Nim's Island (2008) Poster


Abigail Breslin: Nim Rusoe



  • Jack : You got so much of your mother in you, you know that?

    Nim Rusoe : That's a good thing, right?

    Jack : Yeah, good. Sure. Unfortunately I could never win a fight with her, either.

  • Nim Rusoe : [steam violently spurts out from volcano]  Did I do that?

  • Nim Rusoe : Nobody invades my island and gets away with it.

  • [last lines] 

    Nim Rusoe : The writer, and the scientist. That's how their story began. How it ends, exactly? Nobody knows.

  • Nim Rusoe : [to Alexandra]  You came here all the way from San Fransisco and you don't know how to do anything.

  • Nim Rusoe : I don't have to go to school, I'm home schooled.

  • Alex Rover : I'm sorry. I wish I could come but... I'm borderline agoraphobic. I haven't even left my apartment in 16 weeks.

    Nim Rusoe : [responding to e-mail]  What are you talking about? You're one of the greatest adventurers who ever lived. You're Alex Rover!

    Alexandra Rover : But I'm not 'that' Alex Rover.

  • Nim Rusoe : I need you, Alex Rover.

  • Alexandra Rover : Dear Nim, the most important thing for a cut is to make sure that it's kept clean and dry.

    Alex Rover : In the Cook Islands, they use a stem of a Simarouba plant to keep out infection.

    Nim Rusoe : [looks at a photo]  Hmm. Simarouba.

    Alex Rover : P.S. Are you all right, Nim?

  • Alexandra Rover : [reading an e-mail]  "Yes. I'm all alone. I'm 11, and my father's gone. He's lost at sea. And my leg is swollen and bleeding. And the Buccaneers are coming to take over the island. Nim."


    Alexandra Rover : What can I possibly do, Nim?

    Alex Rover : What can I possibly do, Nim?

    Nim Rusoe : [types the 4 letters C, O, M, and E]  Come.

  • [first lines] 

    Nim Rusoe : My dad always told me stories about her- How she was this great oceanographer. Stories about the baby they had and how my mom just had to name her... Nim. She invented that name. At least that's how my dad tells the story. That's all my mother is to me now- just these stories. But they're really some amazing stories. Like the one he calls "The Oceanographer and the Great Blue Whale". Once upon a time, the oceanographer went out on the wide-open sea to find out what was in the stomach of the great blue whale. As my mother was staring into the mouth of of the whale, a mysterious ship came out of nowhere. It was called The Buccaneer Ship. It got much too close and it frightened the whale. And the oceanographer was swallowed and taken by the sea. Dad felt like we should sail the ocean and look for that blue whale - that someday, that whale would bring her back to us. I think he just missed her. We both did. By my fourth birthday, we had sailed around the globe... twice- From the Cape of Good Hope to the tip of Patagonia... from Singapore to the Cook Islands. Then one day, we found it- our home.

  • Nim Rusoe : Dear Alex Rover, I'm sure Jack would love to help you with your newest adventure. He's a great fan of yours. We both are. From... Nim.

    [sends email] 

  • Nim Rusoe : [reads email]  "Dear Jack Rusoe, I need a bit of help on my newest adventure. Might you be able to answer for me? Alex Rover." Alex Rover?

    [to Selkie and Fred] 

    Nim Rusoe : Alex Rover is writing to my dad? Do you think it's *the* Alex Rover?

    [looks at email address] 

    Nim Rusoe : It's him! It's him! It's really him!

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