Tokyo Godfathers (2003) Poster

Aya Okamoto: Miyuki


  • Miyuki : Eat shit, you old fart.

    Hana : "Shit" I'll take, but "fart" I won't!

  • Hana : All he thinks about is himself.

    Miyuki : Yeah, Miss Hana, but you're in love with him, aren't you?

    Hana : Don't be silly. I like my men to be more 'manly.'

    Hana : [leaning towards the cab driver]  My kind of man is slender, middle-aged, tan, with a divine square-back haircut and a lower town accent, who says 'Ah what the hell' when I don't quite have the cab fare.


  • Miyuki : God must be busy at this time of year.

    Hana : Better once a year than never.

  • Miyuki : Big breasts... cool.

  • Hana : Oh, cheer up! Let's sing a song...

    Hana : [singing in English]  Climb every mountain/...

    Miyuki : What the hell's that?

    Hana : "The Sound of Music," of course!

    Miyuki : Never heard of it.

    Hana : [sings]  Climb every mountain/ Ford every stream...

    Gin : That's going to make you even hungrier.

    Hana : Follow every rainbow/ till... you... find... your... dream...

  • Hana : Miyuki! Close your legs! Act like you were a woman!

    Miyuki : I am a woman.

  • Bum #1 : Hey, you're the girl who hangs out with Gin.

    Bum #2 : Get out of here, will you?

    Bum #1 : We don't want Gin after us.

    Miyuki : Why not?

    Bum #1 : You're the light of his life, that's why not!

    Miyuki : There's not much light in a cardboard box.

  • Hana : I'm starving!

    Gin : I told you!

    Hana : Look after my little angel. Go on without me. Just say you'll never forget the queer you once knew.

    Miyuki : Look, a cemetery.

    Hana : I'm not dead yet!

  • Hana : Since Ken died I'm like a canary... that's forgotten it's song.

    Miyuki : You sing all the time!

    Mother : So, Ken died did he?


    Mother : AIDS?

    Hana : He slipped on the soap.

    Mother : Well, death is always a hair's breadth away.

  • Gin : You peep pretty loud for a chick that can't even find its own worms.

    Miyuki : Should a burden on society like you be talking?

    Gin : You're a burden on us- what does that make you?

    Miyuki : The kettle the pot's calling black.

    Gin : You mouthy brat!

    Hana : Can't you at least get along on Christmas?

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