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Julia Winter: Veruca Salt



  • Veruca Salt : I'm Veruca Salt. It's very nice to meet you, sir.

    [does a curtsy] 

    Willy Wonka : I always thought a verruca was a type of wart you got on the bottom of your foot.


  • Veruca Salt : Daddy, I want a squirrel. Get me one of those squirrels, I want one!

    Mr. Salt : Veruca dear, you have many marvelous pets.

    Veruca Salt : All I've got at home is one pony and two dogs and four cats and six bunny rabbits and two parakeets and three canaries and a green parrot and a turtle, and a silly old hamster! I WANT a SQUIRREL!

    Mr. Salt : All right, pet. Daddy'll get you a squirrel just as soon as he possibly can.

    Veruca Salt : But I don't want any old squirrel! I want a *trained* squirrel!

    Mr. Salt : [wearily]  Very well. Mr. Wonka? How much do you want for one of these squirrels? Name your price.

    Willy Wonka : Oh they're not for sale. She can't have one.

    Veruca Salt : Daddy!

    Willy Wonka : [imitating Mr. Salt]  I'm sorry, darling. Mr. Wonka's being unreasonable.

  • Willy Wonka : [about Violet grabbing the gum]  I'd rather you didn't. There's still one or two things that are a...

    Violet Beauregarde : I'm the World Record holder in chewing gum. I'm not afraid of anything!

    [pops the gum in her mouth] 

    Mrs. Beauregarde : How is it, honey?

    Violet Beauregarde : It's amazing! Tomato soup, I can feel it running down my throat!

    Willy Wonka : Yeah! Spit it out.

    Grandpa Joe : Young lady, I think you'd better...

    Violet Beauregarde : It's changing... roast beef and baked potato. Crispy skin and butter!

    Mrs. Beauregarde : Keep chewin' kiddo! My little girl's gonna be the first person in the world to have a chewing gum meal!

    Willy Wonka : Yeah. I'm just a little concerned about the...

    Violet Beauregarde : Blueberry pie and ice cream!

    Willy Wonka : That part.

    Veruca Salt : [staring at Violet]  What's happening to her nose?

    [Violet keeps chewing and her nose starts turning purple] 

    Mr. Salt : You're turning blue!

    Mrs. Beauregarde : Your whole nose has gone purple!

    Violet Beauregarde : [touching her nose]  W-What do you mean?

    Mrs. Beauregarde : Violet, you're turning violet!

    [to Wonka; concerned] 

    Mrs. Beauregarde : What's happening?

    Willy Wonka : Well, I told you I hadn't quite got it right, 'cause it goes a little funny when it gets to the dessert. It's the Blueberry Pie that does it. I'm terribly sorry!

    Violet Beauregarde : Mother, what's happening to me?

    [continues to turn purple and starts to grow] 

    Grandpa Joe : She's swelling up!

    Charlie Bucket : Like a blueberry!

    Willy Wonka : [to Mrs. Beauregarde]  I've tried it on, like, twenty Oompa-Loompas and each one ended up as a blueberry. It's just weird!

    Mrs. Beauregarde : But I can't have a blueberry as a daughter. How is she supposed to compete?

    Veruca Salt : You could put her in a county fair!

    [Wonka laughs] 

  • Veruca Salt : Daddy! I want a flying glass elevator!

    Mr. Salt : Veruca, the only thing you're getting today is a bath, and that's final!

  • Veruca Salt : Will Violet always be a blueberry?

    Willy Wonka : No. Maybe. I dunno. But that's what you get from chewing gum all day, it's just disgusting.

    Mike Teavee : If you hate gum so much, why do you make it?

    Willy Wonka : Once again you really shouldn't mumble, 'cause it's kinda starting to bum me out.

  • Charlie Bucket : [During the chocolate river ride, the group passes a door, where a window allows them to see Oompa-Loompas whipping a cow with paddles]  Whipped cream.

    Willy Wonka : Precisely!

    Veruca Salt : That doesn't make sense.

    Willy Wonka : For your information, little girl, whipped cream isn't whipped cream at all unless it's been whipped with whips. Everybody knows that.

  • Veruca Salt : Daddy, I want another pony.

  • Veruca Salt : [outside the Chocolate Factory]  Daddy, I want to go in.

    Mr. Salt : It's 9:59, sweetheart.

    Veruca Salt : Make time go faster.

  • Veruca Salt : Let's be friends.

    Violet Beauregarde : Best friends.

  • Veruca Salt : [approaches to the squirrel]  I'll have YOU.

  • Willy Wonka : My name is Willy Wonka.

    Veruca Salt : Then shouldn't you be up there?

    [points to stage] 

    Willy Wonka : Well, I couldn't very well watch the show from up there, now, could I, little girl?

  • Willy Wonka : The waterfall is most important! Mixes the chocolate, churns it up, makes it light and frothy. By the way, no other factory in the world m...

    Veruca Salt : You already said that.

  • Veruca Salt : [stamping her foot and yelling]  Where's my Golden Ticket? I WANT MY GOLDEN TICKET!

  • Veruca Salt : [walking up to her parents wearing a riding outfit and helmet; after taking her Golden Ticket]  Daddy. I want another pony.

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