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Hayley and Steve find themselves stranded in a suburban neighborhood.

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The Hand that Rocks the Rogu

Steve babysits Roger's ex-tumor, Rogu, to prove to Francine that he's ready for the responsibility.


10 Apr. 2017
A Whole Slotta Love
When Francine finds out that Stan is involved with slot car racing, she becomes less attracted to him. Meanwhile Roger becomes a stewardess and performs comedy routines on planes and gets mad when people find the other stewardess funnier.
17 Apr. 2017
The Witches of Langley
Steve and his friends take up witchcraft to gain popularity at school, meanwhile Stan and Klaus become interested in old '90s music.
24 Apr. 2017
A Nice Night for a Drive
Klaus gets transferred into the navigation system of Stan's car after Stan refuses to pay for a life-saving surgery. Steve and his friends prank Roger's Frank character and he terrorizes them for revenge.
1 May 2017
Casino Normale
Francine steals from the CIA and pretends to be a sexy supervillain to incite Stan to be more seductive. Roger tricks Hayley and Steve into trapping Jay Leno so he can take revenge on him.
29 May 2017
Bazooka Steve
Steve becomes the most hated person in town after he convinces the star quarterback player of the Bazooka Sharks to quit. Meanwhile Haley is forced to become a cab driver to pay Roger's gambling debt.
5 Jun. 2017
Camp Campawanda
Steve and Snot go to summer camp, but each wants something different out of the experience. Meanwhile, Roger organizes a "Burning Man" in the Smith's backyard for the anniversary of Hayley and Jeff. Stan and Francine get caught up in the celebration.
12 Jun. 2017
Julia Rogerts
Roger runs off in disguise as a Julia Roberts character to a small town after Stan hurts his feelings. Steve plans a meeting when he finds out that Jeff and Barry have never met.
24 Jul. 2017
The Life and Times of Stan Smith
The family gathers to hear the results of Stan's annual physical. The doctor reveals that Stan is not taking care of himself and orders him to live a healthier life. Stan is stubborn, so Roger and Francine conspire to scare Stan with a near death experience. Stan becomes addicted to the near death experience when he watches his life flash before his eyes. Meanwhile, Klaus takes Steve on a tour of a university.
31 Jul. 2017
The Bitchin' Race
The Smith family is participating in televised race that takes them all over the globe. Stan and Hayley are frustrated that their teammates don't take the race seriously. Steve and Francine try to turn the race into a vacation, while Roger abandons the race to enjoy karaoke. Stan and Hayley abandon their teams and attempt to complete the race on their own. Meanwhile, Klaus watches the race as it unfolds on television.
7 Aug. 2017
Family Plan
Francine dreams of having a larger family and wonders if being adopted has affected her view of families. Hayley encourages Francine to track down her birth parents. Francine finds her family and attends a family reunion. At the union, the family patron decides to whittle his large family down by trapping them on the property and forcing them to fight each other. Meanwhile, Stan becomes obsessed with the TV show "American Pickers".
14 Aug. 2017
The Long Bomb
Despite poor communication between the two, can Stan and Hayley team up to foil a terrorist plot at the Bazooka Sharks game?
21 Aug. 2017
Roger is lonely and unhappy as he thinks everyone but him has a stable relationship. Roger tries online dating and ends up on a date with Klaus, who is also looking for love. Klaus and Roger begin a passionate and secret affair, but Roger wants a more serious commitment. Meanwhile, Steve tries to get out of taking the Presidential Fitness Test.
28 Aug. 2017
Garbage Stan
The Smith family receives a notice that Grandpa Jack's storage unit is being auctioned away. Stan forbids the family from visiting the storage unit but Steve wants to learn more about Grandpa. Steve discovers a garbage truck in the unit and brings it to Stan. Stan has a few good memories of the truck so he and Steve start running the old garbage route. Steve learns that the truck was part of a drug running business but hides this from Stan. Meanwhile, Roger takes Hayley on the competitive bumper pool circuit.
4 Sep. 2017
The Talented Mr. Dingleberry
Roger becomes a marionette and injures other students to help Steve win the school talent show.
11 Sep. 2017
West to Mexico
Stan, a wanted man on the run, finds himself in an Arizona town terrorized by Bullock and his clan.
25 Dec. 2017
Santa, Schmanta
Roger converts to Judaism and tries to make Hanukkah more popular than Christmas.

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