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  • Point shaving in sports is deemed as intentionally foregoing points or intentionally giving the other team points. While never proven, Paul gets accused for playing poorly on purpose to negatively affect the score of the game. As we find out later in the movie, Paul got in financial debt (likely with loan sharks) and probably made a deal to fix the score of a game to avoid a debt. In the game vs. the guards, Paul does appear to intentionally throw an interception to shave more points to avoid life imprisonment due to the warden's threat. This is similar to what the 1919 Chicago White Sox did in the world series (losing/playing badly on purpose due to gambling implications). This match throwing scandal nearly destroyed major league baseball and as a result, professional sports have a zero tolerance for players purposely playing badly due to gambling implications. In real life, eight players on this team did get banned from baseball for losing on purpose and/or getting involved with gamblers. Edit

  • #18 Paul Crewe QB; no real strengths or weaknesses mentioned or shown but was NFL MVP #1 Brucie no defined position plays QB/K in the game: not physically gifted but good awareness #97 Switowski DL: good strength, tackling ability #22/Coach Nate Scarborough head coach/RB: 92 Tony Cobianco: very slow Turley #44 LT: great size and strength Torres #00 DB: good tackling Battle (#)X LB: great tackling/breaking block ability Cheeseburger Eddie #89 WR: Earl Megget #23 HB: excellent speed Deacon Moss #88 WR: good jumping and catching ability Edit



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