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Season 1

30 Jun. 2003
The 9th cyborg has been made and will soon leader the rebellion of the other 8 cyborgs.
21 Oct. 2001
009, now the leader of the 00 Team, wants to know why he and the others became what they are now.
28 Oct. 2001
Senkou no ansatsusha
After the 00 Cyborgs destroyed the Black Ghost Base on X Island, they fled to Japan and lived with Dr. Gilmore's friend Dr. Kozumi. They're living peacefully at the doctor's home. But Black Ghost is still alive and hiding somewhere in the world. While 009 is still troubled by his past. Where he was committed of killing the priest at his home, the orphanage. He escape the authorities, and that what lead him to being found by the Black Ghost organization that turn him into a cyborg. During a power failure at Dr. Kozumi's home, the cyborgs went outside to investigate. ...
4 Nov. 2001
Shitou no hate ni
009 is seriously hurt after fighting 0010. The other cyborgs try to figure out how they could defeat him. Their only clue is that 0010 doesn't fight when it rains. So they work other a strategy in getting 0010 in the ocean so they can have a better advantage. But little do they know is that Cyborg 0010 is accompanied by another cyborg working for Black Ghost.
11 Nov. 2001
Koutetsu no namida
004 has been remembering his past about losing Hilda at the border of Germany. This seems to trouble him allot whenever he thinks about it. While The other cyborgs have been taking patrol and watch for any Black Ghost activity. And out of the blue came a new cyborg, which is large sphere shape machine known as 0011. He's been order to kill off the cyborgs in exchange for his original body. 004 refuses to kill him, because 0011 has a family of his own. A family he can't return to with the body he's in. Can the cyborgs destroy this sad cyborg before it destroys them?
18 Nov. 2001
Kieta hakase o oe!
Dr. Kozumi has gone missing, so 004, 007, & 009 went to investigate the doctor's whereabouts. They ended up discovering a mansion own by a mysterious woman who is waiting for her husband to return home. 007 admires the woman, while 009 and 007 suspect that something is not right. As the mansion they're in isn't any ordinary one.
25 Nov. 2001
Mienai teki o ute
The cyborg team go to the mountains of Himalayas to investigate the attack of pack of wolves. while there they are captured and forced to work in building a statue for a god riding a horse with eight legs. The villagers are controlled through fear by mysterious man who controls the wolves.
2 Dec. 2001
0013 causes mayhem in Tokyo.
13 Jan. 2002
Meeting Again
In the Republic of Muanba, a dictator has his own people slaved over mining a mineral called Ironstone X. The locals demand their own freedom. Right till an advance armored tank operated by a strange solider has offered them a greater advantage to over rule the dictator. Muanba is in fact oo8/Pyuma's home so he, 009 and 002 went to investigate the new armored tank provided by the strange solider. That same solider also offers the dictator an advantage against the locals who are now rebels. The strange solider is in fact working for Black Ghost. Black Ghost is planning...
20 Jan. 2002
Goodbye, My Friend
The Rebels, 008, 002, and 009 fleet to the Jungle after the attack from the Cyborgman Soldiers. They encountered the same Cyborgman who provided advance tanks for the rebels and the dictator of Muanba. He attacks them with all he's got on his Advance Tank and a series of robotic snakes. They escaped underground with the help of 006 and 003. Both groups went to a new rebel camp. 008 couldn't help but think that the Cyborgman reminds him of a friend he knew way back. He decides to face him alone. 008 finds out that the Cyborgman Soldier is his friend. But he doesn't ...
2 Feb. 2002
The Story of a Striving Restaurant
Making food can make a difference in life.
17 Feb. 2002
The Heroes Qualification
New York, Jet's home and past life.
24 Feb. 2002
Visional Dog
Kubikuro, a man's best friend, or is he?
3 Mar. 2002
The Evil Fossil
Evidence of a living dinosaur have been found.
10 Mar. 2002
Mites Book 1: God's Raid
The Greek Gods have came to take what's theirs.
17 Mar. 2002
The Standing Myth
Artemis the peaceful type, Pan the innocent type, Atlas the gentle giant type.
24 Mar. 2002
Artemis, the out cast of the Mytho Cyborgs.
7 Apr. 2002
Gilmore's Notebook
A clip show with Dr. Gilmore, 001, and 009.

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