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Still loved it today!
hayashimegumi2 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I remember watching Baby Looney Tunes: Eggs-traordinary Adventure (2003) a lot as a child and guess what, I still loved it today! If you asked me why a decade ago, I would probably only able to answer you that this animated special is super adorable but that won't do!

My thoughts on it now? It is still very cute to me as it is filled with plenty of sweet characters, watercolor like visuals and some magical moments but I must add that Baby Looney Tunes: Eggs-traordinary Adventure (2003) also has great uplifting songs and messages!

Lastly, of course I am aware I am not a children anymore; I just can't help to love this Easter special based from Baby Looney Tunes and I only wish they could make more! This is amazing if you need inspiration, want to feel nostalgia or for Easter celebration!
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This is one big reason why I love this show!
pkaylor-1229120 March 2020
There is a reason why Baby Lonney Tunes is one of my favorite shows to watch on Boomerang. And this is one of the big reasons. This special is so cute! I watch it every Easter! This is a great film/Easter special, and I highly recommend it!
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This is why I watch Teen Titans Go and Total Drama
tommypezmaster13 September 2015
And worst of all, it's adored by THE NETWORK!!! JUST END IT AFTER SEASON 1!!!!! OK, Season 3 is getting WORSE! I hope cartoon Network sees the ratings and take off this terrible excuse for a show. Bugs was so fun to watch in the original series. Here he's an unlikeable bastard who tries too hard to be perfect & has annoying voice. Daffy and Sylvester have become TOTAL IDIOTS! Taz went from a fearful creature to a copy of Mr. Sunshine (the one from CatDog, remember) Tweety is the only likable character in this show, but do they have to alter his voice to sound younger?! ALL the villains (Taz and Sylvester) have become unlikeable in this bland spin-off. And there's this Taz, You Like it episode that should BE BANNED! My Score is 1/10 this still sucks PS, this quote will explain it all "I don't hate Baby Looney Tunes because it's nothing like the original. I hate it because it's painfully unfunny"
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