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(2005– )

Dee Bradley Baker: Klaus, Monopoly Hobo, Pillow Hands McGraw, Tony, Rogu, Elf, Klaus as Tchochkie Schmear, A Wolverine, CIA Guard, Duper...



  • Klaus : There's an old German saying: "Don't blame the fish!" There are other sayings, but they mostly involve genocide...

  • Klaus : Francine! I can see your Schmootzplatschen!

  • Klaus : I'll tell you something, though. You've just eaten all the potato salad Francine made for the Deacon's Wake! Ha ha ha!

    Roger the Alien : And you didn't stop me? How could you do that?

    Klaus : Yeah, still German...

  • Klaus : You don't know why the Americans and the Germans were fighting in World War 2? Nobody knows...

  • Klaus : You don't know the Story of the Fraulein and the Little Person?

  • Klaus : You don't know the Story of the Hawk and the Schnauser?

  • Klaus : Has anybody noticed we're watching Gay Porn?

    Frat Dude : Maybe it's only Gay at the beginning! I say we keep watching!

  • Klaus : Say that in mein bowl!

  • Klaus : Welcome to the water jungle baby!

  • Klaus : Am I early for Book Club?

    Roger the Alien : No! You're late! And that's two weeks in a row! You're out!

    Klaus : I didn't read it anyway...

  • Klaus : If they cut your head off, try to blink your eyes for as long as possible. I have a theory to test...

    Steve Smith : Jeez Klaus, how can you be so terrible?

    Klaus : I'm German! It's what we do.

  • Klaus : Can I come?

    Francine Smith : Oh, what's the point, Klaus? You're a fish!

    Klaus : Ah. Francine, could you hit that Boom Box on your way out?

    Edie Brickell : I quit! I give up! Nothing's good enough for anybody else...

    Klaus : Wah-ha-ha-hah!

  • Klaus : [in a Body]  I'm just one of those Black Germans everyone remembers...

  • Klaus : Yes, I heard about the bunny-poops.

  • Hayley Smith : I just can't flunk out of Social Studies, I just can't!

    Klaus : Why not? I think you'd make a great Pharmaceuticals sales rep...

  • Klaus : He was my only Uncle, Steve! The odds of my grandparents crapping out another Uncle at this point are pretty low...

  • Klaus : I'm a Fish, Stan! Sometimes I smell Fishy!

  • Klaus : Francine! Why didn't you tell me you were having work done? I would gladly have gone halfsies on a Superboob.

  • Klaus : They say if you play it backwards, you can hear the voice of a dead kid!

    Hayley Smith : Whoah. Hang on, how do you play Monopoly backwards?

  • Klaus : I'm pretending to be Life's DVD Commentary. It's something to do while I wait to Die of Fin-Rot.

  • Klaus : The Walls of my Anus are cuter than that Panda!

  • Klaus : Here's your allowance: five bubbles. Oh, what the hell. Six bubbles! Don't tell your mother!

  • Klaus : The French word for it is "La Petit Mort" or the Little Death. It comes from the 16th Century when only midgets were allowed to have orgasms. It's true! Read the Bible.

  • Snot Lonstein : I can't wait to tell you about Jewish Camp!

    Klaus : You CAME BACK from Jewish Camp?

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