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Season 8

30 Sep. 2012
Love, AD Style
While Jeff is away, Roger realizes that he has a crush on Haley. Meanwhile, Stan decides to sell his SUV himself instead of trading it in for lower than his asking price.
7 Oct. 2012
Killer Vacation
While on vacation, Bullock gives Stan an assignment, Haley and Jeff try to rekindle their dead sex life, Roger poses as an elderly female widow, and Steve goes on a mission to find nudity.
4 Nov. 2012
Can I Be Frank with You?
Francine poses as a male CIA agent to get into Stan's CIA men's club, and Steve and his friends become members of a 12-person boy band.
18 Nov. 2012
American Stepdad
Roger marries Stan's mom and becomes Stan's new stepfather, and Steve and his friends stumble upon a new "The Fast and the Furious" script.
2 Dec. 2012
Why Can't We Be Friends?
Stan puts Snot into witness protection so that he will no longer be friends with Steve, and one of Roger's alter-egos begins attacking Jeff.
9 Dec. 2012
Adventures in Hayleysitting
When Steve's baby sitter is unavailable, Stan and Francine decide to leave him with Hayley; Steve sneaks out to a party to prove he's not a goody-goody.
23 Dec. 2012
National Treasure 4: Baby Franny: She's Doing Well - The Hole Story
A Langley Falls talk show outs Francine as "Baby Franny," the toddler who was once rescued from a well by a heroic fireman. Then, on the anniversary of her rescue, she falls down the well again and makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Stan and Roger have an entrepreneurial "eureka!" moment when they think of the world's next game-changing business opportunity - male stripper shoes.
6 Jan. 2013
Finger Lenting Good
The Smith family tries to break bad habits.
13 Jan. 2013
The Adventures of Twill Ongenbone and His Boy Jabari
Francine regrets deciding to teach Roger the value of hard work; Steve interviews Stan for a school project
27 Jan. 2013
Blood Crieth Unto Heaven
A stage production version of the showing dealing with Stan's repressed childhood memories of his father abandoning the family.
10 Feb. 2013
Max Jets
Roger's filthy-rich persona is released from prison, but the Smiths become angry when he decides to leave his money to a gold-digger instead of them.
17 Feb. 2013
Naked to the Limit, One More Time
Roger reveals his true identity to Jeff, and then tells him he is his imaginary friend to keep the secret. Meanwhile, Steve takes steps to improve the shape of his rear end.
10 Mar. 2013
For Black Eyes Only
Secret agent Stan Smtih is assigned another high-stakes mission against Tearjerker and Black Villain.
24 Mar. 2013
Spelling Bee My Baby
Francine tries to ensure that Steve beats Toshi's sister Akiko in a spelling bee while Roger and Stan try to help Hayley go through the stages of grief over Jeff's departure.
14 Apr. 2013
The Missing Kink
Stan discovers his own kinks after discovering that Francine is aroused by spankings, while Snot shockingly gets a date with Hayley.
21 Apr. 2013
The Boring Identity
Francine turns Stan into the perfect husband.
5 May 2013
Lost in Space
Jeff finds himself surrounded by aliens on a ship traveling in space.
12 May 2013
Da Flippity Flop
Klaus's human body is found, but Stan's lab ruins the body before Klaus can reclaim it. So Klaus gets revenge on Stan by switching bodies with him.

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