black Cat


  • Black Cat : Do you always chase girls that brush you off?

    Spider-Man : Only the naughty ones. I have standards after all.

  • Black Cat : Shouldn't you be helping some old lady across the street or something?

    Spider-Man : Nah, I already got that merit badge.

  • Spider-Man : So, skin-tight leather. Doesn't that kinda chafe?

    Black Cat : You'll never find out, that's for sure.

  • Black Cat : Give it a try. Take the weight of the world off your shoulders.

    Spider-Man : You don't understand. You don't know why I do this.

    Black Cat : What? Parents got killed by a mugger? Abducted by aliens? Sold you to the circus? It doesn't matter. Whatever the reasons, you can't change the past. What's done is done. You have to live for the present.

    Spider-Man : Hippie.

    Black Cat : [chuckles]  All right, fine. Don't cheer up. All I'm saying is you're going to get an ulcer or something.

  • Black Cat : [to Spider-Man]  You've got moves... for a dork in tights.

  • Spider-Man : Wait! What's your name?

    Black Cat : Me? I'm Black Cat, and I just crossed your path. Now if you'll excuse me...

    [Black Cat flips off of the rooftop and leaves] 

    Spider-Man : Whoa.

    [Spider-Man jumps off the rooftop and swings away on a web rope] 

    Spider-Man : Black Cat, huh? Black Cat seems okay. Maybe a bit of an attitude, though. I wonder if there's a Mr. Black Cat. Oh, what am I thinking?

  • Herman Schulz : Spider-Man! I don't know how you found me, but there's no way you're getting me this time!

    Spider-Man : Hey, Shocker. You look different somehow. Have you been reupholstered?

    Herman Schulz : Heh. Still a comedian, huh?

    Black Cat : Come on, Spider. Let's take this guy out.

  • Black Cat : Nice night for a little swing through the city, isn't it?

    Spider-Man : I don't get you. Last time you were an ice queen, but now you're friendly. Make up your mind!

    Black Cat : It's called a woman's perogative. It's in the rule book. Look it up!

  • [Spider-Man follows after Black Cat and finally catches up to her] 

    Black Cat : You're finally here? I was just about to settle in for a little nap.

  • Spider-Man : I can't see you any more.

    Black Cat : Miraculous blindness?

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