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Juke Box Saturday Night - TV
sophieoscarcat10 October 2006
This was an amazing show that showcased Betty Hutton - a half hour of songs she made famous - with an introduction from Eddie Albert that is not to be missed. Betty looked fine, age appropriate beautiful and she was full of spark and sparkle and verve. Her voice was strong in the mid range only - extremely strong and loud - with almost nothing remaining in the lower and upper registers. But, she made the most of it and on some songs such as 'Can't Get a Man with a Gun' at moments hit the old Hutton notes. She was emotionally raw, talked frankly about the "pills and the booze I had consumed" and hinted that she was getting her confidence back and she may try for a comeback of sorts ala: Bette Davis. We have not seen the likes of Betty Hutton and will not again. So unique - and she did it all: sang, danced, acted (drama and comedy) and major personality in interviews.
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