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  • While Langely Falls, according to the show, is located in Virgina, United States, there is no such city in Virginia or any other state in the United States for that matter, with the name of Langley Falls.

    It most likely named after, and may be a Gothamesque stand-in for, Langley, VA in which the CIA main headquarters are located. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • He has rarely mentioned his home planet, except to say that he worked as a greeter at a Wal-Mart-style department store, and has also shown an affinity for cold, indicating that his planet may be colder than Earth (or at least has a cold region) - in "Of Ice and Men" he said he learned to ice-skate on his planet, and that snow reminds him of his homeworld. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Security Officer Peña, a Venezuelan-American who worked at the office buildings where Family Guy and American Dad! are produced.

    His sayings are:

    "Bye, have a great time!"

    "Bye, have a wonderful time!"

    "Bye, have a beautiful time!"

    "Bye bye, see you real soon!"

    "Bye, have a beautiful day!"

    "Have a great night!" Edit (Coming Soon)

  • A fridge magnet which indicates the current Homeland Security Advisory System level, which ranges from green (lowest) through blue, orange, yellow to red (highest); an indication of Stan's obsession with terrorism and national security.

    It was replaced in 2011 by the National Terrorism Advisory System, which does not use colors, instead issuing alerts of "elevated" / "intermediate" / "imminent," but Stan seems to have held on to the old system. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Like "Family Guy" selected extended episodes of "American Dad" were released on DVD. Edit (Coming Soon)


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