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Lot of wind
zeppo-230 June 2007
Well,Danny Glover as a black private eye (resisting temptation to say black 'dick.'),is a different touch but it just doesn't work. Glover, fine actor her may be, is hopelessly miscast here. He lacks the necessary world weary seedy persona exemplified by Bogart or even Powers Boothe in the mid eighties TV series.

Speaking in a low husky voice doesn't make him sound tough, just in need of a throat lozenge. Worst of all,Glover looks too old for the part,instead of the hard bitten shamus, he's more like a kindly uncle.

The convoluted story isn't a help either as I was confused more than entertained. Another triumph of style over substance, it's all very 'film noir' with low lighting and deep shadows but at the end, it's also a bit dull as well. A little more pace and a bit of action would have helped the flow and kept the interest.

Can't fault the cast for trying to pull off a decent stab at an old fashioned private eye story but it just doesn't work in the end.
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Disappointing adaptation
RobieTheCat13 July 2009
A disappointing adaptation of Raymond Chandler's Red Wind. The story is a little difficult to follow. It may be the direction or editing, I can't decide which. Danny Glover is cast in Humphrey Bogart's famous Phillip Marlowe role. He does alright, but I don't think a black man is right for the part considering how America's attitude towards African-Americans was back in the 1930's. Every white character would not be so respectful and treat him as an equal, which they do in the script. If the producers wanted Glover, I think they should've updated the time period to the 1990's. If you can ignore the fact that all of the people in this 1930's version of Los Angeles are extremely enlightened, then you may enjoy Danny Glover's turn as Phillip Marlowe. He definitely has the world weary part of the character down pat
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Mixed emotions
XhcnoirX28 March 2017
Danny Glover plays Philip Marlowe, who is sipping a beer in a cafe when someone walks in asking a bout a lady, and promptly gets shot by another guy in the cafe. Glover finds the lady, Kelly Lynch, across the street. When she saves his life from the killer, he decides to help her out, as she claims she's caught up in a blackmail scheme involving her cheating husband Ron Rifkin.

Based on a short story by Raymond Chandler, Danny Glover feels miscast as the iconic PI Marlowe. He does his best by nearly whispering in a husky voice all the time, but he's more tired than world-weary. The same thing goes for Kelly Lynch, who is far too demure and bland in her portrayal. On the flip-side, Dan Hedaya does a nice job as a mean-spirited and racist detective, who has a Latino partner who despises him, Miguel Sandoval, who also does well. The episode has a nice look to it, very dusty and windy (because of the Santa Ana, the 'red wind'), with an appropriate muted reddish color grading. It's not a great episode, but upon second viewing, I enjoyed it a bit more.
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