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Funny, hilarious and great family entertainment ***1/2 out of 4
johnnybravo1985200012 September 2004
So whats wrong with family entertainment? With most comedies relying on gross out humor in an attempt to make us laugh, Pop Rocks is huge sigh of relief.

Jerry (played by underrated actor Gary Cole) is your average guy. He's happily married with two children and a loan officer at the local bank. His daughter is at the fright full age of 17 and his son is more interested in being a musician than a straight A student. Little does Jerry's family know that he was once the lead singer of the most popular heavy metal band Rock Toxin. But after waking up in a garbage bin during a night of heavy partying, Jerry decides to retire from the scene and start living a normal life.

On an ordinary day at work, a scary looking hippy walks into the bank and to Jerry's horror it's the lead guitarist of the band Izzy (David Jenson). Izzy has a vision of wanting to get the band back together for one show that will pay $75,000 a piece and Izzy is particularly desperate because he is currently behind on the rent to his mother. Jerry says no before Izzy finishes the question but when Jerry's bonus at work turns out to be only enough to buy a happy meal at McDonalds, the only way to now pay for his daughter's education is to accept the offer.

So its time to rockn' roll. To keep it all secret, Jerry throws every excuse in the book to his wife on reasons for coming home late while practicing for the audition. Things get even worse when his bosses wife is running for office and chooses Jerry's wife as her campaign manager and win the popular vote from the public by holding a protest on the bands visit.

Some of the best moments (even though predictable) is when Jerry's daughter catching him in tights and an especially funny scene when Jerry rushes to an appointment and his client asks, "are you wearing makeup?" Another bright spot is seeing the members of the band being so out of shape and especially the drummer, who falls off the chair and onto the floor before the opening number.

Without giving to much away, I will end by saying that Pop Rocks is a consistently funny and original movie and a rare film you can let your kids watch by themselves. Now thats entertainment!
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Danelle-312 September 2004
I sat down to watch this movie tonight, with dim expectations -- but was delightfully surprised! How could anyone not fall in love with Jerry "The Dagger" as he wrestles with his own unique midlife crisis? How could one not feel the joy and pride of his stunned family when they come to realize that their dad is no strait-laced bore after all? The characters were lovable, the plot was funny and engaging, and the comedic moments were many.

And the music -- it was great! [How well I remember (and loved) the "metal" bands of the 80s!] I hope this is the pilot for a series, because I want to see more. All in all, a delightful, funny, totally feel-good commentary about youth, music, and middle age. I thoroughly enjoyed it!!
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great made for TV movie
IceSkateUpHill12 September 2004
A very entertaining movie about an old school one hit wonder band from the 80's that everyone forgot about. The movie opens explaining the origin of one of the great rock bands Toxic Rock who has been broken up for about 20 years. The rest of the band still does drugs, smokes and drinks too much, but Jerry (awesomely played by Gary Cole)has decided to play it straight. Of course his past comes back to haunt him and he is forced by his old band members (and a new one who's after his daughter) so join the band again, he agrees and complications ensue.

All around funny movie and a good morality tale of putting your priorities first, movie for the family go watch it if it is on.
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Very entertaining.
krp61415 September 2004
It may not be perfect, it may not be very realistic, but it entertained me for 2 hours and made me laugh a lot. Gary Cole shines as the "normal" dad who's secretly a rock star.

I especially enjoyed the message the movie gives - follow what you believe in. I think this movie is a good view for most high school students - it shows how drugs have their bad effects and the problems of rebellious teenagers.

Listen for the weird "Mission: Impossible" music...funky stuff!

A recommended movie, 8/10.

-Ken Parry
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Too idealistic... yet funny enough family drama.
shanfloyd2 August 2006
"Pop Rocks" tells us the story of Dagger, the lead singer of a death metal band Rock Toxin that disbanded twenty years ago, who's living a normal family life after that. But former bandmates pursue him for a reunion gig, but he must keep it secret from his family that he was actually 'Dagger'. Thus the comedy begins.

I actually liked the basic plot quite much. It has got an unusual premise with enough scopes for funny moments. There are actually some quite entertaining situations. But then the film started preaching family values too much and got down to that average TV-movie standard. Another potential for a really unusual film wasted. I agree that some idealism has to be shown in a family drama but this is quite blatant and thats's why the screenplay also suffered from a lot of cheesy material.
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Cute, formulaic, and, well, cute
paintbrush_200311 September 2004
The message of this movie seems to be that most of the "staid, middle aged" people living nowadays have had varying degrees of a secret rock n' roll past, and the key to getting your life back in hand is to embrace your inner rock n' roll rebel. OK. Not bad.

Not really much new here. It's a made-for-TV version of The Banger Sisters in a lot of ways, although, dare I say, actually better done. The plot twists in this one are a lot more organic and the movie moves along at a nice pace. If you've seen the promos or have even read the plot, you know what you're in for--an enjoyable couple of hours (with commercials.) Gary Cole is great. The supporting cast is great. My significant other commented, "Oh, my god, Sherilyn Fenn is playing a middle-aged mom?!? I used to think she was SUCH a hottie. Although she's still pretty hot..." I guess that says it all. Embrace your inner rock and roll rebel and go along for the ride.
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Great family movie
TenaciousTexan21 December 2010
This was not an A movie or a big budget picture with some weighty theme and frankly, I wasn't really all that interested initially, but thought my daughter would like it. I was pleasantly surprised and it ended up being a fantastic family movie with a couple of great messages.

The acting and writing were quite good. The story was great! Over all it was a really fun movie, which is why I watch movies. A movie should be fun and entertaining - this was both.

The only disappointing part is that it was never released to DVD and as far as I know was not aired after it first appeared. I would have bought a DVD for My little girl - she absolutely loved it.
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Wonderful for the whole family!
psbrody12 September 2004
I saw this and video taped it so my husband could watch it.

I put it on while we ate dinner and laughed all over again.

It's something that can be watched time and again. This is a great, wholesome, program for the whole family, young and old!

It was well written and hilarious. The underlying story is wonderful. The writers captured the generations conjoining with common interest. Love was being rediscovered, and rekindled. Old friendships were renewed. And, people had the guts to pursue, and persevere! I'll bet there will be a lot of soul seeking after this airs!

This is definitely Sitcom material.
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One of the Best Family Movies Ever
Taurus45545 October 2007
Gary Cole gives an astounding performance as a washed-up lead singer of "Rock Toxin" - a band formed in the 1980's. His performance is hilarious, and proves that parents are not as "un-cool" as kids think. The cast is absolutely hilarious, and not one person overacts. With the population of America getting older, it gives a lot of hope to people in this age range, while showing the children that one should NEVER underestimate his/her parents' pasts. Most parents don't tell their children everything, and in this case, not even his wife. But, who could blame him? It also proves that in this time of drug and substance abuses, that a person really can change especially if they meet that right someone, and there is someone out there for everyone.
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What a fun movie!
internetlifer12 September 2004
I really enjoyed this movie. It moved at a good pace. The acting was great

(Sherilyn Fenn is an awesome actress, and has a figure like a real person, which is refreshing.) I think Gary Cole is handsome, and can sing! It was funny (David Jensen's characterization of Izzy was a hoot.) The music isn't bad either. (I would like to know why Kiss let them use their song. Is this story loosely based on their story?) You would expect it to be corny and square, but it was very hip. It's a sweet story, great for the whole family. The message is also surprisingly profound. What fun!
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Cute Made for Television Movie
nannyjo11 September 2004
I liked "Pop Rocks." It was an enjoyable way to spend two hours watching with the family.

Gary Cole is terrific as the straightlaced husband, father and employee whom we meet in the beginning of the movie. During the course of the movie, he makes a slow, literally painful, change into the person he used to be: an '80s rock star named "Dagger" who was the lead singer for one of the "big hair" band "Rock Toxin." There are a few very funny scenes, mostly involving the Cole and his concert dress and stage moves from the old days. Watching him and the rest of the band trying to get their moves, style and sound back is hysterical

I do recommend this movie as a fun way to pass some time.
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I really liked this funny, feel good, kinda corny, family rock & roll show!
mkclark-110 September 2004
The credits for the show are running....I find myself grinning to myself and wanting to watch it again!!! Normally, I wouldn't have watched a non-mystery/thriller program, however, I have always liked Gary Cole and wanted to see about this movie/premier, also I was a teen rocker when KISS was first popular, so I had to check it out. I wasn't disappointed at all!!! It is a totally believable premise, well-acted and teaches to follow your heart, work hard and be true to yourself without being really preachy about it-laced with some good rock & roll music! I think it also shows what happens to the family dynamics with lack of truthful communication. It definitely proves the old adage, "To thine own self be true"...without that, ultimately no one can be happy!! It is also a movie that my 14- & 16-year old sons watched with me, talked with me about and enjoyed!!! Rock on!!! LOL!!!! ;)
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It's a family movie on ABC!
djh315 September 2004
I think the movie was refreshing and simple. I am so tired of watching "reality TV"! The movie forced someone to get up and produce something of some value, and by that I mean something more than a talking head telling me how they could strangle so-in-so. Sure it wasn't "GLADIATOR", but it was better than most of the programs that come on in its time slot. I think we need more programing like it on all channels. Junk television is very unsatisfying. I want more shows like Pop Rocks to watch with my youngins!
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