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First 8 seasons are classic while the left are sucked
whothru20 December 2013
I'm giving 8 stars to the S1-S8. They are so funny to watch even repeatedly. To be honest, without Charlie,I never finish watching even one episode of S9 and I would not watch it any more. This show now is dead to me. I'd rather watch the former 8 seasons again and again. I like Charlie, Rose, little Jake, Berta and Evelyn in the show. At first I think this show is just for fun. But as I watch more, I realize that there are a lot of other things that I like which can make people stop to think. Charlie seems to be womanizing and nonchalant to his mother and brother at first. Yet I see a loving Charlie when Evelyn is vulnerable, when he comes into Jake's room to find the sulking Jake who is hiding in his room just because Charlie threatens Alan to move out. Rose loves Charlie so much and she is a good girl. So funny to see her head popping out from the deck. .... This show, S1-S8, is one of the best sitcoms in my eyes.
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There's absolutely no reason to watch this show anymore
slimshady562311 April 2012
Two and a half men doesn't deserve to go on,now that they've fired Charlie sheen and hired Asthon Kutcher as his replacement.This show is nothing without Charlie Sheen he was the main reason to watch this show.I have to admit this show started losing its's potential once Jake started getting older. It seems like every episode had the same plot Charlie sleeping with random women he doesn't care about and Alan whining about his social life,don't get me wrong this show was funny during the time Charlie Sheen was on the show.Ever since Ashton Kutcher came on this show its gotten very vulgar it seems like the writers have an obsession with farting,masturbation,sex,and bathroom jokes.Bottom line this show needs to be canceled.
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The show should have been canceled.
romet621 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
The show was awesome with Sheen. Without him, it's done.

Watching the first episode of the latest season, I would say that they couldn't have done much more to completely destroy the show. They brought in a completely different type of personality, one that I personally have no interest in.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against Ashton Kutcher or his acting but he simply doesn't fit in this role. They should have tried to work things out with sheen or they could have just cut their losses and canceled the show.

Would they really expect any of the old fans to keep watching this?
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Two and a Half ...The wasted season??
daveintn-942-38863820 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I just watched episode one of the new season. None of it made sense. Why would Charlie marry Rose? Why would Rose push him in front of a train? Why would a stranger buy Charlies beach house and allow Alan, Jake AND Berta to stay???????? The question of why lingers, the quality of the show has taken a huge hit. Ashton Kutcher just plain doesn't fit, it's like taking a jigsaw puzzle piece that doesn't fit and trying to jam it into place, it won't work, and neither will Mr Kutcher. My wife and I have watched this series from day one.....that all stops now. It seems that Mr Lorre has lost his way, sure Charlie Sheen was a pain in the proverbial know, but he was a vital piece to the puzzle, Mr Lorre should suck it up and bring him back. The only other option really is too cancel the show. Sure they could continue on with this sham, but the ratings will go down, week one everyone tuned in too see the circus, now that the circus is over, who will return to watch it again...not us.
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charlie come back
contact-950-1923742 October 2011
10/10 with charlie 1/10 without him....

its like taking the motor out of a lamborghini and replace it with 2 pedals for the driver. its not a lamborghini anymore. face it.

the whole concept of the show is based on charlies character. it makes absolutely no sense to continue without him. the only reason they do, they want the money so hard, since two and a half men was the most successful TV show. a lot of people say sheen went crazy, i say: charlie was right when he flipped out and offended the producers. it doesn't look like they love what they do, they just love the money. he wants double the money? pay him and get him back, only way to rescue a sinking boat. the show will be cancelled soon, if they continue like this.
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This show is so dead.
ricardopthomaz20 October 2011
I gave it a chance, I believed in this season, I tried to like it, very hard, despite everything, but I just can't stand anymore. This show is dead! And don't get me wrong, I know that Kutcher have made some decent work in the past, take The Butterfly Effect for example, which I simply love to watch. I love this movie so much that I try to make like there's never been two lame sequels to it. It's just this one movie and that's it.

As about one of my favorite sitcoms of all time, sorry, but as much as Kutcher tries, there's no salvation to it.

I mean, Charlie Sheen is lots of fun, he can be an a**hole as a person, I don't care, but in the series, I used to LMAO with him and the rest of the cast.

Even the worst episode with Sheen is far better than this travesty now that they call Two and a Half Men Season 9.

Five episodes. No laughs, not even giggles. I'm done. The show is pretty dead to me.

As long as they don't bring Charlie back to this, do not even consider calling me to watch this garbage again.

3 stars in memory of what this show used to be once. A funny as hell experience. Now nothing but a travesty of itself.

Two and a Half Men (2003 - 2011) R.I.P.
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For me, it's over...
evalverdes3 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Forget about watching the new episodes, with Walden Schmidt. Not only, the actor is not very talented, not funny nor the character is interesting, but also has the huge job of filling Sheen's shoes. Let's be honest, the show is nothing without Charlie Sheen. OK, Jake and Alan are also great characters. But the thing about this show was the issues between the two brothers and their trouble raising a kid. It makes no sense to change the main character. They should have cancelled it. No doubt the Charlie-Alan-Jake seasons are fantastic. But that is it. Forget that someone even tried to make episodes without one of those three. It's better to remember it as good show, as it was.
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RIP MEN - Like Batman and Robin Without Batman
sedativchunk21 May 2012
I write here today as a long time, huge fan of Two and a Half Men, or what it was before Charlie Sheen was killed off. I started watching THM back in 2003 when it first aired. I was about thirteen years old at the time. I grew up on this show, it became a part of me. Throughout middle school, high school, and into my college years, I knew that every Monday night at 9PM I could sit down, relax, and watch one of my favorite TV shows. Whether a new or old episode, I always laughed at THM. I can honestly say of all the shows I've watched in my life this would be in my top three favorites.

In the later seasons however, for those that have been living under a rock the show's main star Charlie Sheen began to slip. He started having marital, drug, and drinking issues. It started cut into his time with the show, and soon episodes would be cut including an entire season down the drain. It made me very sad to see Charlie Sheen go downhill because I really respected him and admired his work on THM. I don't support or condone what he did, but what I am more upset at is the backlash from CBS, primarily Chuck Lorre. It was announced in summer 2011 that Aston Kutcher would replace Charlie Sheen in a new role on the show. I had no idea how they were going to do this but I accepted for what it was for a while. I did not like the sound of this, but more importantly, I GAVE ASTON KUTCHER A CHANCE. I am a fan of his previous work in movies and film and I was curious to see what he could bring to the table. Also I was looking forward to getting more new episodes of THM rather than episodes skipped because of Sheen's bad behavior.

The day came. September 19, 2011. Nearly 30 million peopled tuned in to watch Aston Kutcher as Waldon Schmidt fill the shoes of the now dead Charlie Harper. The first episode in my opinion completely bombed. There was absolutely no chemistry between Aston Kutcher and Jon Cryer. But I kept my mouth shut. I continued to watch, week after week, until I just couldn't take it anymore. Let me just say this. The new format of Two and a Half Men is the definition of complete and utter s**t. The writing is horrible now. Kutcher has no chemistry with any of the cast. His British girlfriend that stuck around the whole season is very annoying. Alan is now an annoying, pathetic loser that doesn't make sense on the show anymore. And Jake? That adorable, witty kid from the past seasons? Turned into a complete loser, pothead. Maybe he was already heading that direction but that's beyond the point.

This show is ruined and I point the finger at Chuck Lorre and CBS. Yes, Charlie Sheen had problems, but why couldn't he get help? A long time ago he came out of rehab like a perfectly normal person. This is just people picking on someone with serious health problems. Instead of getting him help and postponing the show on his behalf, what do they do? They fire him and completely ruin the show. If they really disliked his behavior I believe they should have just indefinitely ended the show. They could have always brought it back some how down the road but now it's ruined. My whole problem with everything is that this whole matter is a huge insult to every fan like me who has tuned in for the past nine years. Aston Kutcher is a fine actor but he just doesn't work on this show. The writing sucks, the story sucks, and it's time to let it go. When I want to watch THM, I will go to the reruns. If you are new to the show maybe you can get used to the new format but for me, it will never be the same again. Chuck Lorre, I admire your work but in the events of what you have done to this show, I can honestly say to you go to hell!
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killer1h21 September 2011
Where once stood a proud and mighty hilarious comedy with Charlie Sheen now stands a terrible pile of garbage with Ashton Kutcher. If they had simply traded actors and kept the writing it would have been excellent, but does anyone else get the feeling that the writers left with sheen? Or it might be the fact that Charlie knew how to act in TV shows as where kutcher... well come to think of it where was he a good actor because in all the movies I remember him in he's always this really dumb guy who just walks around clueless. Perhaps he figured that would work on shows too, it didn't. Being a slacker in your movie carrier doesn't give you license to be an idiot in a beloved series, but thanks for ruining that for us well done producers you just firebombed a good show. 1/10 since season 9.
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After Charlie, it all went wrong
al_george3820 July 2012
Charlie should have gone after Rose to marry her. Ryan Stiles divorces Alan's ex and moves in with Alan and the kid, more believable. 2 exes from the same wife living together with the kid. Ryan is a great comedian and should have gotten the part. Don't like the new show at all,Ashton Kutcher totally makes this an entirely different show from the first one. Bad transition, Ryan is a WAAY better comedian than Ashton will ever be and he already had a position in the show. Should continue along the same storyline rather than write a new show. This to me is an obvious move, why could no one else see this? It's not that I'm Canadian like Ryan, it's just that I have seen Ryan and followed him since I first saw him on the Beachcombers show 100 years ago.I think he has been overlooked too many times.
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Bring Back Charlie Sheen
glmrtndrthy26 November 2011
It went from my favorite show on television to my not watching it anymore after the first new episode. Gratuitous nudity, bad chemistry....need I go on?

Now, I like Ashton Kutcher, he is just in an untenable position trying to replace the genius of Charlie Sheen, as well as, the character of Charlie Harper.

The interaction between Charlie, Alan, Jake, Berta, Evelyn, and all the other regulars cannot be recreated. It just doesn't work for me without the chemistry that was there prior to this season.

I don't approve or disapprove of Charlie Sheen's personal lifestyle. But, the show was HIS and his alone. He is irreplaceable.

Please find Charlie alive and living in Encino...

Bring him back.
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season 9 oh dear, come back Charlie all is forgiven
sculpter201127 September 2011
I guess all the talented writers walked out of this show right behind Charlie Sheen,you can't bash Ashton Kutcher for stepping in & taking on this role,it doesn't work thats blatantly obvious,Kutchers character is bland & boring & is in no way a fitting replacement for the Charlie Harper character,you got to feel a little sorry for actor Jon Cryer because without Sheen even his best efforts are falling flat. This show should have been cancelled & the remaining characters re- written into a new show focusing on Cryer being the main character,after 8 seasons i think he should have been given the chance more so than hiring a new actor to take over the staring role,both Jon Cryer & Charlie Sheen can raise a laugh with a simple facial expression a talent that sadly Ashton Kutcher does not seem to possess,Kutcher is a good actor thats obvious but he's the wrong choice for this show. the first episode was just embarrassing but the second was so bereft of comedy the writers should sit down and watch an episode of big bang & 2 broke girls to see how it should be done. Love him or hate him Charlie Sheen was the real reason for the success of this show & he will be sorely missed.
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We need Charlie back
bobnsue4 October 2011
I have an idea to get Charlie back. What if Rose threw the wrong guy under the train (because Charlie stepped back to look at all the girls). Charlie saw and is on the run trying to get home....probably sleeping his way home ;-) Waldon owns the house but could get back with his wife thanks to Alan's (Jake's?) help. Waldon is so grateful he gives the house to Alan as a big thank you. That's when Charlie shows up. Except now it's Alan's house and not his. Of course he can't afford to live there and does need Charlies money. What do you think? Could this work ? Good idea, bad idea???? I will really miss having this show on TV and if it keeps going the way it is people are going to stop watching. We need smart, not stupid humor. Where did the writers go.....did they leave too???
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Amazing ... but not season 9
greeg-260-6158588 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
The show is lovely, I mean all seasons except season 9 when Charlie Harper dies. Seriously, the first episode was just a disaster. Funeral ? Oh come on, Charlie deserved at least few tears (you Mr producer own this your audience !!!) From the bottom of his heart, Charlie was a good person. And then a new character came. A grown man who acts like a child. This is not funny. It's irritating. First 4-5 episodes were a disaster, then it started to be a little better but overall, the show lost all the chemistry which was between Charlie, Alan, Jake, Berta + Charlie & Alan's mother. In addition with Judith and Herb it was an amazing show.

Now it's just Alan trying to save the show, Jake being still fun but he's growing up and that's pretty much it. Walden is just a bad character. It just irritates me - when 30 year old (or whatever) person acts like a child it is not funny at all. And what's the point of him being undressed all the time ? Not funny at all.

Actually, by watching Season 9 I couldn't believe that one person can have such an impact on show. I loved that humor when Charlie wanted Alan to "get out of my house" but we all knew that at the end they loved each other. The show was ... natural. I could actually imagine such weird family. With Walden character I just can't.

If S1-8 were like Champions League, Premiership in football (in US - Soccer) then S9 is something around ... Division :( Bring back Charlie.
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It was just bad
rockjade20 September 2011
The writers should have been fired. They made Charlie a drunk that was funny and now they made the "New "two and a half men just sucked. It was painful to watch. It was not funny at all. Our whole family hated it. Will not be watching your show any more. Do not blame Charlie for what your writers made him. So the only people that lose here are the cast and the only winner is no one because we lose a good show. Ask Charlie really nice to come back and maybe you will get back your good reviews. Making him a drunk that looked for whores was done by your writers not him. He just took the role beyond the TV screen. Which really helped out your ratings. But now you have nothing but a mess on YOUR writers hands.
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Three Words
Stevsnet6 October 2011
Bring back Charlie!

OK, I've only seen a few episodes but as much as I like Ashton he isn't a blink on Charlie and his role sucks. John's character is out of whack now too. Too much Alan, and not in the same vain as the character I use to love. Confident, in control Alan is not what I want to see. Jake rocks but Bertha moving in is plain disturbing. Sheen may have blown it but if the producers know what's good for this awesome series they'll all get over themselves and bring back Charlie. His character is what this this show is all about. There was definitely something special about the dynamic of all the characters pre Charlie having a brain fade. Somehow the show managed to take a simple dynamic of all the characters and consistently come up with fabulous story lines. The show needs someone with the arrogance of Charlie. His dynamic with every other character was awesome and incredibly well crafted. Ashtons character is way too weepy for his ex. I keep wishing he'd grow some balls, like Charlie had. Sadly I'll be confined to the re-runs with Charlie in them. He was the show. Sorry producers but you took the jam out of my doughnut when you killed off Charlie. Let's hope you come to your senses and resurrect him before the show bombs completely.
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Ashton kinda blows as Charlie
raybeard10 May 2012
I like Ashton he was absolutely great in that 70s show. Of course that was a much less demanding role and he wasn't the "star" but more of a mixture of shared starring roles. This is much more demanding as he is not only needing to be funny, charming, amusing, clever and the primary star all while he fills the shoes of Charlie Sheen who did all of these things well (even while recovering from his tigers blood binges).

I watched and hoped and watched some more in the hopes it would work or eventually improve. I even came back after skipping a few to see if it had recovered from the initial struggles to rediscover their funny MOJO or even improve over the sad train wreck of kindergarten masturbation jokes and the cheeky but boring Brit girlfriend (like a female Pierce Morgan makes me want to slap myself in the face with the remote every time she tries to be funny and fails yet again what a surprise) and well it wouldn't even be bearable if it didn't have Berta and Jims wife (playing as Alan's girlfriend). Ashton should make a serious go at trying to move up in roles from cheap crass vulgar comedy to something serious (but Please nothing like that horrible gigolo movie he did (that was another train wreck OH Lord!)

Mostly all of it doesn't work any longer. The maker should swallow his pride and try to get Charlie back on at quarter pay or something. Worst case sell the show to Charlie - if Charlie owns it he would probably stop the dope and locking whores in his closet long enough to get serious about making some meaningful comedy moments. Just saying sadly the show is mostly dead and just waiting for the doctors to stop trying to revive it and make the time of death call.

Prior to the whole "J" word fiasco before the producers pride and dignity was apparently injured beyond repair (yeah right) this was a pretty fun show rat it about an 8 out of 10 but now it is complete garbage. Not entirely Ashton's fault he just tried and failed to fill some very big shoes. True.
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Now What !
aceofallkingz22 September 2011
Warning: Spoilers
OK...this is my first review...and its on this show called TWO AND A HALF MEN...big fan of the show...Charlie harper's character killed of in the sitcom...which was obviously the greatest asset of the show...they could have replaced the character with another actor but the makers kill him off due to their personal differences with the actor...and they cast Ashton kutcher as Walden Schmidt who is exactly the similar to the character of that of Jon cryer...Allan...the only difference is the money ! i couldn't understand why rose,Courtney and Chelsea were talking bad about Charlie...except rose...who was cheated...the latter ended their relationship on good term....they are the biggest flaw of the episode...i thought the episode was exactly similar to that which was in season 6(the devil's lube) in which Charlie dreams that he is dead...and the homosexuality jokes with guest star stamos literally sucked ! Charlie's character being more degraded which the producers wanted...well they won but now the future of the show is win guys...but what about the other man and a half ? !
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Hilarious Comedy, with an unintended message
mto1017 January 2019
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't seen all the episodes of this show, but I have seen a great deal of it and it never ceases to make me laugh. Episodes from the first 8 seasons of this show are hilarious, and it's the perfect comedy, but after that it just goes downhill. My title, about the unintended message, refers to a message it gives to other TV shows. And that is, "Never continue a show without your lead character."

Most times, you'll see that taking the lead character out of a show utterly cripples it, and leaves it feeling dead. Just look at The Office as another example. This recently happened with one of my personal favorite shows, The Walking Dead, and all of us fans were expecting the show to bomb after losing its lead. However, they somehow accomplished making the show feel just as good as it always has. A great sendoff for the lead character, and an interesting story going forward did that. That's no small feat, but that is unfortunately not the case for every show. And as I said before, most times, losing the lead means show suicide.

Even still, no matter how awful the final seasons of Two and a Half Men were, it's first 8 were a riot to watch. Overall, the show is one of my favorite comedies to watch, and it's phenomenal in those golden 8 seasons. The characters are all hilarious, and share great chemistry with one another, no thanks to the actors. Charlie Sheen was the absolute highlight of this show, and it's clear that his exit is what yielded the latter terrible final years of this series. I can't in good conscience give this show any lower of a rating due to how good it was for the majority of its run. Due to that fact, it pulls the rating scale in a more positive direction for me. Definitely check out this show if you've got time and are in the mood for something funny, but stay away from anything after season 8.

My Rating: 8.75/10
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Tasteless humor
mick987g26 November 2012
I have stopped watching two and a half men. The reason is most of the jokes are in poor taste.

I think they went too far when Lyndsey aka Courtney threw up on Walden's plane and She is always passing gas.

Also having Rose come back and cuff and gag Walden is in poor taste as well.

Alan is just too wimpy for my taste and is getting worse.

I can see why CBS put it behind Big Bang Theory. I think it lost viewers after the newness of Aston wore off.

And no Angus aka Jake is telling people to stop watching the show. Okay Angus you get $250, 000 per episode. I hope you saved a lot of money as You are not as cute as you were when you were 8.

Stepping off my soap box
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The show is dead - CBS resurrected it as a zombie
gfarry8 October 2011
I watched 2 episodes of the 9th season - it's not funny anymore. This show was my favorite for years and now such a disappointment. When I heard CBS decided to continue the show with Kutcher instead of Charlie - I told: OK, I like Charlie's character and can't imagine the show w/o him but let give the guys a shot. But Kutcher absolutely doesn't match his role. He is a good actor but just not for the show. The 9th season should never be started. After the 16 episodes of 8th season, CBS should produce only one episode 9x01, call it 8x17 and end the show. That would be a good end for the show. Now, it's just a zombie. And all of this just because of the guy who is ashame of his real name... He should just name Charlie "Carlos" and get them even. Probably, the Chuck creates good ideas/scripts but Charlie provided energy for the show. He was a soul of the show. As I said: a body w/o a soul is a zombie.
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most creative joke writing I've ever seen in years
yoshu16 April 2004
This show flat rocks!

Charlie Sheen has a reputation for being a wild child, John Cryer plays the perfect neurotic boob, and the writers play perfectly into the juxtaposition of the two. Toss in a juvenile (Angus Jones, aka Jake) and the scenes become flat hilarious, as the adults attempt to deal with often raunchy mature topics, while keeping the kid in the dark.

This show has some of the best creative writing I've seen in years. No clichéd 'dumbed-down for the masses' or hackneyed pratfalls here, all are setup and timed with perfect execution by the players. Some of the darkest, driest and quick-witted performances on TV in years, very reminiscent of the quirkiness and off-the-cuff repartee of Woody, Norm, on Cheers. One of the best original laughs on TV these days, hope it survives for a long time! A real treat, amidst all the dumbed down humor that's seems to prevail everywhere else.
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Please ax this show!
amethystwings3218 May 2012
I used to watch this show, when it was actually funny ! But now I can't stand it anymore, John Cryer is a show downer! He's

drained the life out of Two and a half men, he didn't deserve the Emmy's he received. For playing a leech who bleeds people dry with his self pity crap! And though Ashton Kutcher maybe cute he is not that funny either. His character is flaccid and a bit of a push over with no back bone! This was Charlie Sheen's show not John Cryer's (aka Alan cry babies)show.I can't stand him ,he is not now nor has he ever been funny. My daughter is right this show has gone down hill a lot since Charlie has left the show.I use to watch it every Monday but now I do not watch it at all. Please take it off already we are begging you. Put us out our misery ! Because this is no longer Two and a half men anymore ! It is the Four pathetic losers ! Sex , getting stoned is not good comedy ! Neither is oral gratification or excessive vomiting due to over drinking! The only time it is even remotely humorous, is when something bad happens to Alan!
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The show was best with Charlie Sheen
zizumia10 September 2012
I personally enjoyed this show a lot, especially when Charlie Sheen was on it. Now with Ashton Kutcher as the star, the show has died for me, and I don't watch it anymore.

In the time before Charlie Sheen's little breakup with the show, I enjoyed the show a lot. The jokes were humorous, the acting was great and I could easily point out the characters character. The usual shows I watch that have child actors, the child usually lacks in acting skills, but Angus T. Jones (Jake) was a great actor from the beginning.

I personally don't recommend this show as of the newest Season with Kutcher, just because the humor is dead and now the show seems like a drag, for Charlie was really the main character that made the whole plot fit together. Yet, I do recommend watching the episodes with Sheen, because I find those humorous.
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gregorybnyc19 July 2004
I love this show. It's funny, bright, irreverent, and like nothing else on the tube these days. Charlie Sheen was an excellent save in SPIN CITY, but he's perfectly cast as the lazy, womanizing single guy who writes ad jingles for a living, and whose space is invaded by his nerdy brother, Jonathan Cryer, and his ten-year-old son, Angus T. Jones. While Sheen does warm up to his nephew, he's doesn't turn all saccharine and start acting like an uncle should.

Instead, he's a wonderfully corrupting influence and the two of them often collude against the father. I've only seen one posting about Melanie Lynskey's brilliant turn as the female stalker who is always looking through Charlie's deck door. It's about as funny a regular gag as Carlton the doorman on the old Rhoda show and Candace Bergin's endless line of incompetent secretaries. She's adorable and makes the character both hilarious and creepy. Well done.

Holland Taylor is perfect as the insufferable mother both sons love to resent. Her self-involvement is hilarious. The name of the splendid comic actress playing Sheen's housekeeper is Conchata Ferrell, a veteran of TV sitcoms (Hotl Baltimore). It's wonderful to see her back in action.

Favorite episode was the return of an ex-flame of Charlie's. Only she is now a he, having had a sex-change operation. When it's discovered that "he" has spent the night with Charlie's mom, I could barely contain myself. I was hysterical with laughter. Then Conchata Ferrell's bit as the housekeeper who begs Charlie, offering him free housekeeping for a month, if she can be there to witness his telling his mother that the he was formerly a she! Priceless.

Wonderful cast. Wonderful, crisp writing and well-observed situations. This one has all the hallmarks of a sitcom classic and I hope it runs for years. I was never much of a Charlie Sheen admirer, but he's evolved into a first-rate comic actor and he leads this first-rate ensemble with low-key charm and expert delivery.
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