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Cher - The Farewell Tour
eliane-parra28 October 2005
Cher-The Farewell Tour is the best show I have ever seen. Cher is the most complete artist ever - we laughed, we cried (her moving voice), we cheered... I can say I enjoyed a show like a never did before. Not to mention I traveled from Sao Paulo, Brazil - only to see the Shows (sept 26th and 27th, 2004) only to see Cher! It was worth it! I would do it over and over...

I've spent 12 hours in an airplane. I have encountered "hurricane Jeanne" ... I have seen people really scared because of the hurricane but also have seen Germain Arena "simply packed" . Sold out. Because hurricane Jeanne was gone and we wanted to see hurricane "Cher". I am so glad I've had the opportunity to see the show twice. And above all, I was happy to have my mom with me. She loves CHer too. They were two dreams that came true. You can think I am "squared"for talking about my mom, about bringing her to the Concert. Well... I can say it was the best think I've ever done in my life.

I just wish more people could know her work. She brings love and harmony, she brings happiness to our lives.

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A Perfect Farewell to the True Original Diva!!
PhoenixSong175 January 2004
Cher's Farewell Tour.....I know it sucks, doesn't it? Unfortunately all of us die hard Cher fans must face the true and upseting fact that Cher is saying goodbye to the Touring world.

All of the tears aside, this is definitely a perfect way to go out with a bang!!!! Her incredible stage performance, beautiful costume changes, her connection with her audience, and her true way of just being....well....CHER!!! The original Diva will always be a hit in the music world! Twenty years from now people will still be jamming to Cher, because everybody knows her name, her truthfulness and her attitude that the world can look at her and either take it or leave it!

This is definitely a DVD or Video to add to your collection!! Cher performs all of her hits and includes a tear jerking medley of The Sonny & Cher Show performances of The Beat Goes On, Baby Don't Go, and I Got You Babe. It shows Cher for who she really is and tributes her in a way that Britney, J.Lo., Christina, and all the rest will never be able to achieve!!! So out of pure honor and love, I would like to say, in the words of Cher herself, to all the young female artists out there.....


~*Annie Rose*~
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Cher the Grand Diva
jmercado-123 March 2005
What can I say about the grandest diva of them all, I have seen Cher in concert 4 times and every time she gets better and better. I am a true die-hard Cher Nut and have all of her CD's and Videos, she has class, style and grace and she will forever live in my heart and always be Number 1. I am sorry to see her retire because to me Cher could go on for another 30 years. The woman is so talented and her voice is so unique, her music is fantastic and I thank God everyday that I grew up listening to Cher. Cher will always be the Diva of all Divas. Thank you Cher for giving us the opportunity to have seen you in person and for your music that lightens up my life. I truly BELIEVE in my heart that you will come back and you will be better than ever.. God truly blessed all of us Cher Fans by having you in our lives.
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The best concert ever
lucwild8 December 2006
This was one of the best concerts I ever saw. The DVD brings on the small TV-screen the most powerful concert of the biggest diva of the last five decades.

Cher is glamorous and beautiful, and her voice is stronger than ever. The show brings on stage her biggest hits from her first hit-single "All I really want to do", to "If I could turn back time", over "The Shoop Shoop Song" to "Believe" and "Song for the lonely...

It is a great goodbye to her fans, and she shows once again that after hit-singles from 1965 to 2001, after Emmy-winning TV-shows and Oscarwinning roles, she still is the one and only diva.
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The most ultimate Diva of all time!!!
kon_mc31 July 2006
She proved she's alive with ''Living Proof'' and with her farewell shows, everyone is convinced to the bone. This show contains each and every one of Cher's incarnations. The balladeer Cher, the dance Cher, the rock Cher, the crazy Cher, the drag queen Cher... it is ''the Cherest show on Earth''! The song selection is great: all the number one singles are here, songs from her movies, a medley of the Sonny & Cher songs, new songs and old songs, but there are too many songs that she has never sung live in concert. Indeed, the Believe tour and the Farewell tour have similar song selection. Anyway, the dancers are great (the choreographers too), the band rocks (the good boys & the bad boys) and there's Paul Mirkovich who sings a duet with Cher on ''After All''. His voice is huge! He should release his own albums. The costume changes, the stage scenes and the dances are many and very good! A nice concert to hear and to watch. Don't forget it's released on CD as well. I suggest the DVD, though. That's all, folks! Cher is so great you enjoy yourself just seeing her.
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Paul Mirkovich is an incredible singer!
enchantedforest17 February 2004
Well into the DVD, Paul Mirkovich sings and he is AMAZING! Why isn't this man a star with CDs and DVDs of his own? His voice is beautiful and so expressive. Cher really assembled a lot of talent to make this concert.
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