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Peter Sohn: Emile



  • Remy : [as Emile tastes a piece of cheese]  Creamy, salty-sweet, an oaky nuttiness... You detect that?

    Emile : Oh, I'm detecting nuttiness...

  • Emile : W-w-wait. You... read?

    Remy : Well, not... excessively.

    Emile : Oh, man. Does dad know?

    Remy : You could fill a book - a lot of books - with things Dad doesn't know. And they have. Which is why I read. Which is also our secret.

    Emile : I don't like secrets. All this cooking and-and reading and TV-watching, while we... read, and... cook. It's like you're involving me in crime, and I let you. Why do I let you?

  • Remy : Hey, I brought you something to...

    [sees Emile eating garbage] 


    [Emile obeys] 

    Remy : [sighs]  I have *got* to teach you about food. Close your eyes.

    [Emile obeys; Remy holds out piece of cheese] 

    Remy : Now take a bite of thi...

    [Emile snarfs the cheese] 

    Remy : [whacking him on the head]  Ack! No, no, no! Don't just hork it down!

    Emile : Too late.

  • Remy : [sniffing a cake]  Flour, eggs, sugar... vanilla bean... Oh, small twist of lemon.

    Emile : Whoa! You can smell all that? You have a gift!

    Remy : [voiceover]  This is Emile, my brother. He's easily impressed.

    Django : So you can smell ingredients. So what?

    Remy : [voiceover]  This is my dad. He's never impressed.

  • Remy : [observing what Emile is eating]  What are you eating?

    Emile : [pause]  I don't really know. I think it was some sort of wrapper once.

    Remy : What? No! You're in Paris now, baby! My town! No brother of mine eats rejecta-menta in my town!

  • Emile : [notices Remy walking on his hind legs]  Why are you walking like that?

    Remy : I don't want to constantly have to wash my paws. Did you ever think about how we walk on the same paws that we handle food with? You ever think about what we put into our mouths?

    Emile : All the time.

    Remy : Ugh, when I eat, I don't want to taste everywhere my paws have been.

    Emile : Well, go ahead. But if dad sees you walking like that, he's not gonna like it.

  • Remy : [cooking a mushroom over the chimney]  The key is to keep turning it. Get the smoky flavor niiice and even...

    [thunder rumbles in the distance] 

    Emile : That storm's getting closer. Hey, Remy? You think that maybe we shouldn't be so...

    [lightning strikes both; they fall off the roof] 

    Remy : [laying on his back, Remy tastes the electrocuted mushroom]  Whoa, you gotta taste this! This is... oh, it's got this kind of... mmm, it's burny, melty... it's not really a smoky taste. It's more like a certain... Pshew! It's got like this "Ba-boom! Zap!" kind of taste. Don't you think? What would you call that flavor?

    Emile : [hesitantly]  Lightning-y?

    Remy : Yeah! It's lightning-y! Oh, we gotta do that again! Okay, when the next storm comes, we'll go up on the roof... I know what this needs! Saffron. A little saffron would make this!

    Emile : Saffron. Why do I get the feeling...

    Remy , Emile : [together]  It's in the kitchen.

  • Emile : But we're supposed to return to the colony before sundown or, you know, Dad's gonna...

    Remy : Emile! There are possibilities unexplored here. We got to cook this. Now, exactly how we cook this is the real question...

    [looking up at the smoking chimney] 

    Remy : Oh, hehe, yeah!

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