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Season 2

5 May 2002
The Blue Earth
A mysterious blue beast terrorizes plants and sites that are polluting the Earth.
2 Jun. 2002
Frozen Time
009 becomes faster than time itself.
9 Jun. 2002
The Pharaoh's Curse
A virus is spreading in the Middle East.
16 Jun. 2002
The City of Wind
009 meets Ixquic, a princess who sings and appears when the wind is blowing. She is stuck guarding an ancient temple (that appears along with her). Joe grows a liking for Ixquic, but is she really a princess?
7 Jul. 2002
Black Ghost Lives
This tells the story in how Dr. Gilmore became involved in the Black Ghost organization. As well as the early days of Cyborgs 001-004, who were tested and failed to succeed their tests as cyborgs. So they were put in frozen status, which preserved their age. And will be reawaken when the technology advances. During that time period, Cyborgs 005-008 were formed to what they are today. And 009 who became the last and strongest of the team. And that's where the story began.
11 Aug. 2002
Old Friends
Old friends can be hard to be seen as your enemies.
18 Aug. 2002
Nightmare of Van Bogoot
Klaus Von Bogoot, the keeper of prehistoric animals with super sonic shock waves.
25 Aug. 2002
Good-Bye, My Dolphin
Biiana & Helen, the 2 of the 5 Pu'Awake sisters.
8 Sep. 2002
Rise of the Demon
009 is under confusion that was cast by an Ath-hans, and sees 004 as his enemy. 004 and Biina kept a close distance from 009, but were captured by Black Ghost's large robot army. 006, 007, 008 and Dr. Gilmore were shocked to see Black Ghost alive, after presuming he died from falling into the nuclear reactor, it seem it would take more than that to defeat him. And he has more up his sleeve once the Pu'Awak finish his latest and most deadly creation of them all!

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